Happy 2014!

tumblr_mfxhfhooic1rmin3fo1_500new years eve_gifWishing you all a very happy, prosperous and wonderful New Year! I’ve been saving up these gifs all year for this, I hope you like them! If I find any more I’ll post them on my Tumblr. I’m off to a party now, so I must dash! Stay safe out there!

love & light xo

NYE: Out with the Old & In with the New

Goodbye, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight…
(and quite frankly, good riddance 2011!)

Whichever way you choose to see the New Year in…

May 2012 bring all of us all good fortune, abundance, prosperity and joy. I hope it’s your best year yet.  

My most heartfelt best wishes for 2012 to all of my readers and especially to all of my friends and family!



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In-between days

How was your Christmas?  We had such a wonderful day here.  Both my girls Chloè and Annabel were up at half five in the morning checking for evidence of Santa’s visit.  As you can see by the shot below, Santa’s reindeer ate their carrots, obviously hungry from their long journey south.  

The day ended around 10 o’clock that night, I fell into bed after what was a hot, humid and gloriously sunny day with family.  
I love to cook and so I spent a fair amount of the day in the kitchen cooking up a storm of roast duck, lamb and Nigella’s coca cola ham, which was then followed swiftly by traditional Christmas pudding and my mum’s frozen raspberry cheesecake – mmm so good!

The girls waited so patiently for Mummy and Daddy to get out of bed before they got stuck into their presents.

 Elf Annabel 
Elf Chloè
Jet the Rein-dog, clearly exhausted from the day’s events.  

And as for New Year’s Eve this year, what are your plans?  I think this year is going to be a quiet family celebration, which is just what I need after a very hectic and unpredictable year that we have had.  I am very much looking ahead to the new year.  There is great anticipation for 2012 to be a most amazing, wonderful, prosperous and joyous year we have had for a long time.  Expectations are high to say the least!  

Until then,



What will 2011 bring for you?

So Santa has been and gone for another year.
My girls believe that he landed on our roof, shimmied down the drain pipe and came in through the laundry door – because we don’t have a chimney.  Annabel was terribly concerned about this factor, waking me super early one morning not long before Christmas to ask me where our chimney was (bless).

I don’t usually do too much these days for NYE.  Most of the time we spend it with friends in someone’s backyard, trying to suppress yawns after 9 o’clock and desperate for midnight to hit so we can head off to bed because with small children, one doesn’t have the luxury of a sleep-in on such occasions. This year is the exception to the rule (yay!) because I will be spending it with my girlfriends sans children (and hubby)at a house by the beach.  

Happy New Year everyone!  Let’s hope that 2011 is full of prosperity, adventure and good health for all of us.


Out with the old and in with the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  We have been moving into our new house this past week and so I have been away from the world of blogging, email and all that other stuff.  It felt good to be disconnected for a while, but after a week I was beginning to get a little “antsy in my pantsy” – so to speak!

I have just returned from taking my dog Jet for her morning frolic and it is quite a different experience to what we were used to when living in NZ.  The first major difference is that we are not living right at the beach here, but that doesn’t stop her from getting her water fix because she has no problem finding the closest creek and plunging straight in!  

Another difference is that it is humid and hot and it is tropical and lush and the air is heavy with the scent of mango!  I grew up here and yet I had forgotten how the air becomes intoxicated with the scent of pure fruit.  I love it!

This year is full of promise… I have goals to reach and dreams to live out… I wish you all the best with your hopes and dreams for 2010 and what it brings you.


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