I Wish, from the Paris Spring Summer 2014 runways

It has taken all week to find inspiration in the collections from Paris this fashion week. Yes the designers always excel at sending avant garde designs down the runways but this fashion week, I honestly think many of them were simply trying too hard. Way harsh maybe, but each to their own, right?

I’ll start with my favourite collection which was at Chloe. Khaki, navy, pleats, shorts, prints, simple elegance.

chloe pants all in onoe

Chloe s/s 2014

chloe ss 2014 shorts khaki

Chloe s/s 2014

Valentino was divine as always, there were hints of the 70s, aztec and very boho inspired.

valentino_long black

Alexander McQueen – structured and feminine, and yet not really. I couldn’t decide if I liked this collection because some of the models looked dreadfully unwell, I don’t know if it was the lighting or the makeup. I don’t usually mention things like this but I felt it really detracted from the clothes.


Alexander McQueen s/s 2014

Miu Miu turned out to be my second favourite collection this fashion week. It was warm and quirky, the clothes very wearable and the gorgeous sumptuous colours and the boots and tights, which I always fall for!

miu miu

Miu Miu s/s 2014

miu miu-red coat

Miu Miu s/s 2014

Finally, Hermes which was delovely and I am posting this picture of Cat McNeil because she evokes memories of Grace Kelly in Mogambo.

hermes_cat mcneil

Hermes s/s 2014

The key trend spotted have definitely been shorts, and I love shorts so this is exciting stuff because over the next season we will see more and more in the high street shops. I’ve blogged before about shorts so prepare for more!

love & light xo

Casually Fine, Well Dressed Men

Recently a reader left me a comment that mentioned how difficult it is to dress casually fine when the weather is a constant and balmy 36 degrees celsius.  For women, we can put on a cool dress or skirt, but for a man, it’s not so easy to maintain a relaxed but stylish approach to dressing.  I can appreciate the difficulty because during our summers here my hubby often has to change his shirt during the day and he’s just walking from the car to the house!  Here are a few selections that might just provide some inspiration for you or your man’s summer wardrobe.

Classic white button-down with coloured trousers and brogues.

Simple elegance and that aubergine coloured loafer, yes!

Linen and light-weight fabrics work beautifully in summer, as does cool wool.

I want these seersucker shorts for myself please!

Ryan Gosling working a white tee.

I love men in shorts, especially tailored like this.

All one colour, all casual but the scarf and the rolled sleeves add personality.

I remember when everyone wore Polo shirts. Lacoste ruled.

The Louis Vuitton folio dresses up his drill shorts and favourite tee.

Tee and chinos.

Laid back and casually fine.

Short-sleeved button-down shirts can be more stylin' than an ordinary tee.

Plaid and denim. Cool combination.

Comfy long shorts (or short longs?) and a simple tee.

Ryan Reynolds does preppy and his chest seems to be almost bursting out of his shirt!

Robert Downey Jr, comfortable in his skin. Love his cute hat too.

Ewan McGregor, always casually fine.

It’s about mixing your favourites with something classic or even edgy.

It always takes me a while to put these types of posts together, I find myself spending way too much time looking for the perfect image because there are so many gorgeous pictures of handsome and well-dressed men to browse. 🙂

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Short Stories

A man-style shirt and heels gives shorts a rather relaxed but grown-up appeal.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock this past winter, all signs are pointing toward shorts being a must-wear trend this Spring and Summer.  This is great news for me because I love to wear shorts.  I’m a little afraid to admit this, but I tend to get a little over attached to my shorts – so much so that in the past I have had to force myself to throw the worn-out ones away because they are so badly beyond repair!  By then they are covered in holes, the seams have come apart and every time I wash them I am afraid they won’t survive the ordeal.    

Summer dressing perfection in denim or leather.
The most popular trends in shorts are the denim cut-off and tailored, especially in leather.  
Ashley Greene in her very short leather pants.

And if your legs have been covered up all winter then now is the time to start preparing them for the great unveiling of spring and summer!  Shaving, waxing, or whatever is your hair removal method of choice should be first on your list because I know that there are plenty of you out there that use the months of covering up as an excuse to omit this little task – myself included.

Emmy Rossum in her dark army green and red tee looks so gorgeous teamed with the little light-weight cardie (the puppy’s cute too of course!)

Leather shorts are not all about dressing up either, Alexa Chung pairs her leather here with chambray and little ballet flats.

Exfoliation and rough skin removal are next, so are pedicures and self-tan.  Of course we all know how good tanned legs look in shorts, but as I’ve said before you’ll be amazed at how gorgeous your lily white legs can look in the right shorts.  It’s all about smooth skin with lashings of moisturiser – it’s worth it I promise you! 

Sienna Miller’s bohemian edge resurfaces in this shot, I love her style.
Denim dressed up.
 Nicole Richie working her bohemian vibe with cut-offs and plaits.
Denim dressed down.

Shorts are such a versatile addition to your wardrobe because there are so many options when dressing in them.  Try a tailored shirt or jacket, (or steal one from your boyfriend or hubby).

Or mix your shorts with tailored separates like a jacket, a waistcoat or vest with tights and gorgeous heels for evening.
Denim dressed up Alexa-style.
During the day, pair wedges, espadrilles or chunky heels and a light-weight blouse with your shorts.
Tailored dressed up.
Leather dressed down.

For my money the hero of my wardrobe this summer is definitely going to be the denim cut-off.  So why don’t you have a look in your wardrobe and give new life to an old forgotten pair of jeans today – you won’t regret it!



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Summer Dressing Workshop

Kate looks fab in her little white dress.

Dressing for Summer is hard work.  As I am fast becoming aware, it takes a lot more thought and your personal body upkeep is constant and unrelenting.    Shaving, waxing, moisturising, self-tanning, pedicures and nail polish, OMG!

Hats are a necessity in summer.

I have very quickly become aware of what an easy life I had living in the cooler climates.  If I forgot to shave my legs, well I would simply wear tights.  If I couldn’t be bothered to moisturise, again, don some jeans or tights.  Black was my uniform and boots my best friend.  Even though I lived at the beach, our beach was not frequented by beach bunnies and bikini clad babes.  It was a place to exercise your dog and to collect shells and sea glass.  Period!

Bar Rafaeli in her denim cut-offs, blouse and heels, very chic.  This long skirt and white tee is favourite summer look for me, I too like to add a light-weight scarf when needed.

Since moving back to the coast, I have had to evolve rapidly into a much more high-maintenance woman and let me tell you, it is not all fun and games!  It is true however, that once I am in a routine, it’s not really that difficult to keep up with the waxing, shaving, self-tanning, etc, but if you let it slide for just a few days, boy there is so much to catch up on!

I am making my own version of the little summer dress below for my girls Annabel and Chloe.  They are going to look so cute!

Kate in one of her little summer dresses.  A wardrobe staple I think!  

When I was a kid my skin was used to being in the sun, I was tanned from spending endless days at the beach and my skin never burned.  But as I grew older and moved away from the coast, my skin became paler from the lack of exposure to the sun and I became quite obsessed with sun protection.  I have worn an SPF on my face every day for over 10 years now (and the proof is that I have no lines on my face as a result of my vigilance) and I wear sunglasses and hats at all times, even in the winter.  I can see sun damage on my arms from years of sun exposure, but all I can do about that is exfoliate and continue to cover up.  As we all should be doing.

Layering isn’t just for cooler weather.  Cropped light-knits and flowing, belted dresses look classy and chic.  I’m loving this look.

Colourful Gucci and the ubiquitous summer trilby.

Some stylish strangers in their summer attire. 

Summer dressing is not easy for some women.  Some of us don’t like to bare our skin and not because they don’t want skin damage either – we can’t all look like Gisele, so in order to make the most of our own looks in the summer time.  You don’t have to wear white or pale colours either.  Black is still viable and very wearable, but colour is key and jeweled colours on our clothes or accessories always look gorgeous in the summer sun, don’t you think?  Shades of nude and the palest of pinks and grey look classy too.

Give it your best shot, you know you won’t regret it!


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She Wears Short Shorts

Moving back to the sunny side of the world has been a bonus for so many reasons.  One of which is I now get to wear shorts again! 

Ahh shorts… long, short, baggy, fitted, capri, over-the-knee, above-the-knee, denim, striped, batik, hemp, linen, cuffed, rolled, designer, high-street…

Shorts have always been a wardrobe staple of mine but alas I have suddenly realised that I now own but 2 pairs of shorts in my entire wardrobe.  This is a shocking and at the very least, very pitiful discovery.  

I love that this Parisienne knows how to work her shorts, even in the autumn!  

If you feel that you don’t have want to bare your legs to the world in shorts, try pairing them with some tights.  It looks cute and also keeps you from having to worry about a cold-snap, whether you’ve shaved or if you have any bruises on your legs (which I inevitably have due to my kids and my dog jumping and crawling all over me all the time).  

Elegance in white.

Casual street chic.

These shorts appear to be made of leather?  They look hot anyway, I love the ballet flats and the jacket.  Sophisticated and sharp.

Cut-offs are huge this season.  Get a pair of your own old jeans, steal your boyfriend’s (or hubby’s) or go to a thrift store and buy a pair that you can cut off that cost you next to nothing.

Sexy, stylish, ankle boots, knee-high boots, doc martins, espadrilles, thongs or ballet flats.

Etro Spring/Summer 2010.

Marni Spring/Summer 2010.

Cut-offs Hollywood style – worn with plaid) shirts.

I think I may just have to raid my hubby’s side of the wardrobe now and steal any jeans he may have forgotten about!  Cut-offs look good!

Ciao for now,


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A Spring in Your Step

This week we finally say ta-ta to winter and bonjour spring (at least in the southern hemisphere we do).

While it may mean that officially the sun should be shining and that the weather should also be warmer, it also means that we can be hit with sudden chilly weather at any moment – at least until we are well into the season.

So while we may be ready to pack away our winter wardrobe, it means that we still have to have a few items about for the inclement spring weather.

Here are a few ways to put some spring into your trans-seaonal wardrobe.

Long over the knee socks.  Can’t say enough about these babies because I adore them and have always had a few pairs in my sock drawer to call upon for quite some time now.  They are sexy and cute at the same time.  And it also means that you can wear those short skirts or even shorter shorts that you love so much and can’t wait to dig out!

This is also a good time to explore your wardrobe and anything you may have packed away (or even archived) and see what goodies you may have forgotten about.

It’s also a good time to look at different ways of wearing your clothes.  I love this green dress and the way she has used her cardigan as an obi.  Blue and green, j’adore!

Ye old denim jacket.  Such a staple, n’est-ce pas?  Almost all of us must have at least one of these in our wardrobe, even if we have archived it over the past couple of years.  It’s time to bring it back into the fold and get as much wear out of it as you can people!

Other jackets getting attention this season are tailored jackets or blazers (whichever).  I have dug one out of my archives and purchased a new one recently and both are featuring quite prevalently in my new seasons pickings.

And then of course, is the cardie.  That ubiquitous article that has served us all so well for so many years now.  Long, short, boyfriend or bolero style; they are unbeatable in keeping the cooler weather out when we’ve worn something for the warmer weather.  There are so many to choose from and always add that little something extra to your ensemble.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous? A little bolero, baby-doll dress and knee socks.  Amber, I’m thinking of you when I look at this… (okay, maybe not the pink, but all the same).

A splash of colour with the tights adds va-voom to this jacket and and shorts.  I love the cute little skirt too on Blake, it’s gorgeous with the heels.

Just one of the many varieties of cardigans that you can pair with your jeans, harems, leggings, etc, etc.

Jeans of course are fantastic in spring because you can put your boots away and bring out your heels, wedges, ballet flats, whatever.  Or give yourself an excuse to buy yourself something new, not that you needed one, did you?

Layering is a great way to keep yourself dressed in trans-seasonal mode.  Tights, dress, vest, jacket, it all comes together.  The Parisiennes know how to do it best.  Visit Garance Dorè to get the lo-down.

Layering can be more than you expected.  Not everything has to be knit-wear or tight fitting.

This cardie is divine.  It is like a wrap, coat and cardie all in one.  And the stripes add a lovely zjusz.

How pretty is this?  A gorgeous spring frock paired with a long cardie and lovely heels.  I am loving this look.

Rose Byrne knows how to work the jacket, tights, little dress look.  

Ahh, Parisienne chic at its best.  Am loving those wedges!

So I guess you could say it’s all about the long socks, tights, leggings, light-weight scarf and cardie, oui?

Do remember to look into your wardrobe and revisit anything you may have forgotten in your archives, other cupboards, old suitcases and suitbags.  It’s probably all waiting there for you already, you may not have to buy anything new at all.  But then again, what would be the point of that?

Ciao for now,


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