Creative Spaces

Who ever said that pink and red couldn’t work together? I love the creative use of colour with this dining table and chairs. It brings the white minimalist interior to life.

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Creative Spaces

I am hooked on this living room! The curved shape of the couch and the mix of chairs works well together. I’m loving the red lacquered sideboard and the gorgeous printed cushions too. Although I’m having a hard time trying not to see a robot instead of a cabinet in the righthand corner. What do you see?

With the imminent arrival of our brand new couch, my mind has been occupied with thoughts the current layout of our living room and how am I going to make it all work? The space is large enough alright, but rearranging furniture is a lot easier in my head than in practice! I am looking forward to it though because for me, moving furniture creates the feeling that you have a completely new room at the end of the process. I like that it has the ability to change the energy and feel of an entire space and the start of a new season is a great time to do this. xx

Sitting Pretty: living room inspiration

A living room is a place to sit, to read, relax, cuddle, to play on your iPad, hangout, whatever.  Sometimes, when I get the chance, I love to just sit all day (or for as long as my children will let me) and read.  Having a special place to do so is even nicer, yes?

The idea of hanging a hammock indoors is just so appealing.  I feel instant relaxation whenever I get into a hammock. It’s like meditating.

I just love this love seat.  The mirror reflects the tv on the opposite wall. It also shows pictures arranged around the tv, which is a nice way to incorporate your television into a room.  I also like the symmetry with the balance of side tables and lamps on each side of the couch.  

I just love the mixing of the Louis style sofa and chairs with the modern coffee table and rug. 

Alternatively you can always make your living room wherever you lay your hat.  This airstream looks pretty homey to me.

This room is probably a little on the posh side for me, but I am so into that chandelier!

I don’t know exactly why, but I like this room a lot.  Maybe it’s the colourful cushions, the display of picture frames, the flagstone floor, the midcentury chairs…  

Tear sheets, photographs, and a collection of favourite images makes for an interesting wallpaper that personalises this lovely room.

This Moroccan style living room uses a mix of prints with soft furnishings and wall tiles and this simple, plain lamp shade. 

Now this room speaks to me on a heart level!  I’ve already got the bookcase, now I just need the old leather chair and we’re done.  I love the colour-coordinated books too.  For me though, I have tried this look but I need to have my books and magazines stored by genre and in sequential order, call me particular – or pedantic, whichever! 

An outdoor room, perfect for warmer climates.  Reminds me of home.

Furnished simply or jam-packed with road-side finds or luxurious designer pieces, a living room is often furnished with a sofa, chairs, a coffee table, bookshelves, lamps and rugs and traditionally often features a fireplace.

According to experts, these things all go into making your living room look good, but in order to make it really work, you have to stamp it with your personality.  Just like your wardrobe, right?  



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Chair Tales

I love this chair, and like most of my chairs, it has a bit of a story attached to it.

This chair was given to me when I was 12, I think?  A beautiful Canadian artist friend of my parents thought I might like it and of course, I loved it.  It didn’t look like it does now, it was painted white and the seat was covered with a plain pale blue fabric.  But I saw potential and it sparked in me a life-long love of old chairs.

Over the years I painted the chair different colours such as bright yellow and then dark green – whatever paint I could find in my Dad’s shed.  Eventually I new the day would come when I had to strip the paint back so the true beauty of this chair could be revealed.  It was time for my chair to grow up!

The job of stripping the many layers of paint went to a furniture restorer in Sydney.  I had a feeling that this chair was too important to be done by my amateur hand, and so I found an expert who told me when I went to collect my newly revealed chair that the timber it was made from was none other than Australian Silky Oak.  I had the timber waxed instead of using varnish because it has such a nicer finish and it feels more gentle to the touch.  

Yesterday I put a new cover on the seat and it looks perfect. I used a piece of French cotton canvas I bought from Ici èt la.  I love this shop and their fabrics which are imported from France direct from the manufacturer, Les Toiles du Soleil. It is the only place you can buy this fabric in Australia.  In America, you can buy it online from their New York boutique, Les Toiles du Soleil NYC

I have other chair tales to share with you later.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you.  
Do you have any chair tales you would like to share with me?   



Interiors: Dining In

We are in the process of buying new chairs for our dining table and I have my heart set on Ray and Charles Eames Eiffel DSW dining chairs.  The chairs we have now are a mixture of Bentwood and ladder back, and all are in need of some time off to be repaired and repainted.  We have a lot of family coming to spend Christmas dinner with us and if we don’t get new chairs now, I fear we will all be sitting on the floor having a carpet picnic!

These blue Eames dining chairs around the iconic Saarinen tulip table look very retro against the 70s fleur de lis style wallpaper.  Not sure about the wilted tulips however…

These chairs are what I grew up with – I guess the height of 80s style?

These copper lights look fantastic with the wooden table and wooden legged Eames dining chairs.  This kitchen is a real mix of periods.

Until I saw this picture from Australian Vogue Living, I had no idea that my favourite chairs also came in my favourite colour green!  Originally our intention was to buy the chairs in white, but now we are deciding on colours.  Green of course and possibly black, yellow and pink.  

This image shows how well modern design mixes with classic architecture, possibly my favourite look.

Gorgeous mix of tangerine painted wall with hot pink chairs!

I love this image because it reminds me of my own table, especially because of the Stokke Tripp Trapp at the end.  We bought one of these for our first child with the intention of getting another when our second child came along but unfortunately the cost of a second… we just never got around to spending the money.  It’s a shame really because I like the idea of the girls’ being able to use their Tripp Trapp at their desk as they grow older.  I love that they fit under the table just like any other chair, I hated the idea of some horrible monstrosity of a high-chair and the Tripp-Trapp is the perfect designer high chair!

The Saarinen tulip chairs above are a delightful addition to this library / dining room.  I love the idea of a dining room being more than just a dining room.  Books lining the walls make for a very interesting and ever-changing art installation, don’t you think?

I really like the layout of this kitchen, dining room and the zebra floor rug gives just the right amount of glamour.



Sources:  Pinterest via 

Interiors: Places To Sit

So yes, I do have a thing for chairs. It’s true. I have more chairs than bums in our house. But I oh I do love them.

Chairs can turn an otherwise boring room around. All of my chairs have a story. I love that about them. My first chair was given to me when I was only a teenager, by a Canadian friend and over the years I painted it many different colours until I finally had it completely stripped back to reveal its beautiful Silky Oak timber. Over the years I found two lovely ladder-back chairs which I found in an old shearer’s cottage on a sheep station. A couple of bentwood and Australian colonial spindle-wood with rattan seats and of course my station-master’s chair that I sit on every day when I am writing. I have a small collection of wicker arm chairs that I scavenged off the street and a divine Chesterfield three-seater lounge that we were given by a truly benevolent friend in our time of need when we needed a new couch and were unable to afford one. I have scrimped and saved and had to pay-off many of my chairs because some of them are over 100 years old and too valuable for me to be able to buy outright.

Alas, being old chairs, they are prone to the effects of age and from time to time they require TLC and some repairs. At the moment I have two chairs that are not safe to sit on as they are in dire need of clamping, gluing and generally a good rest. But I love them anyway.

Here are some gorgeous images of chairs and the places we put them – all just to have time to reflect, read, relax, cuddle, enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine. Fill your imagination with to inspire your living space, your workspace or any space you can think of. Christine, this blog’s for you darling!

To say my friend Christine is a chair whore may sound harsh, at first. But this girl truly knows her chairs, she lives and breathes them. I have learnt more about modern design from her than from anybody else. She is truly passionate about chairs and it is this passion that has inspired this blog.

My dining / kitchen table has an eclectic mix of chairs around it. I have always felt that, for me, a table with all the same chairs is just too formal. I imagine that if I did have a formal dining room some day, then I will furnish it with identical chairs. But for informal dining, a table surrounded by a collection of chairs I love, well it is the perfect mix for me.

I love the flockati rug under this table. I could never have this look as with children who still prefer eating with their hands like cave people, as opposed to using their cutlery, the food invariably ends up on the floor under their feet. Not a good look with this type of floor rug.

How cool is this idea? Remember your teacher at school forever telling you to stop rocking on your chair, lest you rock too far back, fall backwards and crack your skull? Well all schools need to buy these chairs. Problem solved.

Eames. The Aston Martin of chairs for me.

Eero Aarnio Ball chair. Just one of the coolest chairs ever. I always wanted one of these to be my reading chair or just a chair I can crawl into and hide away from when I am having a bad day.

Eames Rosewood


Vintage Eames.

Harry Belltoia

Kartell Louis Ghost

The Naked Lounge chair d’amore by Russell Grigg.

I really like the use of colour here. The accessories have dressed up the room, but with yellow, this room could easily be more casual too.

The tulip chair. Always a favourite.

I am going to have to find some more modern chairs to put in my home I think. Something less likely to need so many repairs. Some of these contemporary designs are so beautiful to look at, just like works of art.

Many of these fabulous chairs are available to buy right now if you wish from the fabulous online store  I recently discovered this amazing store (they ship globally by the way) and they have reproductions of designer chairs, check them out!

Ciao for now,

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Interiors: Workspace Inspiration

My friend told me the other day that she is giving up her gorgeous dressing table and turning it into a desk for her new laptop.  I thought was a great idea because lets face it, we all probably spend more time at our computers these days than primping and preening ourselves.  I like the way she thinks too, that our furniture can be used for a purpose other than it was originally intended.

It got me thinking about home offices and our work-spaces and how important they can be in nurturing our creativity.  It certainly helps if the room or space has natural light, warmth or cool breeze flow-through, and basically has good energy or a good vibe about it.
As a writer, a view while I’m typing away is essential, but not always possible.  But I do have lots of light flooding in and my antique swivel chair so I can just spin around and talk to my children or any visitors. 

I have always tried to find inspiration in my workplace, whether it be at home or in an office.  I have even had mini inspiration walls in my cubicles at work, just to give myself something other than work to think about in moments of contemplation.  I once worked in an office that was on Sydney Harbour.  I was lucky enough to have a workspace that looked right on to the Harbour Bridge and Walsh Bay.  It was spectacular to say the least!  I got to watch the storms roll in and the Royal Australian Navy submarines sail out to sea.  The trains stopping and starting across the bridge and little sailing boats fighting for space with huge liners making their way under the bridge.  I never grew tired of my view.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have gorgeous views from our desks, so I think it is important if we can make our workspace congenial to work, even if it is simply a place to write letters.

Some of us are limited in our homes or apartments (or bedrooms even) for a space that we can call our own.  Sometimes we may have to share our desk with someone else (my husband and I share our desk) and sometimes we may not even have a desk to use.  It could be the kitchen table, a cupboard, a hall table, or in my friend’s case, a dressing table.

The key is to make it your own.  Even if you share it with another person (or the whole household) it can still have elements that make it yours.

I have a gorgeous old wooden “In Tray” that I picked up years ago for any paperwork that belongs to me.  My husband knows that its sole purpose if for me to put my mess of paperwork in.  It is the first place I go to when I can’t find something I need to find!  Which reminds me, it is due for a clean-out… something I procrastinate about doing all the time. 

We have also gorgeous old accountants drawers (or maybe they once belonged to a post office, I’m not sure) I have labeled some of them so we know which drawer contains whose paperwork.

One of my favourite aspects of my workspace is my chair.  I bought my chair about 7 or 8 years ago from Alison Green of House of Green, a furniture dealer in Sydney.  I fell in love with it on sight because of the pony-skin upholstery and the swivel seat.  It’s an old railway Station Master’s chair.  Of course it wouldn’t have been covered in pony-skin when in situ for it’s original purpose, but Alison is a very stylish lady so she rescued it and covered it and I lurve it to bits!

This is my desk and my beloved chair.  No view to speak of, but eventually when we buy our own house, my dream is to have a view of the ocean that is at the end of our street.

Alison didn’t really want to sell her beloved chair but she had run out of room in her apartment and she said that if I ever needed to sell it myself I had to give her first option to buy it back!  I told her that it would remain with me forever.  It swivels, it rocks back and forth, it has so much character, I would never part with it, not in a million years. 

I used to have a simple table like the one above as my desk.  You don’t need to have large sums of money or a huge space, just a little imagination to create yourself a work space that is inspiring.

A scroll-top desk can give your home office a timeless look or a fresh coat of paint to an old desk can work wonders.

Place inspiring objects to create a visually stimulating environment that will make your space a joy to be in. A gorgeous chair like this floral Mademoiselle chair is by Philippe Starck will probably make you want to sit at your desk if it is in something so beautiful!

If you are unable to have a workspace that has a view, you could choose items that relate to your work or help to inspire your work when decorating the walls around your desk.

A simple space, a simple desk and this tulip chair are inviting and inspiring.

An antique table with a modern chair are a gorgeous juxtopostion with the simple lines of your computer screen.

All you have to do is use your imagination.  Just think about what you want to get out of your time at your desk, it’s so simple really.  When you look up from your computer or your work book, what do you see?  What do you want to see?  If you want a view, make one.  A poster, a photo montage, a collection of images, an inspiration wall, a library of resources at your fingertips, a map of the world, a photo you took of your favourite hangout that you’ve blown up to put on the wall.

It’s not impossible to imagine yourself anywhere you would like to be. 

Heidi x

Images from Flikr, Ffffound!, Living Etc., Desire To Inspire, Designsponge, Domino Archives.

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