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Schmidt (Max Greenfield) became my favourite of the boys of New Girl straight away, probably because he makes me laugh the most. He’s such a dork, but so cute at the same time, right? So what if he enjoys lounging in a way-too-short kimono (I once had a housemate who enjoyed this past time, suffice to say he didn’t last long because he refused to wear undies – eww.) Schmidt also is fiercely protective of his expensive hair products and he probably spends too much on his clothes, trinkets, and personalised condoms… again, eww.

But you have to love that he isn’t afraid to be himself, even if that means the result is inevitable – putting money into the Douchebag jar! He knows who he is and takes on any challenge, and sometimes I think this means he takes pride in putting money in the douche bag jar, just to make his point.

Jess’s totally gorgeous BFF, Cece (Hannah Simone), well she resisted it for as long as she could, but in the end, she fell for Schmidt too. Even Jess, in a moment of weakness (and maybe too much alcohol) almost gave into his charms. I do believe there is a little bit of Schmidt in all of us.

If you want to see how much of an impact Schmidt has made on the world of social media, follow @SchmidtThings on Twitter, which features quotes from Schmidt and details on the man about town. Very cool.

Watch Max Greenfield talk about starring as Schmidt in New Girl, on why audiences connected with New Girl, on New Girl’s interpretation of modern relationships, on the ensemble’s strong chemistry and on how Schmidt will evolve.

So remember, if you want to relive all the memories, or enjoy the laughs for the first time you can get your copy of New Girl: The First Complete Season DVD here from October 10.

Zooey, Winston, Schmidt and Nick get into a groovy kind of chicken dance. I’m sorry, I just love this scene too much.

I hope your week is going well… xx

Who’s That Girl?

It’s not often that a television show becomes instant must-see viewing for me but New Girl is one of those shows, because from the very first episode, I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed, and I was totally hooked! I think it’s because I can relate to it. During my university days and pre-married life I lived in plenty of shared houses. It’s not easy to find people that can all get a long and in New Girl we get to see just how each of the characters are annoyed by the other, pushing each other’s buttons and how they deal with it, one of the best is the Douche Bag jar – I could have used one of those with a few of my past flatmates!

If you’ve been a following my blog, you no doubt are aware of my affection for Zooey Deschanel and Jess Day isn’t too different from her public persona. I especially adore her quirky, modern vintage style, which I wrote about in 2009. She is ladylike, the girl next door, someone you want to share all your secrets with over a glass (or a bottle) of wine, and she is so funny and sweet, and boy can she sing! I hope that they keep the clothes cute and sassy without becoming slaves to designers in the way that so many of these shows end up doing.

Jess can’t help but wear her heart on her sleeve and she isn’t afraid to push the boys into dealing with their feelings, even if that means seeing them at their most vulnerable. One of my favourite scenes in Season 1 is in episode 3 when Jess pretends to be Nick’s girlfriend at a wedding so that his ex-girlfriend will think that he’s moved on. Nick’s finally given up on getting back together with his ex and Nick dances a slow dance with Jess in manner of The Chicken Dance to Phil Collin’s Groovy Kind of Love. It’s cute and the only way the Chicken Dance should be danced from now on in my opinion.

New Girl Season 2 has just begun to air on tv, but if you want to relive the memories, or if you haven’t yet watched New Girl (why not?), then you can now because New Girl Season 1 on DVD is available to buy from October 10, and you can pre-order your copy now here

Here’s a taste of Season 1 on DVD

Hope your week is going well! xx

New Girl, Zooey Deschanel

Last night I started watching Zooey Deschanel in her delightful new tv show New Girl, and already I am addicted, and I think maybe a little in love!   

Zooey plays instantly loveable character Jess Day, an adorable, quirky and sometimes emotional, school teacher who is just happy to be herself. After a bad breakup with her cheating boyfriend, Jess moves in with three roommates who just happen to be guys.  Obviously the guys consider Jess a little unstable in light of her breakup behaviour which involves spending her first week after moving in weeping and watching Dirty Dancing back-to-back.  But eventually the lads help Jess pull herself together and friendships blossom.

The cast of New Girl

There is excellent chemistry between the cast of characters, which as we get to know them more makes them even funnier and more endearing.  The writing is sharp, witty and the humour is dry and laugh-out-loud infectious. What’s not to love?

Zooey Deschanel as New Girl, Jess.

Jess is honest, she loves to sing to herself, her vintage retro style is delightful and I cannot wait to see more of it, oh and did I mention her hair? Her hair is so beautiful, with that thick fringe and those doe eyes of hers, I have obviously got a girl crush, right?

Yep, it’s definitely a crush.  



Zooey Deschanel: Stylish Girl

Zooey is one of those actresses that continues to evolve in front of your eyes.

She has one of those gorgeous self-depracating personalities that is so infectious you can’t help wanting to see more and more of her on screen.

She also has a singing voice to die for. I just love her singing in the shower in Elf, it’s so pretty and old-fashioned like Rosemary Clooney.

Click here to have a listen to her velvety honey-like voice.

This blue coat is gorgeous vintage and paired with the white pumps, short shift and plaid scarf, she looks relaxed and chic.

Sassy and quirky as well as sexy, Zooey does dressing up to perfection.

A big fan of vintage clothing, she always knows exactly what suits her.  She dresses like a lady, as my mum would say.  It’s like she was born in another time, she would have done well in Katherine Hepburn’s time I think.

You know how fond I am of pictures of girls and their bicycles, this is such a lovely shot.

Zooey is obviously a big fan of wearing dresses and skirts. Most of the pictures I found of her she is wearing exactly that. It would be strange to see her in jeans I think.

She is definitely a style icon in the making and I do believe she is also going to be a big, big star.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Bicycle Ladies: Inspiration, or a Strange Fascination?

So I still haven’t bought myself a new bicycle, but, I think I have found the one I want!  
Of course, it’s ridiculously expensive, but it LOOKS amazing and has everything that I want in a bicycle. I found it at ARTIKEL which is this amazing store I wandered into on Wakefield Street, in Wellington City.  It is an emporium of independent and international design.  It’s filled with kitchy designs from homeware, to jewellery, clothing and stereos to bicycles!  It’s one of those stores that makes you want to buy almost everything in there.  Be sure to visit if in town or go online and have a look at their catalogue because you can order by phone or fax too. 

The bicycle they have in store looks a lot like this…

Isn’t it romantic?  The basket on the front, the tan leather seat, the chain cover, the spokes and the style of it, just so old school and it even has a light on the front!  I’m going to have to save for quite a while to buy this baby and so it remains on my wish list until then. I have been going through my collected images and have discovered all these gorgeous shots of girls on bicycles, I can’t believe how many I have collected… and so I have to share them with you because they are just so lovely.  I don’t know why I have such a fascination with girls on bicycles, Freud would have an answer I’m sure, but anyway, here they are, enjoy!

So this is how they do it in Paris, oui?  Doesn’t she look too cool?  Love the boots, très impressive.

And this is how they do it in New York.  Am loving her ensemble, the jacket and dress and she’s even wearing her heels while riding!

This girl looks a little like Scarlett, but I don’t think she is.
Hey, that girl’s got my bike!
Aww, how cute!  An über chic Mother and daughter, only in Paris.
Another gorgeous ensemble, I like her red ballet flats – very practical. 

A lot of Europeans have this innate sense of style – no matter what they are doing, riding their bike, walking their dog, taking out the trash…  I mean, this girl could be on her way to who knows where, but she is rocking her simple biker chic, non? 

Anonymous peddle-pusher, perhaps in the 18th?
Zooey Deschanel and her red bike, red shoes, red lipstick combination.
Famke Janssen and her long, long legs, cruising down town.  
Chic blogger Garance Dorè.

Biker chic is not about lycra and leather.  Not any more.  It seems to me that you wear whatever you want, your bike is your chariot of green-living to get you from a to b.  No one has room to carry a change of clothes so they just put on what they are going to wear for the day because no one wants to look like they are in training for the tour de France?  

Although, I would like to see one of these girls peddling their bike while wearing sky-high Louboutins!

Ciao for now,


Sources: Garance Dorè, The Sartorialist, styleandthecity.com (If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know). 

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