Give a frock Friday

Preen_yasmin sewell_Phil Oh_nicholas kirkwood heels_voguedotcomVery stylish girl, Yasmin Sewell is rocking her black frock from British indi label Preen with colour provided by her Nicholas Kirkwood heels. This image was taken during the recent New York Fashion Week by street style photographer and contributor Phil Oh of Street Peeper (gosh, that was a mouthful). I really enjoy Phil’s work, his eye for detail is spot-on for fashion and I guess it helps that he uses a Canon 5D yes?

It’s been a massive week and as the countdown to yoga teacher training speeds up, it’s finally starting to dawn on me that I’m going to have to cut down my time on the internet, social media, tumbling and blogging as I tune in and turn on to study. It’s been a few years since I last took on any study, I am a little worried how my brain is going to react because having kids does sort of turn your brain to mush!

So in the meantime I’m enjoying my beautiful new yoga kit which arrived this week, I do so love green!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!


Give a frock Friday

9624-this-dress-is-just-everythingThis week’s pretty frock is inspired by Spring being just around the corner. It’s funny because I don’t feel like Winter has quite hit us here yet. It’s not been terribly cold really, more like a very long Autumn. Who doesn’t love the Spring right? This shirtdress – is it pink or lavender or lilac? I’m not sure. The sheer fabric does lend a certain sexiness to what would otherwise be a simple button-down shirtdress. Alas, I’m sorry to tell you that this week’s frock design origin is again unknown. But, if any one does happen to know where this frock is from, please do leave a comment for me, I would be ever so grateful!

We are off to the zoo tomorrow for Annabel’s birthday party. I do love a good zoo, always so much fun don’t you think? Don’t forget to charge the camera Heidi! 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

love & light xo


[click through image for source]

Out & About

Now that Christmas is over with (TGFT) I’m feeling a little stuck for inspiration, and I think because I’m so busy being chained to my work desk, I’ve not stopped to check out my favourite street fashion blogs for a while. So anyways, after doing so, I thought I’d share with you a few of the images that I found the most interesting and inspiring for the coming season for us here down under. That means no summer clothes, all warm and woolly!

1X2A4457 carolinebraschnielsondenim emannuellealtbercy LeeOliveira-2p78 msgmfloral saskiabike veronicatheresawang

So it looks like blazers, shades of grey, trench coats, denim shirts, bright colours, mirrored sunnies and small handbags are on my radar. Check back later for more as I continue to show you what’s out and about on the streets of Paris, Milan and New York over the season.

Love & light xx

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Inspirational It Girl

Blogger extraordinaire Garance Dorè on Fifth Avenue New York.

I’ve made no secret of my adoration for her, and I was delighted to find this image of Garance in the June/July 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.  “Girls on the Avenue” photographed by Derek Henderson featured Garance leading the article on female bloggers and how they’ve become fashion’s most turned-to It girls.  I guess this is true because I follow many of their blogs based on their style choices. Anyway, who care, it’s just fashion right? But boy those are some fancy Louis Vuitton shoes!

Beanie Chic, Streetstyle

If you thought Beanies were daggy, well think again.  The fashion pack are out and proud about their Beanies and so am I!  Beanies are a fabulous way to get your funky on, and here are some street style pics to prove it.

The bigger the pom-pom, the better!

Colour coded Beanie.

Miroslava Duma rocks her super-sized burgundy Beanie.

Pair your Beanie with a gorgeous wool cape.

Simple, functional, cozy.

Gwen Stefani highlights her red lips with her coral Beanie.

SJP loves to wear her Beanie, she is often seen sporting hers while on the morning school run.

Even in Vogue, Natasha Poly models a basic black Beanie.

The only downside to sporting a Beanie, is the inevitable Beanie hair situation that arrises once you remove said Beanie.  What to do, any suggestions?  If your hair is long, you may need to do a bit of a hair flip, a la Charlie’s Angels, and if your hair is short, again, there’s nothing that a little fluffing or flipping can’t do to eradicate any Beanie hair.  For the sake of winter warmth, my advice is to just deal with it because looking stylish is always worth it.

Give a frock Friday

Today’s frock is a Miu Miu floral print dress photographed on the street by Garance Dorè. Have you seen those shoes too – wow!

Have a lovely weekend!


Give a frock Friday

Vogue Turkey’s Editor-at-large, Ece Sukan wearing a vintage dress. So what is an editor-at-large, and what do they do?

Ok, so essentially, an Editor-at-large is someone who contributes content to a magazine not necessarily by assignment. They do not generally take part in or have much say on the layout, pictures or general day-to-day running of a magazine. But the freedom to follow your own interests and not have to pitch ideas to the editor-in-chief must be so much fun. Sounds like my kind of job actually!

The Sartorialist recently spoke to Ece Sukan and here is a little excerpt for you.

Current career?
I’m currently the Editor-at-Large for Vogue Turkey.

How do you creatively approach getting dressed?

Improvisation is so important! It’s not just about how I feel that day, it’s experimental, impulsive and (I think) intuitive. I have a very eclectic style, so I like to mix my feelings with colors, periods and themes. I’m not sure how people plan the night before.

What do you feel best when wearing?
Dresses! I love wearing them at any length; long, short, knee-length. A mannish elegance can be very femme too, but I am one for dresses.
Do you focus on any specific designers or time periods when collecting vintage?
I would be very happy with a retrospective of YSL in my wardrobe, and I especially love the 70s and 80s.  When I saw the exhibition 2 years ago at the Grand Palais I had this feeling that it’s all been done, there’s nothing much left to do. I also collect a lot of Art Deco Bijoux. I search everywhere but find the best vintage in New York, Miami, Paris, and London.
Always make time for…
No matter how busy I am I create time for myself to practice yoga and go to the gym. I also make sure to go to art and design fairs, there is endless inspiration and energy, Art Basel for example.

What do you always make time for? For me it is reading a story to my girls before they go to sleep, always yoga and baking for school lunches on a Sunday. 

It has been a big week. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I plan on making time to have a bit of a lie-in on Sunday morning. 

The sun is shining, the moon is full, the beach is calling me…

Have a great weekend.


Sources:, Photography by Courtney D’Alesio via 

Double-Take: Miroslava vs Christine

Miroslava Duma and Christine Centenera. I always look twice when I see pictures of these two women. They look uncannily similar, don’t you think?

Miroslava Duma on the left, and Christine Centenera on the right.

Super stylish and also very cute – in stature and in style, Miroslava Duma is a former fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia, now freelance writer for various publications. I first came across Miroslava via Garance Dorè. Later, upon discovering Christine Centenera, whom I kept mistaking for Miroslava. I did eventually work out they were two different people, I mean it’s obvious – they both dress so differently. I mean, duh Heidi!

Christine is a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, she also works as a stylist and more recently collaborated with Kanye West on his debut Dw collection in Paris last season.

Christine certainly isn’t afraid to try something different to separate herself from the crowd (not unlike Taylor Tomasi Hill actually). She always accessorises with killer heels and strangely, is hardly ever photographed with a handbag. How does she do it?  



Image Sources: Wikifashion, Citizen Couture, The Sartorialist, Garance Dorè.

Best Dressed

One of the best things about being a girl is that we get to wear dresses!    

Women have historically always worn dresses and skirts and it has really only been the past 100 years that women started wearing trousers and only since the 70s have trousers/pants/jeans become fashionable for women to wear on a daily basis.  

I bet, if you think about it, wearing a dress is not the first thing you think about putting on when getting dressed in the morning.  Most of us think about comfort and convenience, and for some reason this equals not the simple and flowing elegance of a dress but instead it equals jeans, tailored pants, or cargos, hardly ever a dress.  What happened to the dress?  Is a dress no longer the go-to outfit for the modern woman?  

via The Sartorialist
Thinking about this more, I remember throughout university and during my 20s the only time I was enticed into wearing a dress was because I had to attend a formal function such as a wedding or a Ball.  As a little girl I only wore dresses, but as I matured, I wore almost nothing but jeans, cargos and trousers.  How did this happen?

via here.
via here.

Something else that is glorious about dresses is that they come in so many styles, shapes, fabrics, and prints. It is positively endless the choices we have. 

Digital Print

Ultra feminine Valentino worn with Doc Martin boots, image vía Lee Oliveira.
Alexa Chung rocking this red mini.  Image vía Lee Oliveira.
Free flowing floral worn with gladiators, inspired! Image via here.
Pretty and girlie gingham via here.
Image via here.
Summer denim perfection.  Image via here.
Victoria Beckham knows it, designing a whole line called Victoria which she has devoted entirely to the dress.  Image via here.
Simple bohemian elegance of this blue flowing dress by Free People.
Even the ever-classic black looks appealing to me right now. Image via here

While curating all these gorgeous examples of women wearing dresses, it seems hard to believe that the humble dress is often my second choice when trying to decide what to wear each morning. Since I began thinking about writing this post I have worn a dress every single day.  I have unearthed some from the back of my wardrobe that I had all but forgotten I even owned.  

How lovely that they now have a new lease on life and even better that I also have more than a few new choices when getting dressed in the morning!  



Sources:  Lee Oliveira, The Sartorialist,,, MrNewton.

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