Short Hair Rules

Cutting my hair short last year was such a good decision. I’ve been getting the nicest comments too, such as I look younger and how much my cut suits me. I don’t remember getting this much attention when my hair was long? Makes me wonder – how bad was my hair? 
Short hair does save time in front of the mirror and it saves me money on shampoo, but it does require more visits to my hairdresser to keep it at the right length, but as I am not having any foils done, I still win. 

Short hair doesn’t suit everyone of course, and truth be told, if I had magical powers, I would abracadabra myself the most amazing, wavy and luscious locks ever! Alas, I am no magician. Trends bug me though. It’s always the same, when long hair is in, I want to have long hair, and so I’ll start growing it out and, well… I’ll see someone with a fabulous short do and before you know it – bippity boppity boo – I give in and cut it all off. It’s hard work being a girl sometimes!

I read somewhere once that if you want to find the right cut and colour for yourself, the one that suits you best, then you should take a look back through photographs of yourself as a child. So I did that and for a long time, my mother kept it short because it was so fine she couldn’t do anything with it. Then as I grew older and started to do ballet, I had to grow it long so I could wear it in a bun for all those ballet exams. I kept wanting to cut it off, like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, but my mother would always play the ballet exams card. In the end, she would let me cut it into a long bob during the summer and I’ve realised now that my hair suits me best as it is, in a pixie or in a classic bob, and as I don’t have access to large piles of money for extensions, this is why I’m talking it up!

I’ve been saving images for this post for a while now, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a nice shot of a beautiful short do. I think deep down, most girls like to have long hair. But for those of us that can and do rock a great short cut, for whatever reason, when it’s done right it can effect your whole self. I often think of two of Audrey Hepburn’s characters – Anne in Roman Holiday and Sabrina in Sabrina. Both these girls cut off their hair and change their lives. Am I maybe going a little over the top here? Little bit. 

My point is, if you’re someone who has been wanting to try cutting off your long locks but are too afraid to take the plunge, I hope that even one of these gorgeous short do’s has helped you to change your mind to do it! You won’t lose your girlish looks, in fact it can enhance them. Think of that gorgeous long neck you’ve been hiding all these years, or those cute and delicate earlobes? Even the shape of your face, your eyebrows, your shoulders can all be enhanced by a great short cut. So for all of you who that think you can’t do it, this post is for you.



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Inès de la Fressange, my style saviour

If there is one person who appeals to my style sensibility, who embodies those things that appeal to me most, it has to be Inès de la Fressange. Without doubt, she is my greatest fashion influence. Why? Put simply, she prefers flat shoes, she wears her hair short, and she loves to pair blazers/jackets with pants and jeans. Model, muse, designer, single mother and according to what I have read, possibly the first to pair her Chanel jacket with her jeans, Inès is a trend-setter, not a follower. But of course.

Ok, so I don’t own a Chanel jacket (not yet anyway), but that doesn’t mean I cannot embody the essential characteristics of French chic, does it?

Whenever I need to dress as to feel safe, that is, when I want to feel most confident – I dress like Inès does. On most days, or for an occasion, or even when the weather dictates it – I dress in the manner of Inès. It suits me, it suits my body shape; it is me to a T.

Inès was muse to Karl Largefeld in the 80s before a silly falling out, but the two have since made up and in 2010 she walked the Chanel runway again.

Inès on the Chanel runway in the 80s.
Inès with Karl Largerfeld, 1983.
Inès, the first face of Coco parfum.

Her style is simple, elegant, defined by blazer, slim pants, flat shoes, simple makeup (if any) and short unpainted nails, and of course, short hair.

I make no apologies for my Parisian style influences – if you’ve read any posts on I like, I wish, I heart you will already know how much French women are an influence and style barometer for me. And so…

Inès turned photographer on the street during fashion week.
I love that Inès hates super-high heels, even daring to walk the red carpet in flats – a woman after my own heart! 
Who says that Red Carpet style has to equal super high heels?

She is smart about shopping for her age, stating that she would never go into a shop meant for women her age because: 
“It’s all about your mental attitude: if you accept that fact that you are old and it’s over – you will look old, non?”  

Instead, Inès chooses to mix her wardrobe with high-street finds,  raiding her man’s closet and then pairing it all with jeans, sneakers or an army surplus coat and ballet flats.

My favourite look: pants or denim jeans with a beautiful blazer. I am in love with this emerald green velvet blazer!

Inès admits that as a young woman she was a perfectionist and not always happy, but “today I prefer to feel good, be happy and appreciate my friends.  That’s far more rewarding than being able to wear a miniskirt … I know what fits me – and how to look better quicker.”

Inès with Luigi d’Urso on there wedding day in 1990.

Her husband, Luigi d’Urso, died suddenly of a heart attack in 2006 at only 52. Since then Inès has been a single mother living in Paris and raising her two daughters Nine and Violette. Of learning to be a single mother she says: “I had to bring the joy, the money, the affection, the fun, the authority, everything.”

Inès with daughters Violette and Nine.

As a mother, I appreciate and adore her take on making life easier for yourself by choosing to laugh instead of getting angry – something I strive to do everyday!
“There is a moment when you decide if it is hard or not.  If you come back home and it is messy and you decide everything is dramatic then it is dramatic. But if you decide, “Ok, it is messy but it is better to laugh…”  Perfect wisdom.

Inès on the cover of French Elle with baby Nine in 1994 and on the Chanel runway in the 80s.

In 2011, Inès wrote a style guide called “Parisian Chic” which I bought and devoured of course, and from which she says: “Invest in these basics: a blazer, a trenchcoat, a navy sweater, a white vest (tank top to some of us), a little black dress and the perfect pair of jeans.” 

But my favourite thing about Inès? Well, it is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.



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I heart Adele

I hear that the Grammy’s are being re-named The Adele Show. It’s not surprising really as she has been nominated in six categories: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Short Form Music Video.

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love to listen to Adele. My girls adore her and I often hear them singing along to Rolling In the Deep, Chasing Pavements or Rumour Has It on their iPod.

At such a young age, Adele’s music and incredible voice has changed the face of music.

“My life is full of drama and I won’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like. I don’t like going to the gym.”
“I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. Even if I had a really good figure, I don’t think I’d get my t**s and a** out for no one.”
“I love seeing Lady Gaga’s boobs and bum. I love seeing Katy Perry’s boobs and bum. Love it. But that’s not what my music is about. I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.” – via Rolling Stone magazine.

I love her attitude. It’s refreshing and it challenges the norm, all good things in my opinion. I hope she sweeps the Grammy’s like the critics are predicting!



Image source:

Everybody’s doin’ it.

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is getting inked? People everywhere are using indelible ink to express themselves. Humans have always loved to express themselves through art and now, more than ever they are using the ancient art of tattooing to say something permanent about who they are, or what they believe in.

Model Lily Donaldson.

When I was growing up, I swear the only people with tattoos where sailors, bikers and well, pirates. At least, that was how it seemed to me. So what’s all the fuss about? Is the  increasing popularity for tattoos been brought on by reality shows like Miami Ink? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have a problem with tattoos, quite the opposite in fact. It’s just that it’s like people are suddenly obsessed with tattooing their bodies. Or have I just been living under a rock? 

Model Freja Beha.

Then there is screen goddess Angelina Jolie, arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet and she is covered in tattoos, which seem only to make her even more attractive.

Women of all ages are joining this party and as such, the style of tattoos women are putting on their bodies has evolved into something far removed from the original classics such as an anchor or a dragon. The tattoos women are going for are more characterised by their own distinct personality and artistic integrity. Cute even.

I have two tattoos. They aren’t very obvious and yet they are not hidden either. I wanted mine to be small and meaningful. I first started thinking about getting a tattoo in my early 20s. But I did have any idea of what I wanted. By the time I did and drew a design, I knew it would happen. 
My first, a little black cat on my inside left ankle, is my good luck charm. It didn’t hurt as much as I had expected it to, but when the tattooist started colouring in the body of my design I found yogic breathing helped me cope!  Afterward I felt the adrenalin kick in, I was elated and I knew I wanted to do this again!  

There is no limit to wearing your art on your sleeve, décolletage, neck, thigh, ankle or your whole back. I wonder, are tattoos becoming the most wearable form of self expression outside of clothing and jewellery? Maybe so. What is intriguing, is the diversity of tattoo wearing fashionistas I see on street style blogs, and they’re all wearing Prada and Armani while toting some serious ink. But you know what? It is the way of the tattoo. Design and placement is key. I am often amazed by the full sleeves I see on young women, to me they seem fearless about their choice of permanence at such a young age.  

Image from Aje Summer 2010 collection.

My second tattoo I had done in secret. I was alone, no bestie or hubby by my side. After deciding on a sanskrit word that basically means spiritual seeker, this tattoo was very important to me. It was spur-of-the moment because I hadn’t really planned on getting it done that day, but the design came to me a few days before and once I had decided on the design, I couldn’t wait any longer. The tattoo is on the inside of my right wrist and when it was done I was so thrilled. I also knew that it was not to be my last.  

My wrist tattoo.

If permanent inking is not your thing, then in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, “what’s say you” get your car inked instead? I recently put a very cute Cupid decal from Motortatts on the rear window of my car and not only has it given my car some personality, but I have had so many lovely comments from people too.

For some very cool car tattoo decal designs for your car, head over to my hubby’s side business Motortatts and check them out.

In a generation, tattoos have become de rigueur, and there really are no boundaries or limits to a design. I’ve seen tattoos on people from all walks of life and one thing that remains true is how very personal your tattoo is to you. Go with your instincts. 



Sources:, pinterest,, and my own.

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Before there was Pinterest

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest and the fabulousness of it all, then may I suggest you get yourself acquainted?  

This digital pin board is mecca for collectors of all things and a place where time-suckage is a major side-effect, and, well let’s just say that if I am having a bad day, there is nothing that a little bit of time spent pinning on Pinterest can’t cure.  

I even have boards for my daughters.  We sit together on our iMac or with my iPad, pinning away our favourite things.  Horses for Chloè of course, and for Annabel it’s all things dance, Disney and animals.  

Before the invention of Pinterest, I did my image collecting the old fashioned way.  I cut them from magazines and pasted them in books.  I didn’t use just any old scrap book though, no way.  I bought blank hardcover books from Borders.  

That way my images would stand up to the test of time, which they have because my oldest book is going on ten years old and is still in perfect condition.  

I still use these books for inspiration and I occasionally paste images in them from old magazines and newspapers.  But I don’t think this will be happening for much longer because now with my iPad I can take my digital boards with me wherever I go, out shopping, visiting friends, travelling, wherever.  It’s a lot easier, less cumbersome and there’s no more ruining my magazines or shards of papers from one end of the house to the other.  

To start pinning, click here and request an invitation to join Pinterest.  But be warned, it’s addictive!



All images my own, except for top image found on Pinterest.

Kirsten Dunst, girlish tomboy to sophisticated lady

I’ve been a fan of Kirsten Dunst ever since I watched her share the big screen with Brad and Tom in 1994’s Interview With a Vampire. She had such presence.  
Photo by Kevin Lynch.
And she has that smile to.
Photograph by Marc Baptiste for Esquire magazine, circa 2002. 
Since then, I have loved watching her in Little Women, Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides, Crazy/Beautiful, and The Cat’s Meow. As Mary-Jane in Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 and as Betty Watson in Mona Lisa Smile – a character she plays so well that every time I watch her, I hate her, right up until the part where she breaksdown and we understand why she’s such a bitch. Then of course, I love her!  

She plays a very cute and sassy tennis pro alongside Paul Bettany in Wimbledon and a delightful flight attendant in Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown.  Then there is her turn as the tragic Queen of France in Sofia Coppola’s visually stunning Marie Antoinette.

This gingham shirt dress is so cute on her.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People wasn’t bad, it was quite funny actually and after a bit of a break where she had some time off from making movies she’s back in the film I am very much looking forward to seeing her in, Lars Von Tier’s Melancholia. Kirsten Dunst plays a bride suffering from depression and she has everyone talking about her performance, she has already won an award at Cannes last year.  I wonder if the Academy will see fit to nominate her for an Oscar this year?

“I work hard but I’ve had plenty of failures too, so I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I don’t know if surprised is the right word at my success, but I feel that if you make choices that really mean something to you, it’s hard not to feel successful because even if they don’t make money, or don’t do this, you’re still doing something for yourself, then it’s easier to feel successful.”

A favourite of Kirsten’s looks is this tux paired with simple pony-tail and red lips.  Classic, elegant, divine.

One of the things that appeals to me about Kirsten’s style is how alike we are in our choices.  I definitely favour her sway toward casual dressed down for everyday and simple elegance when dressing up.  She is also a big fan of the dress.  Kudos. 
Incredibly talented and also very photogenic, I am so happy that Kirsten is back on the big screen. I think she’s grown up pretty well, wouldn’t you agree?
Sources:,, Vogue, Vogue Italia, 

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Prints – breaking all the rules

Photo by Lee Oliveira

Ok, so I like to look at prints and I like to see them on other people, but on me, I’m not so sure.  I am still finding it very difficult moving beyond stripes.  But, it is hard to deny the impact prints are having on me lately.  

Photo by Lee Oliveira 

Prints were all over the Spring 2011 runways, so it’s no surprise that they are being worn everywhere now.  

Image via

What I have noticed most about the prints being worn now is how there are simply no rules anymore.  Wear your prints anyway you like to because everyone else is and guess what?  It seems to be working!  Abstract, tribal or  animal, plaid, tartan, gingham and Liberty are all being worn with block colours, stripes, paisley, florals, polka dots, chevron, you name it.  

 Photo by Streetfsn

 Photo by Lee Oliveira

It’s all about mixing it up, which I think is great because let’s face it, most of the rules we follow in fashion came about in the days when there was no personal style per se.  Strict etiquette ruled when and where we wore what we wore.  Rules such as when to wear hats and gloves, is it black tie or white tie, green and blue should never be seen, always match your handbag with your shoes and only black should be worn to a funeral. 

Image from the Prada Spring 2012 campaign via

Watching street style from my favourite cafè or via the lens of the many wonderful street style photographers such as Lee Oliveira and Scott Schuman or Vanessa Jackman, has taught me much, but there is one thing I have learned that I see over and over again and that is that finding your personal style is all about being true to yourself.  I’ve said it before and I will keep on saying it because it is so true!  What you wear is an extension of yourself, it says so much about who you are, and no, I’m not talking about wearing labels. I’m talking about dressing for yourself, how you want to be seen and using your wardrobe to project an image that says “here I am!” 

For those of us out there who are willing to take that risk you will discover a sense of freedom and individuality that will spur you on each day to keep at it.  Take solace in the knowledge that the rules no longer apply, that you have the freedom to wear your clothes however you like and you will feel an amazing sense of self when you do.



Amber Le Bon, fashion’s new muse

Already a fan of her mother Yasmin, I am fast becoming a fan of her stylish daughter, Amber Le Bon.

Amber began modelling after finishing school and last week she walked for Karl Largerfeld in the Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 in Paris.

This was not her first time walking the runway for Karl Largerfeld. Amber’s first time down the runway was with her Mother when she was barely a toddler.

Now 22, Amber lives with her parents and two sisters in London.  While currently focusing on her modelling, she likes to spend time learning to play new instruments and drawing.

I like Amber’s take on her personal style and where she draws inspiration from, citing different genres of music to old black and white movies.

“Anything I see in life that catches my eye, makes me think, and inspires me.” (Source:
I think Amber has been nicely influenced by her mother’s own passion for collecting fashion.  She is so young but already she holds sentimental interest in the things she owns.
“I collect jewelry. I’m a magpie, and jewelry is something that hopefully you’ll keep forever and be able to pass on someday and tell some great stories about the fun times you had wearing each thing, or what it meant to you.” (Source:
Amber’s go-to attire is all about “comfort, layering and soft fabrics like bamboo and cashmere.” (Source: Tales of Endearment)


Amber is also passionate about music, obviously influenced by her musical dad, Simon Le Bon.

“I love learning new instruments,” she says. “I started playing ukulele about two years ago, then started playing guitar in January, and I’ve been playing piano since I was little. Music makes me happy.” (Source:

“Hmmm, what have I learnt [about style] from Daddy? Well, I steal all his shirts and jumpers! I think that because I’ve seen all of the stage outfits he wore at gigs that as a child I developed a love for sequins and sparkles, which I still have now. I’m a sucker for a little embellishment!”

Words of wisdom from someone so young:

“It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of what you’re wearing as long as you like it and you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in it”.

The very words I live by Amber.



Image sources: Tales of Endearment, Google,,

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Summer Style Favourites

Summer is here! It arrived about a week ago in all its hot and humid glory.  I realise that many of my wonderful readers live in the northern hemisphere where it is all but Winter, so I hope this post doesn’t make you miss Summer too much. Only a month a go I was still carrying a light weight cardigan around with me, and now I won’t leave the house without my hat, my fan and even my parasol.  Yes, I have and use a parasol to keep the hot sun at bay.  It is the most gorgeous shade of red with frills and a bamboo handle.  It is impossibly chic I have to tell you and always gets comments from admirers.  I use it at the farmer’s markets where there is no shade to speak of, at the beach and on long walks.  

Parasols, image from here.

I’ve put together a collection of looks that I will be trying on this summer.  I think for me the keys items will be knee-length skirts and dresses, maxi skirts, shorts, espadrilles, lots of linen and cotton, and shades of white, navy and high impact colour!

 Tory Burch espadrilles via here.

Jenné Lombardo, Global Fashion Director for the W Hotels via here.

 A look from Rachel Comey Spring/Summer 2012
Lovely cotton tank and skinny denim jeans from here.


 Boyish summer style from here.
Floral skirt paired with stripes from here.


Beach dress from Free People.


 Languid Days Skirt from Anthropologie.


A look from the Mara Hoffman Summer 2012 collection.


Lace covered shorts from here.


White on white, image from the Sartorialist.


Simple cotton shift dress from here.

I love to wear hats year round, but some I keep specially for Summer use only.  I also have light-weight scarves which I wear to protect my skin from the burning sun during the day and at night from mosquitoes or an unexpected cool breeze.

Do you have any favourite Summer items that you like to wear? 




I’m quite shy about this, but I feel I must show you a pic of my new hair cut – the ‘New Do’ I told you I had decided on last week. Well, I did it and guess what? I love it!  It feels amazing to wear and it not only makes my hair look ten times thicker, but it has cut my getting ready time down to 5 minutes! Thank you so much to my fabulous and very talented hairdresser Claire – you are the best.

So if you’re thinking about a change of style with you hair, I’m telling you to go out there and just go for it – it’s liberating!

A New Do

So I’ve decided to cut my hair.  I’m not going to do anything crazy like I did two years ago and get the clippers to it, but I am going to take inspiration from Michelle Williams pixie and cut my long bob into something like hers I think. 

My hair has changed a great deal from what it was like a few years ago – back then it grew long ultra fast, and after having children, it had developed a nice waviness about it, quite different from the dead-straight pre-children hair I had.  Then, after a three years of a lot of unexpected life changes and much stress, the result is that my hair has become very dry and is much finer and very slow-growing, the slowest it has ever been.  

I how have an very healthy diet, one that is free from pre-packaged foods and almost exclusively organic, so I cannot understand why it is still in such bad shape.  I guess what they say is true, that your hair is an excellent indicator of past experience and health.  I think cutting it again will help it to catch up with the new healthier hair that I see is now coming through abundantly on my scalp.  

I also realise that I have to accept myself for me which means that I simply cannot ever expect to suddenly grow hair like Julia Roberts.  Julia’s locks have always been my dream hair.  

I mean look at it, isn’t it just amazing? I’ve dreamt of waking up with hair like hers.  Aside from her other wonderful attributes, she really lucked out in the hair department.

On the positive, Julia doesn’t suit a pixie at all.  Remember her as Tinkerbell in the movie Hook? No, a pixie just won’t do for her.  So the bright side of this is that by the end of this week I shall have the cutest pixie cut in the neighbourhood.  Now that’s something to look forward to!     



Sources: google images.

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