Stop, drop and do nothing!

rainy windowWhen I woke up this morning to the sound of torrential rain, I felt grateful! I used to get annoyed by the rain, especially when it rains for days on end, which it can do here where I live during the wet season. These days, I’m not so bothered by the rain. Since we moved into a house that has water tanks, my attitude has changed and I am now much more grateful for the rain as I am much more aware of how precious water is. This type of weather makes us slow down, in fact, it can even make us stop all together, which is something very rare today. Life is so full (I’m determined to not use the word busy here) that we move from one day to the next, one task to another without giving much notice to, or appreciating each task as it gets ticked off our list. So how do we go about crossing tasks off our lists mindfully? It’s days like today when we are forced to stop that I think, can go a long way to helping us be more mindful about our everyday activities, and as a yogini, it always begins with the breath! Take a deep breath in and long breath out – this simple act brings us directly to the present moment.


When do we ever have one of those days where get to do absolutely nothing? As adults (and especially us mothers), those days are usually reserved only for when we are too sick to get out of bed. However, today is one of those rare days when it is ok to do absolutely nothing! There is a cyclone currently hitting the Capricorn coast off Queensland, and the fallout of torrential rain and lots of it, means that we are all house bound. Even if we wanted to go out, we’ve been advised to stay inside. The road we live along floods, and so we are unable to go anywhere. In fact, it floods on many roads around my little town, I know that my best friend Kirsty is stuck at home because of flooded roads, and my parents are flooded in at their place also. Both of which live at least ten minutes drive in opposite directions from me. To say that it is wet here is an understatement! This type of rain in a humid, tropical environment makes everything in the house damp and mouldy. Paper is swelling with dampness, the wooden floors have a layer of moisture on them and there are little puddles here and there through out the house, the source of which is inexplicable. We have the air conditioners on the dry setting to help remove the humidity from the air and I’ve got my oil burner on so the house smells like lavender and rosemary instead of the damp. Days like these don’t come along too often and so I don’t feel guilty that it took me till 9am to get out of my pjs. I don’t feel guilty that I’ve read a book, played on my iPad, helped Annabel make lip balm and watched a movie with my girls all before lunch and I don’t feel guilty that when I’ve finished writing this blog, I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, a big pile of popcorn and watch another movie because when in the world will I get this chance again? I’ve got the whole rest of the weekend to do housework and whatever else so today is a day of play and I love it! I may even be inspired to do get on my mat later for some yoga! Gratitude helps me to stay mindful and being mindful helps me to be grateful. I love that.

To anyone caught in a storm right now, stay safe and warm and remember, this too shall pass.

love & light,

Heidi xo



Rainy Day Inspiration

Remember when I last blogged about how it rains a lot here and that it often seems to never let up?

The east coast of Australia is water-logged at the moment. Some places have experienced more rain in the past week than on record. I think I may need to turn my house into an ark? Today I had to collect my girls early from school as they decided to close due to local flooding and it may not open tomorrow either. As I picked up Chloè from her classroom, I looked out over the valley beyond their school, and what is normally lush Strawberry fields was today an inland sea.
Even the ducks have had enough.
Rubber boots are my shoe du jour lately. Luckily I have very cute ones with horses printed on them and frankly, they are so darn practical why wear anything else in this weather? Gives me an excuse to splash in the mud and puddles.
The ironic thing about monsoon rain is that it is too hot to wear my trench coat. But if it was winter, this is kind of how I would dress, but I’d lose the baubles and the top-knot.
Holly and Fred looks so gorgeous getting rained on in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Love, love this movie.

On a brighter note, I am delighted to tell you that this is my 300th post! And instead of writing about something fabulous I chose to vent my frustration and complain about the weather. Oh well, I may not be able to control the weather, but I sure can complain about it!

Happy 300th post to me!



Rainy Days

It has been raining a lot here. A lot. There is no exaggerating the fact that it hasn’t stopped precipitating for well over a week. Now the weather mocks me by pretending to clear up. I’ll look out the window and suddenly it’s “Look, there’s some blue sky over there!” The sun even shows itself – if for a few moments. Then it’s all over, the clouds gather, the sun retreats. No. I was wrong, the weather is not clearing up, it’s simply redoubling its efforts! Ok, so I’m whining, yes I know. But…


Everything is water-logged, the floors are damp, horrible mould spores are starting to populate. I can see cities of mould are growing everywhere, on the outside furniture and the cushions on my daybed, nothing is dry anymore. 

This morning I sent my girls off to school in their rubber boots because I didn’t wish to see their brand new school shoes ruined by puddles and mud.  They don’t care of course, they are only too happy to splash around in puddles and mud!  I guess that’s the difference between being a kid and being a grown up. I hate puddles and mud now. Maybe I should look at it like they do and splash about in a few puddles, remember what it was like as a child. Maybe then I’ll not be bothered so much by the rain!



P. S.

Just after I published this post, I looked out my window and the sky is almost entirely blue! Hooray!

Images from Flickr via The Digital Photography School.

I just don’t know what to do with Myself…


As you know my girls are on school holidays and it has been a challenge, not just because it is only the second time that I have had to go through this experience, but also because it has RAINED every single day.  If there has been a day that it hasn’t rained, I’m afraid that I am unable to recall it because my brain has turned to mush.

And so, because said brain is mushy, I have decided that today’s post is going to be filled with rainy day inspiration, fun and frivolity… just to make me feel good about the fact that my husband has had to go to LA (again!) during the school holidays and I am left home alone to wrangle the children – eek! 
I know, woe is me.  Look, I’m not asking for your pity, just to ride it with me!

 I’m dreaming of warm, sunny days.

I miss my kitty. 
Having fun with my girls and making the most of the wet weather.

Enjoy frivolity.

I know I should be doing some work, but instead I will play dress ups and make inside tents with my girls and hope that the rain stops soon so that we can go for a walk with our dog Jet along the beach.

Some handsome men to ogle…
Why?  Because well frankly, who needs a reason?

Maybe just a few more handsome men because one can never get tired of them, can one?

I’m on a roll here, and it feels like I should go with it…

I am going to try really hard to stop fighting life and do my best to enjoy the challenges I am faced with and to remember to focus on the wonder of it all before it passes me by.

Ciao for now,

Sources: ffffound!,, fuckyeahhughjackman, GQ, if I’ve missed anyone out, please forgive me.

I Like More Rainy Day Inspiration

It’s raining.  Again.

I have no means of getting out of the house because my car is being serviced (this has taken all week, not one day as we thought) and I am definitely not the type of person that likes to get outside and walk in the rain.  Never have been, never will be.

I write today a little exhausted from a week of long and creative blogging, and so I thought I would simply post more things to do on a rainy day.  I hope they will inspire some one out there in the cosmic void.

Transport yourself away from the gloomy rain and read a book.  I love this book so much, I highly recommend you read it and if you have already then it is time to read it again!

Even better, grab your book and read it in the bath tub for a more relaxing and indulgent experience.

You could listen to John Mayer while in the tub, (he always warms the cockles of my heart).

Think sunny thoughts.

Do some yoga.  Always a good way to spend some time.

Invite some friends around and play Mah-jong.  Simply the greatest game ever, so much fun and very social.

Cuddle a kitty.  This is my friend Sarah’s beautiful boy Moby, possibly the most affectionate cat ever.  Look at his paw, he’s just sitting there and he’s pawing the ground, he’s so full of love!

Then of course there’s always shopping online, isn’t there?

Rainy days make for the need for more closet space. I think I will leave it at that, says it all really.

I Heart A Rainy Day

Things to make and do on a cold and wet day.

I think my brain begins to go to mush when there has been too much rain. It’s been raining for nearly two weeks now and I have started to lose all inspiration.  Ideas I had thought were good are turning out to be nothing. So to help my brain get back on track I’ve compiled this collection of things to inspire myself and hopefully they will inspire you also if ever you feel that you are over the weather!

The first thing to do is to get yourself into something comfy.  My favourite rainy day attire is ugg boots, track pants, and my husbands old wooly jumper.  Then there is nothing to do but to find something to do lest you wind up vegetating on the couch watching too many movies and eating way to much junk food!

The next thing to do is make yourself a warming cup of tea and to attack that pile of filing that has been collecting for the past few months.  Or you could of course choose to attack the huge pile of ironing instead because that’s going to keep you busy for some time.  What about those boxes, containers or trunks of stuff that you’ve collected over the years? Discard anything that begs the questions “what on earth did I keep that for so long for?” or the classic “why?” A glass of red wine while you do this can help immensely.  

How great would it be to have an entire room dedicated to your clothes?  The ultimate walk-in-closet if you will.  So if you have a spare room in your house, turn it into something useful why don’t you?  How often do you have guests to stay over anyway?  Or you could change the furniture around in your living room – one of my all-time favourite wet weather things to do.  It certainly kills the bordeom!

Go through your kitchen cupboards, clean out any out of date food and see if there isn’t anything that could be made more useful elsewhere in the house.  I love this idea.  Using an old-fashioned toast rack to put your envelopes.  Very neat!

I just had a great idea!  This would be great on a rainy day if you’re bored and looking for something to do.  Grab a few girlfriends, dress up in some gorgeous clothes, set your camera up on a tripod and set the timer to take some photographs of you all being silly!  I bet you would get some great shots and they would be great for posterity.

I am feeling all inspired and motivated now, I think I’ll go off and move some furniture around in my living room.  Maybe then I’ll attack that huge pile of ironing – hubby needs a shirt for work tomorrow.

Thanks you to The Cherry Blossom Girl  and Domino for some of these images.

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