Give a frock Friday


“Paris Match”, American soap actress Amelia Heinle stars in this 1999 InStyle magazine editorial photographed by Matthew Rolston. This Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture chiffon and lace gown is embroidered with multicoloured beads. I remember buying this issue of InStyle because I remember this dress and Amelia’s smile in this particular shot. Such a great shot, especially with the Eiffel Tower behind her.

I also want to share with you that I landed an awesome new job! I started today and I am happy, happy, happy! ūüôā

Have a great weekend xx

Give a frock Friday

Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair’s July 2012 issue, shot by Mario Testino. I just loved the images from this shoot but I think this is my favourite. Kristen looks so beautiful and the haute couture so freaking gorgeous, and those chandelier earrings, wow!

Kristen tells Vanity Fair, “I have been criticised a lot for not looking perfect in every photograph…I’m not embarrassed about it, I’m proud of it. If I took perfect pictures all the time, the people standing in the room with me, or on the red carpet would think, ‘What an actress! What a faker!’ …What matters to me is that the people in the room leave and say, she was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.’ Well said Kristen.

I am so glad this week is over. It’s been one of the most draining weeks. Every level of me has been hit, my website was hacked and I don’t think it was just because of the lunar eclipse. So I’m off now to enjoy¬†a much earned (big) glass of red wine.

Happy weekend!


Who is Catherine Baba?

A year ago, I didn’t know who Catherine Baba was, but now I am beginning to understand that this a woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, and ¬†you should know that her¬†drum will be the most original and stylish drum in town.

Aside from Anna Piaggi, I don’t think there is anyone more daring and bold with her personal style out there on the fashion radar right now. ¬†Catherine is wild!

There is not a lot of information available out there about Catherine.  She has a website, but her biography section is still in production, so what I have found so far is all here for you.  Catherine is a freelance stylist.  She was born in Australia and has lived in Paris for about 15 years.  

Photo by Ahli Madahvi

Catherine’s style is all her own. ¬†She has a penchant for old style hollywood glamour right out of the 30s but she mixes it up with a dash of Stevie Nicks gypsy and 70s disco diva hair and make up with barely there brows. ¬†Turbans, furs, cigarette holders are all affectations that make up her style. ¬†Baba has styled for fashion houses including Chanel, Givenchy and magazines such as DAZED & CONFUSED, VOGUE, GIOELLO, STILETTO and VANITY FAIR. ¬†

Not for nothing has Catherine been called “the most stylish woman in Paris” many times.

I believe that it is purely her aura of confidence that allows Catherine to carry off her style. ¬†I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. ¬†Confidence is key.

Catherine has confidence that oozes out of her, most notably in the way she dresses, but also with the ways she walks and holds herself posing for pictures.  She is no stranger to making an entrance or a statement in all that she does, even bicycling her way around Paris in her gorgeous killer heels no less! 

This confidence is obviously an attribute that has added to her talent as a stylist.

“Know who you are, be prepared for everything, drink every experience to it’s extend and expand! ¬†It can be a bumpy ride, trust me, it’s worth it DARLING.” – Catherine Baba

Catherine defines a Fashion Stylist as thus:
“Evoking a language from a style that exists and taking it further.”

“For me is is as much to be inspired as well as to inspire! What would be the ideal breakout for you? To continue …MORE MORE MORE!”‚Ä® – Catherine Baba

“I don’t believe in unexpectencies in general. Everything happens for a reason and all our encounters are pre-destined. A lot of my “unexpected” encounters have all lead to greater exchanges and collaborations. For instance, a major example is with the photographer Ali Mahdavi, with who I have met through Jeremy Scott, whom I met through another lifestyle, quite spontaneous 13 years ago, when we were all “giving birth to ourselves” Today we have a great collaborative vocabulary that is completely inspiring” – Catherine Baba¬†

“J’adore, darling.”
Yes, J’adore.


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Quotes from an interview with Catherine Baba by Filep Motwary,

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Le Divorce: An American In Paris

Le Divorce (2003), directed by James Ivory, tells the story of Isabel Walker (Kate Hudson), a young American woman who comes to Paris to help her pregnant sister Roxy (Naomi Watts) only to find upon her arrival that her sister’s husband has left her to be with his married lover. ¬†

One of the primary pleasures of¬†Le Divorce¬†is its cast. Leads Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts, are well cast as sisters. The supporting cast is filled with great names such as Glenn Close, Stephen Fry, Stockard Channing, Sam Waterson, Matthew Modine, Bebe Neuwirth and Leslie Caron.¬†Based on the novel by Diane Johnson, Le Divorce was billed as a comedy but I while there are humorous moments, the film is also punctuated with moments of tragedy, loneliness and deep sadness. This film has two plots. One plot, which I shall call Roxy’s story, and then there is Isabel’s story and of self-discovery.¬†


Isabel arrives in Paris, the quintessential California girl. Very quickly she takes it upon herself to become the mistress of her French uncle-in-law Edgar. In order to woo Edgar, a man much older than she, Isabel changes her hair and buys expensive lingerie from La Perla and calls him up whereby Edgar invites Isabel to lunch where the “frisson” is apparent and the rules of engagement for the affair are laid down by Edgar. Shortly after she receives a hand-delivered Herm√®s Kelly bag symbolising the beginning of the affair – a symbol which we later discover Edgar has used many times before.

What I love about this movie is that it so cleverly illustrates some of the cultural clashes between American and French views regarding marriage, divorce and adultery and their inevitable incompatibility.  

Glenn Close’s plays an American writer making Paris her home and it is such a great role for her. She looks fantastic, her long, grey hair so beautiful and so French. I enjoy her wit and intelligence, and her role as mentor to Isabel makes me Iike her even more. One of my favourite scenes is when Glenn’s character talks about writing a book on French women and how their scarves alone could fill entire chapter. ¬†I love it!

Isabel meets Yves through Glenn Close’s character Olivia Pace and they become casual lovers, even throughout her affair with Edgar.
Sam Waterson, Stockard Channing, and Thomas Lennon are each excellent as members of Roxy and Isabel’s Santa Barbara-based family. The film is a love letter to Paris, which is of course one of the reasons why I enjoy watching it so much.  Director James Ivory presents a portrait of the city that’s so infused with romance that it’s impossible for Isabel to feel terribly displaced for too long.  It embraces the city’s food, culture and language enthusiastically. 

As we watch Roxy and Isabel ride through their individual romantic roller coasters, the two plots complement each other well. Isabel’s might superficially feel a bit frivolous, but the seriousness of her sister’s life diffuses some melancholy throughout her scenes. By crosscutting between the two narrative threads, the film seems to be both commenting on the inevitable fall that awaits the younger, more idealistic sister and suggests new possibilities for Roxy and when the film does end, I always feel that I am not ready yet because I would like to follow the characters around a little more as some of them were just beginning to get interesting.

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I Wish (I Want) to Visit Paris Right Now.

Ah, Paris. Where else can you find a store that sells vintage Hermes handbags?

Whenever I visit The Paris Apartment blog, I get carried away and transported to another place and time.

I don’t know why Paris is so meaningful to me.  I get so easily distracted when I come across anything relating to Paris (or France in general) because I am immediately enthralled.

Here are some more gorgeous images from The Paris Apartment.  They make me feel tres ooh la la!

The turquoise detail in the picture is pure delight! I feel like I want to grab a paintbrush and add some colour to the house.

 Then again, the honey floor boards and the white washed walls and ceiling of this apartment are clean and pure perfection.

I think of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet when I look at this balcony.

Isn’t this picture quintessential Paris? I have tried and failed many times to get that shade of grey-green just right.

I adore the parquetry floor in this apartment.  It’s also clever how they have made a large room more functional by using furniture to create separate sitting areas.

A beautiful view.

I Wish I Could Wear the Highest of Heels.

I wish I could wear these high heels. Aren’t they to die for? Azzedine Alaia is a master craftsman.

These YSL heels are sculptural and almost ethereal here in this shadowy shot.
I just had to post them here for you because nothing is as sexy and gorgeous as a beautifully constructed pair of the highest of heels, non? Well almost nothing else. You know what I mean…

Gorgeous Miu Miu heels with Louis Vuitton bag. I just love the colour and the sparkle, don’t you?

Alexander McQueen is a genius. I wish, I wish, Oh I wish!

Thank you to for images.

I Like, I Wish, I Heart

I like visiting my favourite blogs when I have some time to spare because it feeds inspiration. I usually find that even for a few minutes I can be transported away from any of my worries or stresses of the day. But sadly yesterday while exploring I was not inspired, nor was I transported a way. I was disappointed because I discovered that my favourite interiors magazine Domino has folded. I am so miserable about this, I feel that it is a degradation! There are plenty of other magazines in the Conde Nast cache that could have closed instead. It is such a shame.

Well.. the show must go on, so c’est la vie! I shall continue to enjoy the vast references left on the Internet and so, from the archives of Domino, I give you I like, I wish, I heart. Enjoy!

I like this wall of vintage Vogue covers. I don’t think I could ever tire of it.

I wish I had a stair well like this one, isn’t it divine? I love the Spanish inspired hand rail and the way the pictures have been displayed on the curved wall. Perfection!

I heart this window seat. It evokes such lovely feelings when I see it. It makes me want to curl up in it and read a book and do nothing else for the rest of the day, sigh…

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