Appealing Things – The Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Festival which takes place in the beautiful English countryside of Oxfordshire at the height of summer is exactly where I would like to be right now. This festival is a celebration of the arts and outdoors and encourages people of all ages, especially children, so it was immediately appealing to me. The event mixes together music, food, theatre and literature and is set amongst beautiful forests and is definitely something more than your usual bands and beer tents. There is plenty of glamping, kiddie dedicated fun, wood-fired hot tubs, a spa and a lake to swim in. Oh how I wish I could click my heels together and be there right now!

These photos were taken by Australian-born, English-based photographer Vanessa Jackman and first appeared on her blog here.

It’s late August and Spring has already shown her face here as I’ve packed away my boots and dusted off my sandals. The days are getting longer and the sun is warming up! I’ve just set myself a new goal for the Summer, which is to find a festival like this one and to take myself, hubby and our girls for some Summer festival fun!  I really love the idea of dressing up in the manner of Fantastic Mr Fox too. xx

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