Heels versus Comfort

Since starting my new day job last week, I’ve quickly had to adjust from years of wearing my beloved Birkenstocks to more business oriented heels. Ok, yes they look good, but my feet were simply not born to wear heels. I have broad feet, a small bunion, which is a hangover from my ballet days, and since all this yoga, I now walk much more grounded, and so my feet have broadened. I do own heels, and they are carefully and lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and stored in the boxes in which they were purchased. Only the chosen few have been worn at all for some time, that is, until last week.  Since then, my feet have, bless them, begun to slowly adjust to the daily torture, and I now no longer need all the bandaids and sticky aids to prevent my feet from rubbing. Only the bunion protector remains, which I feel will stay for some time. Frankly I just don’t care if it looks funny, comfort is key. I do sometimes think of winter when I can wear my boots – way more comfortable! Summer is just beginning here however…


My most favourite heels from my wardrobe. Shocked that they’re seeing the light of day.


What I would like to be wearing to work these days.

Carrie Bradshaw of Sex & the City, my I Ching, she often refers to her love of wearing heels, in fact, she is often seen running down the street in a pair. How does she do it? Is it because she’s petite and her centre of gravity is lower to the ground? And so I put this question to you dear readers because I sincerely want to know, are there women out there that truly find heels comfortable? Because if so, I want to know what you are wearing, what is your go-to comfortable heel? I’ve done some research and it is my theory that I should be buying and wearing anything with a kitten heel because it is my mission is to find a pair of heels that pass for office stylish but have the fit and comfort of either a Birkenstock, sneaker or my slippers. Too hard to achieve? Maybe so, but I will say this, Stella McCartney, bless her, has indeed designed a heel that looks very much like a Birkenstock. Picture for you below.

stella birk

Stella McCartney heels, these look very influence by the Birkenstock, yes?

Even though I live on the coast where dress standards are shall we say, relaxed, I don’t think I would get away with this in my new office. Just saying.

emmanuel kitten

Emmanuelle Alt. I love that she doesn’t give a stuff and wears her stock-standard black kitten heels everywhere. The woman obviously values comfort above all. She certainly can rock a pair of jeans and a blazer though.

So please let me know the answer to my question, please leave a comment and let me know if you feel the same way as I do about heels, or even better, if you have a solution to my problem. Or even simply if you have any advice on what style of shoe I should buy. I await your replies!

love & light xo


Stocking Fillers

Well the tree is up and even if it was dressed by my four year-old and all the decorations are no higher than her, it looks amazing. I have miraculously completed all of my Christmas shopping, all that is left is to wrap the presents and sign the cards.

We are going away for about a month to Brisbane to house and cat-sit for a friend who is spending Christmas in London and Europe. I am treating this like a holiday because where we are staying is just delightful. Coffee and movies and slowly browsing the many bookstores will be a favourite pastime.

I decided that I would do my utmost to put together a post of the most amazing shoes that I have been able to find over the past few months. This is my Christmas present to my gorgeous readers, thank you for all your comments and for just popping in to read this year, you have been wonderful and my saving grace.

Deck the halls… tra la la la la la la la la!

These gorgeously decorative YSL heels look as if they would make the perfect tree ornament, yes?

Versace spotted platform pumps – I want a pair of these just so I can see if I can walk in them!

Thakoon – divine!

Tabitha Simmons – a new shining star on the women’s shoe designer front and Vogue fashion editor.

Tabitha Simmons – these look so comfy, me likey!

Tabitha Simmons

Whoa, these boots and tights are intense… you would not be able cross your legs wearing these!

Proenza – unusual design, not sure if I like these, they don’t look to comfy either but they are nothing if not original.

Prada Mohawk, these babies rock!

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte – it’s all in the detail, j’adore the detail!

I’m not too fussed on the boots, but I do like the sparkly socks

Alexander McQueen SS2010 – beam me up Scotty, these look like they have come from the future.  Incredible!

Stunning detail on these heels.  

Louis Vuitton – a very unusual collection was offered this season. I think these are the best of a bad bunch.  They look a little like a clog crossed with a Birkenstock.

Lovely Louboutin’s

Lanvin – loving the ankle jewellery! 

Jil Sander – look at the heel detail on this shoe!

Isabel Marant boots – Parisienne chic.

These are very Victoria Beckham.

These are just so gorgeous, I like, I wish, I heart!

Givenchy genius. 

Giambattista Valli – exquisite.

Dries Van Noten – the colour, the pattern, so Dries.

Dolce Dolce Dolce!

Louboutin and distressed denim..

on the catwalk

Derek Lam – the brogue pump?

Comme des Garçons brogues – brogues are going to be huge next winter.

Louboutin – the shoe version of a corset.

Chloe – sandles and socks – cute.

Chloe – Ashton Boot.

Ohne Titel boots – fierce and stunning.

I love, love, love these boots!  I wish I had these boots, I just j’adore them!

Balenciaga booties.

Alexander Wang – sexy beast

Alexander Wang – zipper detail – comfy, not?

Balmain –  these are just to-die-for!

Alexander McQueen – genius.  No one thinks and designs like McQueen.  No one.

Luella – ah, pretty.


This is not my last blog before Christmas, I am just whetting your appetite!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings!


Sources: JakandJil.com, Garance Dorè.com

Nicholas Kirkwood: Shoe Artisan

“I always wanted to make shoes that were the Antichrist to pretty pumps and kitten heels.” – Nicholas Kirkwood

It is this attitude that has Nicholas Kirkwood at the top of his game.  Here is a designer that at just 28 years of age is hitting the dizzy heights of super designer status so early in his career that he is being requested to collaborate with designers such as Rodarte, Chloè, Zac Posen and Gareth Pugh.

“The first time I ever saw his shoes, I knew he was destined for greatness.” – Yasmin Sewell

A very busy designer, Nicholas designs about 350 styles a season, but how did this couture cobbler get started?  While studying at Central Saint Martins College in London, he worked for milliner extraordinaire Philip Treacy in his London store.  “All these ladies would bring in their outfits to try on with their hats… fabulous… exciting outfits, like McQueen.  But horrendous shoes – all girlie with bows on.  I thought, “Maybe I can do something about that.”‘

Following a year in a technical course at Cordwainers (the shoe-making college), Kirkwood took his first collection that he had made on his kitchen table to Paris.  He didn’t sell a single pair but fast-forward four years and not only does Kirkwood have a small artisanal Italian factory making his creations, but he is stocked in 85 stores around the world.  

Nicholas Kirkwood’s menacingly seductive heels are not for wallflowers.  Never a frill or bow in sight, they channel 80s power stilettos with jumped up sex appeal, rejecting ornamentation in favour of sculptural glamour.  Kirkwood uses unusual materials including lizard, stingray, watersnake, python and buffalo horn.  It’s evident that Kirkwood takes an artisinal approach to design, with meticulous attention to detailing and construction.

“Decorating for the sake of decorating is a really old-fashioned notion, I’m more about form and function. Some of my heels look quite aggressive, but they are always feminine – not girly, you won’t find any bows or diamonds.” – Nicholas Kirkwood

Women throughout Europe and the US are snapping up Kirkwood heels in a frenzy.  I don’t know how they can actually stand up in them, let alone walk anywhere in them!  But if Kirkwood is indeed “The New Louboutin” as he is being touted in some circles, his designs truly speak for themself, they are truly daring and original.  

I would love to see what he could do to a ballet flat, wouldn’t you?

Ciao for now,


Sources: Elle UK, NicholasKirkwood.com, JakandJil.com/blog, Vogue Russia, Oyster Magazine

A Woman’s Right To Shoes


What is it about shoes that just makes us women swoon?  For some they are an addiction, their drug of choice.  The beauty of shoes is that you are never too fat for them, (no matter the time of the month) and as Wendy at HARRY’S of Seatoun said to me this morning, “you could be having a day where you feel that your clothes are just not looking their best on you, but you never get that with shoes.”  And for that, shoes truly are a gift from heaven, oui?

According to the GUARDIAN newspaper in Britain, one in two British women own more than 30 pairs of shoes.  The article went on to say that one in four women would rather buy a pair of shoes than pay a bill.  HARPERS BAZAAR conducted a survey once and discovered that one in ten women said she spent more than £1000 on shoes in a year and that 8% of women own more than 100 pairs of shoes.

Here is my current collection of shoe lust – this is mega, be warned because there is bound to be something here that you will want, must have, lust after, maybe even contemplate killing for, but most of all I promise you that you WILL dream about them!

Dries Van Noten





Barbara Bui

Alexander McQueen




Jimmy Choo






Louis Vuitton

Manolo Blahnik


Michael Kors

Ohne Titel

Pierre Hardy



Sonia Rykiel

Sigerson Morrison






Vivienne Westwood



YSL Tributes

I remember Carrie in Sex and the City realising to her horror that she had spent so much money on shoes over the years that she literally could have bought an apartment with the money she had spent.  

Shoes give you an instant lift, surgery without the knife, so to speak. Heels transform the way you walk and how you carry yourself because they instantly give you that sexy walk that Marilyn Monroe was so famous for because you are forced to stick out your derriere in one direction and your breasts in the other.  Instant sex-bomb.  It’s easy to see how Carrie couldn’t help herself.

Ciao for now,


Sources: JakandJil.com, Cherry Blossom Girl, Style.com, The Guardian,   If I have missed anyone, I apologise.

I am Shoe-Gal

I think we could all do with a dose of shoe candy, couldn’t we?

Garance Dorè in her Pierre Hardy mesh boots.

Here are some pics from the web of what’s being seen on the tootsies of those who can afford the best!

Christian Dior from the Fall 2008 Couture runway.  Could they be an higher?

As we are still in the midst of winter here in the southern hemisphere, here are some boots to enjoy.

Chanel – yes, I can see my tootsies in these.

 Gorgeous fold-over leather boots.  I like her clutch too.

Alexander McQueen

And now for some colour!

Balenciaga – a bit like a Leggo creation, but it works.
Jil Sander – I’m a sucker for anything green
Jimmy Choo
Balmain – lovely
Carin Roitfeld wearing her Givenchy heels.
Calvin Klein – I love these
Miu Miu

Nicholas Kirkwood – sex on heels
Pierre Hardy – they kind of remind me of my Asics Gel runners.
Yves Saint Laurent
And now for some architectural and theatrical triumphs.
Stella McCartney- très avant garde, oui?


Alaia – now these look comfortable and sexy.
Dior Goddess heels.  These are so high I would probably get vertigo!
Photo by Garance Dorè.  Stunning.

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte.  The spikes are a little reminiscent of Bond baddie Rosa Klebb?



I don’t know who designed these, but aren’t they gorgeous?
Christian Louboutin – the red sole and the red varnish on her nails = perfection.
Prada – green is my favourite colour.
Proenza Schouler – these are on my wish list. 

Sigh… well that brings us to the end of another gorgeous designer heels extravaganza.
I think that designers are getting more out-there and more daring with their designs and what they expect us to teeter on.
I am also in awe of the fearless women who wear these amazing heels.  They walk in them and manage to stay upright – all for our viewing pleasure!  I salute you ladies.

Ciao for now,

By the way, thank you to those who have been leaving such lovely and encouraging comments on my posts.  I love hearing from you so much!  It makes my day every time, so thanks lovelies! xx


Sources: JakandJil , beatrice, Garance Dorè

These Shoes Are Good for the Soul (or should I say sole?)

 The YSL cage

Are they practical?  Non, but does it make her feet look transcendent?  Oui, absolument!

Once again it is time to lust after some goodies for your feet.
As always they are avant garde, unconventional, and impossibly unattainable.
So relax, kick back and enjoy my little fashionistas!

Aren’t these Christian Louboutin hot pink platform pumps delovely?

 Christian Louboutin

These Louboutin boots are fierce.  They look like they belong to a domanitrix or a stormtrooper, either way the woman that wears these boots is not to be trifled with I can assure you.

Image from Jak & Jil 

Another architectural triumph!

These might be a little closer to being mine that I ever thought possible after I spotted a pair in a store window this week.  J’adore the look of these with the torn jeans, don’t you?

Awesome to see world-famous New Zealand designer Karen Walker being worn on the feet of some Parisienne Voguette! 

Prada platforms

 These look a little precarious to walk in, but oh so hot.

These are just cool.  I don’t think I would ever take these off my feet. 

Well heeled?  Carine Roitfeld in her Martin Margiela boots.  We’ve seen her in these boots before, but honestly, I just can’t believe that these would be comfortable.  Oh, I forgot!  It has absolutely nothing to do with comfort – it’s all about fashion, n’est pas?

Ann Demuelemeester

This Belgian designer is famed for her gothic designs, which makes this boot with its sharp heel and multiple laces pure goth.

I don’t know about the acid green pants, but these Marni platforms look super comfy, don’t you think?  But then again, they probably aren’t.

Well there it is, this weeks round up of all that is funky and fashionable in shoes.

Of course, we can dream, can’t we?

Shoes: I Wish Shoe Candy

I’m sorry but I just could not resist posting these gorgeous shoes for you to admire, ogle and drool over.  It seems that shoes are fast becoming my latest obsession.  I just have to find the most outrageous designs possible so I can share them with you. 
Alexander McQueen thigh-high boots and Givenchy bag.

In truth I am not someone who owns many pairs.  I guess I am a late bloomer with shoes and have only recently begun to see the benefits of wearing something exquisite on my feet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this collection of shoes (belonging to Julia Restoin-Roitfeld) to choose from?

Balmain Gladiators.

Let’s face it these are so sexy and if I had the chance to buy them and wear them daily, why wouldn’t I?

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes with gorgeous tuxedo pants. 

I am becoming more and more fascinated with the way shoe design is evolving.

Althuogh I’m not sure how you would even go about putting some of these designs on, let alone actually walk in them.  They look spectacular but honestly, has practicality gone completely out the window with these designers?

These look cute with tights and socks.

Prada shoes with patterned tights.

Shoes are nonetheless the finishing touch to an outfit.  Finding the right shoe can take time.  I know this to be true because I went through this experience just this morning.


It appears as if shoes are the new “It Bag” because I’ve noticed that more and more magazines are featuring page after page of shoes.  Higher in heel and price than ever before and the more spectacular the better.

Heels as featured in Australian Vogue recently.

I admit that I am not the owner of many many shoes, but the ones I do have I love to pieces.  I keep them all in their boxes, I look after them well and make sure that they all get a turn about at least once a season.


I often dress myself backwards, as in from toe to head, building my look from the feet up.  Sometimes a shoe just has to be worn, regardless of anything else.

Chloe boots.

Thank you Jak & Jil blog and Vogue Australia for images.

I Wish I Could Wear the Highest of Heels.

I wish I could wear these high heels. Aren’t they to die for? Azzedine Alaia is a master craftsman.

These YSL heels are sculptural and almost ethereal here in this shadowy shot.
I just had to post them here for you because nothing is as sexy and gorgeous as a beautifully constructed pair of the highest of heels, non? Well almost nothing else. You know what I mean…

Gorgeous Miu Miu heels with Louis Vuitton bag. I just love the colour and the sparkle, don’t you?

Alexander McQueen is a genius. I wish, I wish, Oh I wish!

Thank you to jakandjil.com/blog for images.

Very Stylish Legs

I saw these boots on Garance Dore and I just had to put them on mine. (I hope she doesn’t mind.)

After spending all day yesterday laid-up on the couch with the flu (and getting square-eyes from watching too many DVD’s), I awoke this morning feeling a little more human. So after just managing to get the elder of the little ones off to school, and while the younger little one was engrossed in a puzzle, I decided to scour my favourite blogs to pep myself up.

Can you believe that these boots are worn on a normal working day in down town Paris? Of course a normal working Parisian is not wearing them, and I discovered this when I scrolled on to the next picture and saw the wearer of these killer-heeled boots was none other than Uber editor, Carine Roitfeld.

She has style, no doubt, she has chutzpah and lots of it, and she must have the toughest feet in fashion if she can wear these boots all day (note to self, must see if I can get an end of the day shot of Carine one of these days, just to see if she’s as human as the rest of us).

Scrolling down further I came across more Parisian chic on display. Look, I know that not everyone walking down the Champs Elysees looks this naturally stylish, but come on! No wonder there are people taking pictures of these heavenly creatures.

They make it look so effortless, so sexy and so easy…
I wonder is it innate, or learned you think?
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