Rachel Weisz – Stylish Girl

British born Rachel Weisz came to fame as the gorgeous but slightly troublesome Evelyn in The Mummy (1999) and The Mummy Returns (2001) movies. But I fell in love with her as Miranda in Bernado Bertolucci’s 1996 film Stealing Beauty. I was fascinated with her exotic and edgy beauty – those eyebrows! An Oscar winning actress who happens to be married to the current James Bond, Daniel Craig (lucky girl) and mother to son Henry, Rachel is definitely a stylish girl.

rachel weisz_1999

Rachel Weisz, 1999 black and white portrait.

Weisz won an amateur modelling competition at age thirteen for the London-based Harpers & Queen, which as it turns out was judged by Hamish Bowels, Vogue’s European Editor at Large, “She was an absolute tearing beauty,” Bowles recalls. “A dash of Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby, with strong brows and a perfect Edwardian face.” – Vogue, Oct 2008.

rachel weisz_versace cocktail frock_2000

Versace cocktail frock, 2000.

rachel weisz_dior olive green dress cannes 2009

At the 2009 Cannes Film Festival in olive green Christian Dior.

rachel weisz_roland mouret forest green_london premier constant gardener 2005

In Roland Mouret at the London premiere of The Constant Gardener, 2005.

rachel weisz_purple dress_baftas feb 2006

In purple at the BAFTA’s, February 2006.

rachel weisz valentino the whistleblower ny premiere 2011

In Valentino red at the New York premiere of The Whistleblower in 2011.

rachel weisz_madrid premiere of dragon tattoo_alexander mcqueen 2012

In Alexander McQueen and with handsome hubby Daniel Craig at the Madrid premiere of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Rachel has made her mark in movies from action blockbusters, to romantic comedies and indie dramas. Mesmerising to watch on screen, and she’s had some pretty good company with drop-dead handsome costars like Keanu Reeves, Ralph Fiennes, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds – she makes it pretty hard to take your eyes off her though. Oh and she has this deep, throaty voice too which just compels you to keep your eyes on her. I think that she would make a great voice for an animated movie or a talking book.


Rachel in my favourite frock of the moment from Bottega Veneta spring 2013 at the Deep Blue Sea New York screening.

Simple elegance. Rachel shows off her curves, looks younger than her 42 years by a long-shot (not that 42 is by any means over the hill you understand) and when off duty, sticks to the classics. Denim jeans and leather jacket with a fabulous scarf and very dark shades to hide from the paparazzi.

love & light xx


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Stylish Girl – Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is a very stylish girl and I’ve always admired Gwen Stefani’s individual style. She’s bold, and brash and unapologetic and as she gets older and wiser, and grows as a mother and performer, her style has become more refined and more feminine but she has managed to retain that certain edge she so effortlessly puts into everything thing she wears. Her blonde bombshell hair and signature red lips whether worn with couture or denim always looks polished and poised. Let’s face it, she’s high-maintenance, but she maintains it well! This is coming from a very, very low-maintenance girl. 🙂

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Inspirational It Girl

Blogger extraordinaire Garance Dorè on Fifth Avenue New York.

I’ve made no secret of my adoration for her, and I was delighted to find this image of Garance in the June/July 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.  “Girls on the Avenue” photographed by Derek Henderson featured Garance leading the article on female bloggers and how they’ve become fashion’s most turned-to It girls.  I guess this is true because I follow many of their blogs based on their style choices. Anyway, who care, it’s just fashion right? But boy those are some fancy Louis Vuitton shoes!

Inès de la Fressange, my style saviour

If there is one person who appeals to my style sensibility, who embodies those things that appeal to me most, it has to be Inès de la Fressange. Without doubt, she is my greatest fashion influence. Why? Put simply, she prefers flat shoes, she wears her hair short, and she loves to pair blazers/jackets with pants and jeans. Model, muse, designer, single mother and according to what I have read, possibly the first to pair her Chanel jacket with her jeans, Inès is a trend-setter, not a follower. But of course.

Ok, so I don’t own a Chanel jacket (not yet anyway), but that doesn’t mean I cannot embody the essential characteristics of French chic, does it?

Whenever I need to dress as to feel safe, that is, when I want to feel most confident – I dress like Inès does. On most days, or for an occasion, or even when the weather dictates it – I dress in the manner of Inès. It suits me, it suits my body shape; it is me to a T.

Inès was muse to Karl Largefeld in the 80s before a silly falling out, but the two have since made up and in 2010 she walked the Chanel runway again.

Inès on the Chanel runway in the 80s.
Inès with Karl Largerfeld, 1983.
Inès, the first face of Coco parfum.

Her style is simple, elegant, defined by blazer, slim pants, flat shoes, simple makeup (if any) and short unpainted nails, and of course, short hair.

I make no apologies for my Parisian style influences – if you’ve read any posts on I like, I wish, I heart you will already know how much French women are an influence and style barometer for me. And so…

Inès turned photographer on the street during fashion week.
I love that Inès hates super-high heels, even daring to walk the red carpet in flats – a woman after my own heart! 
Who says that Red Carpet style has to equal super high heels?

She is smart about shopping for her age, stating that she would never go into a shop meant for women her age because: 
“It’s all about your mental attitude: if you accept that fact that you are old and it’s over – you will look old, non?”  

Instead, Inès chooses to mix her wardrobe with high-street finds,  raiding her man’s closet and then pairing it all with jeans, sneakers or an army surplus coat and ballet flats.

My favourite look: pants or denim jeans with a beautiful blazer. I am in love with this emerald green velvet blazer!

Inès admits that as a young woman she was a perfectionist and not always happy, but “today I prefer to feel good, be happy and appreciate my friends.  That’s far more rewarding than being able to wear a miniskirt … I know what fits me – and how to look better quicker.”

Inès with Luigi d’Urso on there wedding day in 1990.

Her husband, Luigi d’Urso, died suddenly of a heart attack in 2006 at only 52. Since then Inès has been a single mother living in Paris and raising her two daughters Nine and Violette. Of learning to be a single mother she says: “I had to bring the joy, the money, the affection, the fun, the authority, everything.”

Inès with daughters Violette and Nine.

As a mother, I appreciate and adore her take on making life easier for yourself by choosing to laugh instead of getting angry – something I strive to do everyday!
“There is a moment when you decide if it is hard or not.  If you come back home and it is messy and you decide everything is dramatic then it is dramatic. But if you decide, “Ok, it is messy but it is better to laugh…”  Perfect wisdom.

Inès on the cover of French Elle with baby Nine in 1994 and on the Chanel runway in the 80s.

In 2011, Inès wrote a style guide called “Parisian Chic” which I bought and devoured of course, and from which she says: “Invest in these basics: a blazer, a trenchcoat, a navy sweater, a white vest (tank top to some of us), a little black dress and the perfect pair of jeans.” 

But my favourite thing about Inès? Well, it is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.



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Kirsten Dunst, girlish tomboy to sophisticated lady

I’ve been a fan of Kirsten Dunst ever since I watched her share the big screen with Brad and Tom in 1994’s Interview With a Vampire. She had such presence.  
Photo by Kevin Lynch.
And she has that smile to.
Photograph by Marc Baptiste for Esquire magazine, circa 2002. 
Since then, I have loved watching her in Little Women, Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides, Crazy/Beautiful, and The Cat’s Meow. As Mary-Jane in Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 and as Betty Watson in Mona Lisa Smile – a character she plays so well that every time I watch her, I hate her, right up until the part where she breaksdown and we understand why she’s such a bitch. Then of course, I love her!  

She plays a very cute and sassy tennis pro alongside Paul Bettany in Wimbledon and a delightful flight attendant in Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown.  Then there is her turn as the tragic Queen of France in Sofia Coppola’s visually stunning Marie Antoinette.

This gingham shirt dress is so cute on her.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People wasn’t bad, it was quite funny actually and after a bit of a break where she had some time off from making movies she’s back in the film I am very much looking forward to seeing her in, Lars Von Tier’s Melancholia. Kirsten Dunst plays a bride suffering from depression and she has everyone talking about her performance, she has already won an award at Cannes last year.  I wonder if the Academy will see fit to nominate her for an Oscar this year?

“I work hard but I’ve had plenty of failures too, so I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I don’t know if surprised is the right word at my success, but I feel that if you make choices that really mean something to you, it’s hard not to feel successful because even if they don’t make money, or don’t do this, you’re still doing something for yourself, then it’s easier to feel successful.”

A favourite of Kirsten’s looks is this tux paired with simple pony-tail and red lips.  Classic, elegant, divine.

One of the things that appeals to me about Kirsten’s style is how alike we are in our choices.  I definitely favour her sway toward casual dressed down for everyday and simple elegance when dressing up.  She is also a big fan of the dress.  Kudos. 
Incredibly talented and also very photogenic, I am so happy that Kirsten is back on the big screen. I think she’s grown up pretty well, wouldn’t you agree?
Sources: touchpuppet.com, vanityfair.com, Vogue, Vogue Italia, 

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Amber Le Bon, fashion’s new muse

Already a fan of her mother Yasmin, I am fast becoming a fan of her stylish daughter, Amber Le Bon.

Amber began modelling after finishing school and last week she walked for Karl Largerfeld in the Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 in Paris.

This was not her first time walking the runway for Karl Largerfeld. Amber’s first time down the runway was with her Mother when she was barely a toddler.

Now 22, Amber lives with her parents and two sisters in London.  While currently focusing on her modelling, she likes to spend time learning to play new instruments and drawing.

I like Amber’s take on her personal style and where she draws inspiration from, citing different genres of music to old black and white movies.

“Anything I see in life that catches my eye, makes me think, and inspires me.” (Source: Style.com)
I think Amber has been nicely influenced by her mother’s own passion for collecting fashion.  She is so young but already she holds sentimental interest in the things she owns.
“I collect jewelry. I’m a magpie, and jewelry is something that hopefully you’ll keep forever and be able to pass on someday and tell some great stories about the fun times you had wearing each thing, or what it meant to you.” (Source: Style.com)
Amber’s go-to attire is all about “comfort, layering and soft fabrics like bamboo and cashmere.” (Source: Tales of Endearment)


Amber is also passionate about music, obviously influenced by her musical dad, Simon Le Bon.

“I love learning new instruments,” she says. “I started playing ukulele about two years ago, then started playing guitar in January, and I’ve been playing piano since I was little. Music makes me happy.” (Source: Style.com)

“Hmmm, what have I learnt [about style] from Daddy? Well, I steal all his shirts and jumpers! I think that because I’ve seen all of the stage outfits he wore at gigs that as a child I developed a love for sequins and sparkles, which I still have now. I’m a sucker for a little embellishment!”

Words of wisdom from someone so young:

“It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of what you’re wearing as long as you like it and you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in it”.

The very words I live by Amber.



Image sources: Tales of Endearment, Google, Style.com, Vogue.co.uk.

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Vanessa Traina – classic, polished cool

Over the past year or more I have been increasingly drawn to the stylings of Vanessa Traina, the always elegantly clad Vanity Fair Annual Best Dressed list alumni, fashion editor of the New York Times T Magazine and face of French label Maje.

I am not interested in the fact that Vanessa Traina is the daughter of super successful romance novelist Danielle Steele, nor that as such she has been touted as a society princess and is therefore, privileged.  What I am interested in is Vanessa’s uniquely cool sense of style and the capsule collection she designed earlier this year for Maje.

“I think they were a little surprised when I showed up to the first meeting with my inspiration folder and the silhouettes already plotted out and pretty ready to go,” Traina says with a laugh.  “This was a fun experience for me, but I see myself more as a stylist than a designer.” – T Magazine

Her 24-piece collection focused on season-less dressing, which is appealing to me because I live in a part of the world where the seasons tend to melt into one and the idea of having one wardrobe as opposed to one for every season is not only exciting because I get to wear my favourites year round, but thrifty, nest -ce pas?

Vanessa photographed in her apartment for Harper’s Bazaar.

Vanessa’s personal style has been quietly and expertly refined over the time since she appeared on my radar.  She has evolved from dressing with more femininity to dressing with a more overtly androgynous tone.  She also likes to stick to what I call the stylist’s uniform – basic black.  I have found that it’s not easy to find a anything recent of Vanessa in colour unless it’s for Maje.

 Vanessa wearing Altuzarra at the 2010 CDFA fashion awards.

“Today as all the days my style is rather androgynous. It is a mixture of pieces, both men and women. Definitely things comfortable to wear. – l’officiel magazine sept 2010

 Vanessa in 2008, image from Style.com
 Image from Hanneli.

I recently read an interview with Vanessa on Into the Gloss where she expressed her concern for an impulsive piercing that at 26 she thinks may have not been such a good idea.

Image from Into the Gloss.

“I just got my ear pierced—I went with my little sister who is covered in piercings, she’s super punk rock—to Haight Street in San Francisco just to buy jewelry and I walked out with this piercing. I felt so cool for a day, and then I woke up the next morning and thought, ‘Am I an idiot? Did I really just get a new piercing at 26?’ But now I kind of want to do the other side to match!” – Into the Gloss.

 Image from Hanneli.
Image from Maje.

I guess I am drawn to Vanessa’s style because even though she looks polished and cool, she has that air of nonchalance that French women in particular seem to have – well the ones whose photographs end up online seem to, and it’s their pulled-together insouciance that I find so infectious and appealing.



Sources: Into The Gloss, harpersbazaar.com, vanityfair.com, tfs, T Magazine, Hanneli, L’officiel.

Loulou de la Falaise, an elegant bohemian

Over the weekend I learned that legendary muse to Yves Saint Laurent, Loulou de la Falaise passed away.  She was only 63. 

Loulou in her home, photographed for Elle Decoration.

Loulou de la Falaise, (don’t you just love how that rolls off the tongue?) is said to have inspired le smoking, YSL’s tuxedo for women which of course became an inspiration for women the world over after its creation. 

 Loulou with Yves Saint Laurent.
 Loulou modelling in the 70s.
 Loulou at her bohemian best.

Loulou was also a model and jewellery designer for the house of YSL until Saint Laurent’s retirement in 2002, after which she began her own business and opened a boutique in Paris, but she soon tired of the boring behind-the-scenes elements related to running her own business.  

According to newspaper The Telegraph, being called a muse did not sit well with Loulou until later in her career:

“To me a muse comes to have tea and cookies and a chat, and looks frightfully smart, then goes to a cocktail party. I didn’t see it as someone who worked as hard as I did,” she said in 2006. “But now that Saint Laurent is part of history, it makes me a part of history, so, yes, finally it’s not such a bad thing to have been a muse.” – Lou Lou de la Falaise.

Australian Vogue’s Natasha Inchely called her “An elegant rebel”, while editor-in-chief Kirstie Clements recalls: 

“I was on a shoot for Australian Vogue with her back in the late `80s. Nancy [Pilcher] was the stylist, I was the assistant. We were all so nervous thinking she would be a prima donna but she was so warm and friendly. All she wanted for lunch was a chicken sandwich and a beer! Chicest, chicest woman I’d ever seen.”

Loulou died on Saturday after a long illness.  

Certainly her passing is the end of an era.

Sources: Elle Decoration, The Telegraph, Vogue.com.au, The Frisky, Elle.com

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She’s got that French je ne sais quoi about her

So Thursday was Bastille Day and while I was too busy to blog yesterday, I thought that today I would write a little bit about a very stylish girl, someone who is likely a style inspiration for many, and someone I admire for just being out there and being herself.  Oh, did I mention she is French? (Just trying to keep with the whole French theme that I started with here.)

Lou Doillon is a mother, actress, model, muse and designer.  Her mother is Jane Birkin, her father is film director Jacques Doillon and one of her siblings is also Charlotte Gainsbourg,(in case you’ve been living under a rock).  

Lou and sister Charlotte.
Lou with her Mother Jane.

Why do I like her style?  Lou is so French it’s ridiculous.  She never brushes her hair and is remarkably  comfortable in her own skin.  She smokes constantly – like she has made a deal with the devil that it won’t kill her (and no that is not part of why I like her – it was très difficult finding a photo I wanted to use of her without a ciggie in her hand or mouth) and she has that attitude de Bohème about her that I have always found very appealing.  

“What attracts me is something broken, something a bit off.  I never comb my hair or make anything pretty.  When people look too beautiful, it’s too easy.  I know I’m dressed wrong if the businessman turns his head.  But I like to think that after an hour of sitting next to me on the train, he’d look.  I’d have grown on him.” – Lou Doillon

I also like that Lou loves to wear hats.  Hats can be such an affectation, but not with Lou, they seem so natural and give her a distinctive look, especially depending on her choice of hat.

“I come from a very mad, very classic family that all wore hats.  I have a vintage pop-up top hat that I wear a lot.  I’m like the Houdini of nightclubs, pulling an enormous hat out of a tiny bag.  My favourite hat was stolen.  It was a classic black moche hat, which means “ugly” in French. The people at Chanel told me I should go to Maison Michel, the house that makes all their hats, and have it replicated.” – Lou Doillon

“My style has changed since I was younger. I was kind of ashamed of my bourgeois family as a teenager, I guess – I had dreadlocks, shopped in thrift stores and pretended I had no money. At that time, I would have spat on a girl who was buying Yves Saint Laurent. I always laugh today thinking if I ran into my younger self, she would slap me. Wearing designer clothes was like selling my soul to the devil.” Lou Doillon

“French girls know themselves; they don’t follow trends.  Girls like me who have no boobs have always dressed like boys, wearing open tuxedos with nothing underneath.  It’s wonderfully classy and elegant but, at the same time, there’s a lack of humour.” Lou Doillon

Wearing Alberta Ferretti

“My mother and I have a typical mother-daughter relationship about clothes. I used to dress up a lot to go against her easy-going look but recently I borrowed her Yves Saint Laurent blouse. Charlotte, my sister, is obsessed with fashion. She has a more conventionally chic style than me. The next generation of my family are stylish too. My son is my real style icon. He likes to have fun with fashion, especially wearing his dad’s clothes.” – Lou Doillon

“I have many heroes when it comes to style. I love Jeanne Moreau in Jules et Jim, Audrey Hepburn wearing simple leggings and ballerina flats, young Brigitte Bardot on her Vespa, Kate Moss’s iconic simplicity… Growing up, though, my hero was my grandmother. Her name was Judy Campbell. She was an actress and Noel Coward’s muse. She always had an ’emergency kit’ to hand: a handbag containing lipstick and a bottle of Chanel No 5.” – Lou Doillon

 Streetstyle as photographed by Vanessa Jackman.
 I’m in love with this dress!
She may not admit it, but I think Lou is rather girlie with her look and pretty too.  I think you can have it both ways – dress up or down, in masculine suits or frilly Alberta Ferretti, but keep your hair messy and your lips red! 


Sources: NY Times, Guardian Newspaper, Sunday Times,Vanessa Jackman, Garance Dorè.

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Diane Kruger – Stylish Girl

I have never seen Diane Kruger get it wrong.  In my humble opinion, this is one lady who dresses for herself, not someone who dresses how they think others would like her to dress.  Garance Dorè wrote in her blog that Diane is her own stylist and does her own hair and make up – pretty different from the average Hollywood starlet wouldn’t you say? 

Like most of the women whose style I admire, Diane has a very easy casual elegance, she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  

Dressed down while hitting the shops.  
At the 2008/2009 Chanel Resort show.  I love how she has dressed up her look in this gorgeous strapless mini, but kept it low-key in keeping with the resort theme with strappy sandals and a Trilby. 
Plaid detail and gorgeous boots – a wintery winner.
Diane channels her inner man photographed here by Karl Largerfeld for VOGUE Deutsch. 
 One of my fav’s.  I love the pimento red colour and black accented shoulder detail.
 Simple leggings, flats and comfy cardie while out shopping again.
Diane doing man-style again at an Inglorious Basterds premiere. 
I love this Chanel dress – my girls love how it sparkles and the pendant sets it off perfectly.
Ciao for now!

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