Summer Style: Birkenstocks

Ever since I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks, way back when, I’ve pretty much worn nothing else in the summer time. I mean, why would you? They’re super comfy and practical and let’s face it, they come in so many different styles and designs and colours now, a girl could end up with a wardrobe full of them! Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying how much they are enjoying popularity right now, emerging from the basic khaki and evolving with metallic finish and gladiatorial style. Here are a few of my faves that I’ve spotted while surfing the web. Which ones do you like?


Love these Arizona metallic Birkenstocks available from Free People.


If the Olsen’s are wearing them, then they are definitely on the stylish list.


Birkenstock inspired Edris Bow sandals from Isabel Marant. Yes please!


Gold Birkenstock slides and denim lift this outfit from plain casual to casual chic.


Think you can’t wear white? Think again.


These are on my christmas list.


I love the way these wrap around the big toe.


The gladiator Birkenstock. It was only a matter of time.


Love the distressed leather look of this style.

While Birkenstocks, even with a super shiny finish, are still super casual, but nevertheless, summer calls for relaxed style, does it not?

Happy Wednesday!

love & light xo


Moody Monday

I’m procrastinating. This blog is me, procrastinating. How long has it been since I’ve posted a blog? Yeah, I know, too long.
It’s winter, it’s cold, and my wardrobe is bare. Denim is really my saving grace during this time of the year, why? Well, because it’s mostly warm, and you don’t get too hot in it like some winter fabrics. Especially here where I live where the mornings are brisk, but the the sun can still get quite hot. Denim is versatile too, that is, it goes with just about everything in my wardrobe. You can dress it up or dress it down and it always, always looks good with my boots. What more could a girl want? I’m particularly loving double denim right now. Here’s some inspiration for your Monday.


Denim paired with chambray. Loving the leather accessories and the worn straw hat too.


Nice big pockets on these jeans, an absolute necessity!


Boyfriend denim jeans again worn with chambray and her wooly overcoat. Winter inspiration indeed.


This shot was the inspiration for this post. I love the pairing of the white tailored jacket with the double denim and the jewelled necklace.


Perfect market day attire. Casual chic at its best. Is that an obi she’s wearing as a belt?


Double denim – mwah!


Boho denim. No words. Just love.

Now, enough procrastinating, back to practicing my yoga teaching assignment! This week it’s fire-in-the-belly flow and bridge pose. Lots of talking, plus I’m thinking of throwing in a variation of Eka Pada setu Bandhasana, one-legged bridge pose. It’s gonna be fun!

Have a wonderful week.
love & light xo

Random Fashion Obsession – Overalls


overalls_blue and white overalls_nylon tumblr_mqhlu8yBj31r6ay20o1_1280

I’ve been coveting a pair of overalls lately. I know that if not styled with some thought, then a person could end up looking a little like a farmer. So it’s important that your overalls are not overly tight or baggy. Roll the cuffs up if you like and wear something striped or simple underneath like these ladies. Now I’m off to look at more overalls online!

How’s your week been?

love & light xo


[Click through image for source]


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Appealing Things

This image represents all that is fabulous about winter style here in Australia, well at least as it is in Queensland. It rarely gets so cold here that you need to wear a heavy wool coat. I’ve had to put all of my heavy winter coats from living in colder climates in storage. I did wear one of them on a particularly cold day a while back, but as soon as the sun came out, off came the coat which I then had to lug around with me all day. The best way to dress here in winter is to wear a scarf and to layer.  The hard part is choosing which scarf to wear. Last week I misplaced a favourite scarf and I’m lost without it. I hate to lose things, it’s something I rarely do. I think I left it at Annabel’s ballet studio so I am really hoping it’s still there when I take her to class this week.

So my new job is fantastic! I’m really loving it, I feel completely in my element when I’m there. I’m working as a PA at a luxury resort in a beautiful place called Monteville here on the coast, not far from where I live. There’s lots to learn, but the people are lovely, so helpful and understanding and the location, wow, it’s on a lake amongst rainforest and the resort is all tree houses with boardwalks connecting them together.  It’s like being amongst a magical fairy forest most of the time!

Enjoy your week. x

Tinker Tailored Trousers

The 2013 Cruise/Resort collections are all over the web right now and I came across these gorgeous pants from the Chloè Resort 2013 collection today and have fallen totally in love!

Drop-waisted and tapered at the ankle with hems finished looking quite like the sleeve of a tailored shirt, don’t you think?



Cute Accents

As the weather gets cooler here, I’ve been looking for wardrobe inspiration for the colder months.

I love the purple accents, tights worn under jeans that show through the holes. Her striped jumper and her purple gloves in the side pocket of her handbag worn over her shoulder – my favourite way to wear my bag also.

I’m not sure about the shoes, I’m not a big fan of those stacked heels. I wore my brogues yesterday for the first time this season – so glad I bought them last winter, I forgot how much I love them!

Sitting Pretty: living room inspiration

A living room is a place to sit, to read, relax, cuddle, to play on your iPad, hangout, whatever.  Sometimes, when I get the chance, I love to just sit all day (or for as long as my children will let me) and read.  Having a special place to do so is even nicer, yes?

The idea of hanging a hammock indoors is just so appealing.  I feel instant relaxation whenever I get into a hammock. It’s like meditating.

I just love this love seat.  The mirror reflects the tv on the opposite wall. It also shows pictures arranged around the tv, which is a nice way to incorporate your television into a room.  I also like the symmetry with the balance of side tables and lamps on each side of the couch.  

I just love the mixing of the Louis style sofa and chairs with the modern coffee table and rug. 

Alternatively you can always make your living room wherever you lay your hat.  This airstream looks pretty homey to me.

This room is probably a little on the posh side for me, but I am so into that chandelier!

I don’t know exactly why, but I like this room a lot.  Maybe it’s the colourful cushions, the display of picture frames, the flagstone floor, the midcentury chairs…  

Tear sheets, photographs, and a collection of favourite images makes for an interesting wallpaper that personalises this lovely room.

This Moroccan style living room uses a mix of prints with soft furnishings and wall tiles and this simple, plain lamp shade. 

Now this room speaks to me on a heart level!  I’ve already got the bookcase, now I just need the old leather chair and we’re done.  I love the colour-coordinated books too.  For me though, I have tried this look but I need to have my books and magazines stored by genre and in sequential order, call me particular – or pedantic, whichever! 

An outdoor room, perfect for warmer climates.  Reminds me of home.

Furnished simply or jam-packed with road-side finds or luxurious designer pieces, a living room is often furnished with a sofa, chairs, a coffee table, bookshelves, lamps and rugs and traditionally often features a fireplace.

According to experts, these things all go into making your living room look good, but in order to make it really work, you have to stamp it with your personality.  Just like your wardrobe, right?  



Sources:, Pinterest.

New Girl, Zooey Deschanel

Last night I started watching Zooey Deschanel in her delightful new tv show New Girl, and already I am addicted, and I think maybe a little in love!   

Zooey plays instantly loveable character Jess Day, an adorable, quirky and sometimes emotional, school teacher who is just happy to be herself. After a bad breakup with her cheating boyfriend, Jess moves in with three roommates who just happen to be guys.  Obviously the guys consider Jess a little unstable in light of her breakup behaviour which involves spending her first week after moving in weeping and watching Dirty Dancing back-to-back.  But eventually the lads help Jess pull herself together and friendships blossom.

The cast of New Girl

There is excellent chemistry between the cast of characters, which as we get to know them more makes them even funnier and more endearing.  The writing is sharp, witty and the humour is dry and laugh-out-loud infectious. What’s not to love?

Zooey Deschanel as New Girl, Jess.

Jess is honest, she loves to sing to herself, her vintage retro style is delightful and I cannot wait to see more of it, oh and did I mention her hair? Her hair is so beautiful, with that thick fringe and those doe eyes of hers, I have obviously got a girl crush, right?

Yep, it’s definitely a crush.  



A short video about the evolution of style

This is way cool, love it!


Wishful Thinking…

It’s Friday and it’s been a big week.  Let’s not get into anything too serious today, let me just leave you with a few images that I’m loving right now, some of them give me something to think about (nothing too brain-draining of course) and some of them simply make me smile.  I hope they make you smile too.

 Wow, what a bathroom! I like the juxtaposition of classic and modern, the stone bath and the gilt mirror.

I’m working on finding a look for our bedroom (this is a project that has been on-going for some time) and I like the simplicity of this room, but enjoy the light splashes of colour from the linen and texture from the furniture.

This style of French upholstered bed is my dream.  I love the idea of this style of bed, but the reality is that my husband’s feet would be forced to hang over the side to accommodate his height.  Maybe I could get one for the guest bedroom?  Of course there would have to be a guest bedroom in our house first though. 

 Colour!  Neon!  Length, pleats and shape!  This skirt has it all. Except I’m not in it.  

I love the open-plan of this room.  One large space shared for a variety of family oriented purposes.  It is definitely nice to watch the children while preparing dinner and to then be able to eat together while enjoying a lovely view.   

I would love a chair like this in my bedroom, or in a reading nook. Just for me, for no one else. Thank you.

A chaise lounge would be good too, yes one of those too please.

 Woolen Chuck Taylor’s, so cute!  Love these.
 A day bed like this is a necessity when living on the coast.  It’s on the list.
 The original Smart car in my opinion.  Not electric, no, but just as tiny!
 Lots of light, bench space and storage.  

No bench space, not much storage, not much light, but character and lots of it.  I have had many kitchens just like this one and it is amazing how I managed to cook huge family meals in such a small space.  

The Leica Hèrmes M7 limited edition camera.  This will forever remain on my wish list, and that’s ok because some things are just not meant to be.

Enjoy your weekend!


Sources: The Paris Apartment, Jak&, Marie Claire Maison. 

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