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gold kitchen

I’m in love with this gold kitchen from the Paris apartment belonging to French architect & interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot. Clearly only someone completely in touch with their design aesthetic could live here because on first viewing the palette of grey, silver and gold is unexpected and the pieces and textures seem overly combined and mismatched. However time spent exploring each image conveys the opposite of what I first felt. ¬†But hey, I loved the idea of disco-ball tiles too, so maybe a kitchen with gold cabinetry isn’t too much of a stretch? Click on the image to see more of this incredible apartment – believe me, it’s worth it.

Hope your week is going well.

love & light! xx

Creative Spaces


This is what I feel right now, right at this moment! What a great reminder this would be in a living room, don’t you think? So, imagine you’re having a bad day, and you walk into your living room and POW! Instantly you change your perspective. Inspired living room light installation! xx

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Creative Spaces

Who ever said that pink and red couldn’t work together? I love the creative use of colour with this dining table and chairs. It brings the white minimalist interior to life.

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Creative Spaces

I’ve been unpacking all my books and magazines and guess what? I think I need another book case as I have finally managed to fill the three I have. Imagine having your own library like this? And they’ve also complimented the space well with lots of lovely greenery. This is my idea of literary heaven. ūüôā

I’m back at work tomorrow, hope your week is going well. xx

Creative Spaces

You would think that this post is about the chair, wouldn’t you? But no. This is all about the fireplace and the wonderful use of space for storing a collection of magazines! How creative is this? While the chair is quite nice, certainly interesting, it is the creative use of a disused fireplace that has me intrigued.

Hope your week is going well. xx

Before there was Pinterest

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest and the fabulousness of it all, then may I suggest you get yourself acquainted?  

This digital pin board is mecca for collectors of all things and a place where time-suckage is a major side-effect, and, well let’s just say that if I am having a bad day, there is nothing that a little bit of time spent pinning on Pinterest can’t cure.  

I even have boards for my daughters.  We sit together on our iMac or with my iPad, pinning away our favourite things.  Horses for Chlo√® of course, and for Annabel it’s all things dance, Disney and animals.  

Before the invention of Pinterest, I did my image collecting the old fashioned way.  I cut them from magazines and pasted them in books.  I didn’t use just any old scrap book though, no way.  I bought blank hardcover books from Borders.  

That way my images would stand up to the test of time, which they have because my oldest book is going on ten years old and is still in perfect condition.  

I still use these books for inspiration and I occasionally paste images in them from old magazines and newspapers.  But I don’t think this will be happening for much longer because now with my iPad I can take my digital boards with me wherever I go, out shopping, visiting friends, travelling, wherever.  It’s a lot easier, less cumbersome and there’s no more ruining my magazines or shards of papers from one end of the house to the other.  

To start pinning, click here and request an invitation to join Pinterest.  But be warned, it’s addictive!



All images my own, except for top image found on Pinterest.

Interiors: The art of the Entryway

(The Design Files)

Most homes have one, some are purpose built, others are just a wall to the side as you enter a home. ¬†Whatever your space, it’s nice to have somewhere to put your keys, your umbrella, your shoes, and hang your coat. ¬†For me, it’s a place to drop my stuff as I stumble in and the place to pick up what I need as I head out the door.

I love this entry way because it has so much light!  The blue door is so pretty and the blue glassware on the entry table are cute too.  And the persian rug, well, I can never say anything bad about a persian rug because they are always perfect, anywhere, anyway, anyhow.  

Although this entryway is not a designated space, the whole space is on show as you enter through the doorway you are invited into a personal art gallery.  

Love the table, love the basket, love the red wall, love the bits and bobs on the table.  

Elegant and funky themes are brought together with the use of the striped pouf and the clean lines of the side table and portrait casually leant against the wall.

This quintessential coat and hat stand looks perfect against this lavender painted wall. ¬†I used to have a hat stand, it was useful, then it wasn’t. ¬†Of course I regret giving it away because now that I don’t have one – I could really use one! ¬† ¬†

I’m currently on the look-out for an umbrella stand. ¬†I have more umbrellas than the average person and no where to keep them. ¬†At the moment they are keeping spiders from nesting in my wellington boots! ¬†

A simple place to put your keys.  
The Eames Hang-It-All rack is a modern classic designed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1953 – its on my wish-list.
(Domino magazine)

I just love the way this table has been placed with the lamp, the vase of flowers, the Indian goddess statue on the top and then underneath it stores other items that may have no other sensible place to be otherwise. The mixture of items are all placed in an aesthetically pleasing way.  So simple.

The higgledy-piggledy placement of framed pictures, prints, etc. sets a homely scene. ¬†The space is small but now useful too. ¬†Another Eame’s Hang-It-All too. ¬†Just lovely.

This mirror reminds me of a peacock displaying all his feathers and I just love the green of the sideboard.
¬†Isn’t this selection of hanging plates delightful? ¬†
(Domino magazine)
This simple entryway is uncluttered and so inviting, even this cow looks compelled to enter!
This is my own entryway and I am constantly tweaking it. ¬†I hung the pictures on the existing hooks and I have shoved my collection of Australian VOGUE¬†magazines underneath the kauri pine hall table because¬†after twelve years (and counting)of collecting,¬†they weigh down the bookshelves too much and frankly I don’t know where else to put them! ¬†It’s a perfect place for my children to store their school bags and a green Dinosaur Designs resin bowl holds keys, mobile phones and loose change. ¬†Like most of my home it is a work in progress and I cannot imagine it ever being any other way. ¬†
It’s just how I like it.

Sources: Pinterest
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