Give a frock Friday


Lily Aldridge in a frock by Gucci, photographed by Derek Kettela for Glamour France, July 2014.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.”… I wonder if Shakespeare would have compared his love to a summer’s day had he ever lived through an Australian summer? No, I’m not going to complain about the weather, but I will say this – dressing for humid temperatures in business attire is giving me loads of opportunity to put my past styling skills to the test. I’m loving spending more time scouring the op-shops (aka thrift shops) for work clothes. It’s been so much fun, I’ve even made a game of it – I use the last 5 minutes of my lunch break to find something for $5 – I call it speed-shopping!  Last weekend I went through every wardrobe in the house and I found a fab Marc Jacobs frock in a garment bag at the back of my wardrobe. As it was pouring rain today, I spent this afternoon watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Annabel and putting new buttons on it, and it’s now ready to go! Don’t you just love making something old look new again?

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!

love & light

Heidi xo


Photo Credits:

Glamour France, July 2014

Photographed by Derek Kettela

Styled by Norah Bordjah

Hair by Andre Gunn

Make-up by Valery Gherman

Give a frock Friday


The always fabulous Kate Moss in this gorgeous Gucci pleated silk frock. Photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Harper’s Bazaar December 1999. She’s rockin’ that beret too by the way. Love it.

As healthy as I am trying to be lately, there is still something that is almost impossible to avoid during the winter months and that is the bloody head cold. I woke up at 1 am this morning with a horrid sore throat, snuffly nose, my head was pounding, you know the drill. My throat started feeling scratchy yesterday afternoon so I dosed myself up on Olive Leaf Extract, vitamin C and I’ve been drinking copious cups of hot lemon, ginger and Manuka honey tea. So far this morning my throat is feeling much better and my sniffles have dried up. I still feel headachy and there is a general feeling of malaise, but all in all I am hoping that if I keep up my arsenal of potions, I may just kick this thing! Part of my recovery plan is to also to spend the day snuggled on the couch with my girls watching Clueless and French Kiss together. It is raining outside after all.

Here’s to a better weekend for all!

love & light xx

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Give a frock Friday

tumblr_l5m9gvEKMD1qc6d9mo1_500Frock Friday is back!

Drew Barrymore is divine in this fabulous floral frock by Gucci, photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue US February 2006. I can’t help but think of Drew’s character Little Edie Beale in HBO’s 2006 movie Grey Gardens.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend 🙂


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Give a frock Friday


gucci_naomi watts_vogue australia feb 2013

Naomi Watts shines is this beautiful cover image for Australian Vogue February 2013. Photographed by Will Davidson and styled by Stevie Dance. Vogue Australia has had quite the shake up since the shock exit of long-time editor in chief Kirstie Clements in May 2012. The new team, headed up by Edwina McCann includes talented people from rival Harper’s Bazaar, and they have also opened the net to freelance stylists like former Russh editor and now contributing editor of Oyster, Stevie Dance. This is all great news and I am thrilled with the direction Vogue Australia has taken. It’s a breath of fresh air in the magazine world that is completely saturated with the same images and it is a tribute to the new team at Vogue that they have been supported to produce such innovative and inspiring work since taking over the helm. I hope they continue with their vision.

Have a great weekend!

love & light xx

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Give a frock Friday


When Tom Ford departed Gucci in 2004, I remember thinking to myself how boring fashion was going to be without Tom’s collections both for Gucci and YSL to look forward to. Even Time magazine asked the question, “Is this the end of fashion?” But what happened was just the opposite really. There’s no denying that Tom Ford’s brilliant re-vamping of the Gucci brand catapulted the sinking Italian leather goods house into a billion-dollar global fashion empire. But Ford’s influence was felt far beyond Gucci because his example gave legendary fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Lanvin and Balmain a new chance to shine again utilising the talents of unknown designers like Nicolas Ghesquiere, Albert Elbaz, and others.

This is the second Tom Ford dress that has been selected for Frock Friday and the second green one. Perhaps Tom has a fascination with the colour green also? As you know, I am easily swayed by the colour green and I could not go past this stunner the Gucci Fall 2004 collection – click here for more.

I thought I would put it out there this week and ask you if you have any requests for Frock Friday? Do you favour a designer or an era perhaps that you would like me to feature? I thought it might be fun to set myself the task of finding a Frock Friday worthy picture from a reader’s request. Please leave me a comment or pop over to the I like, I wish, I heart Facebook page and leave me a message there.

Have a lovely weekend! xx

Put a little colour in your day

I guess it’s no surprise that I have been a little slack in my blogging lately… I want to blog, truly I do!  I just have a bit of trouble focusing on working at my computer at the moment.  Frankly I hate the bloody thing.  It’s old, it’s slow and the keyboard is so annoying that I sometimes want to throw it out the window!

Note to reader: I have just wasted 30 minutes rearranging my desk and trying to find a way to make the keyboard cable longer.  30 minutes wasted, alas no resolution was found.  #*@#!!

Deep breath.

So let us turn our thoughts to the latest spring ready-to-wear (also known as Pret-a-porter) collections where colour ruled and simple, clean lines enhanced the boldness of the jewel colours.  

 Jil Sander
Jil Sander

Prada (yay, stripes are still hot!)

 Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs

 YSL Rive Gauche


 Sonia Rykiel



 Martin Grant



Did I make it up to you?


Images from from, garancedorè.fr

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