Interiors: a dreamy Brooklyn townhouse

The interior of this Brooklyn townhouse is so beautiful, my eyes can’t seem to settle on any one thing in particular, it’s filled with so many interesting details.

brooklyn_townhouse_living_roomI have always adored fireplaces, even when not being put to use, they make great storage for dried flowers or books, and mantlepieces make such great places for highlighting favourite trinkets and huge mirrors like this one above. The decoration is simple, erring on the masculine, with a touch of french country, and maybe a hint of gothic. The standing lamp in the right corner is heaven. I have one similar in my living room, I’ve dragged with around for years as I’ve moved interstate and overseas and back again. It’s so easy to update with a fab new shade. Have I mentioned the leather chairs yet?


The same room from a different angle gives us a view of the sideboard along the wall. Side boards are great for storing all that hardly ever used stuff like platters and heirlooms such as your grandmother’s crystal champagne glasses and much like mantle pieces, they also make great places to display collected wares and favourite things.


Case in point – the owner of this townhouse obviously has a thing for candlesticks, and it’s a pretty impressive collection. Lovely lilacs in the vase balance the candlesticks nicely.


How amazing is this room? The twig and floral theme is prevalent throughout the townhouse. We can see more candlesticks on the little table here too. I think I could sleep quite soundly here yes.

brooklyn_townhouse_comfy bed

Now, this is a room made for sleeping, yes indeed. Four-poster bed with extra soft pillows, dark painted walls for long, deep sleeps, oh yes, definitely made for snoozing. Love the chest of drawers and the set of botanical prints on the wall.


This bathroom leads of the first bedroom with the stunning wallpaper. I think it would be just like sleeping in a woodland. There’s nothing like a classic claw-foot bath is there? The exposed pipes just add to the old-world charm. When can I move in?

love & light xo

Credits: interior design, photos

Interiors: black, white and colour all over

I love the black floors in this house. Shiny and glossy, I bet they would hide a myriad of annoying bits of dust and dirt. Like the black hair that my labrador Jet is constantly shedding in our house! Mercifully we have wooden floors, so it’s easy to keep clean. We had cream carpet in a house we lived in once, what a nightmare! Kids, dogs with black hair and generally clumsy grown-ups in a house with white carpet? Why do landlords think this is a good idea? Crazy people.

My favourite part of this house is the kitchen. The white walls juxtaposed with the black floors and the persian rug! When can I move in?

Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hall Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hylla Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_koket Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_matplats Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_sovrum

The use of colour against the black and white backdrop is so charming and inspirational. It brightens up each of the rooms and gives life to an otherwise dull monochromatic scheme, don’t you think?

Images via here.

Dreamy Boudoirs

Ok so I’ve been playing about on Tumblr again and it’s because it truly is an amazing place. It is a master at the art of time-suckage (to quote Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites) because you click on a link, then you click on that link, only to be lead to another link, then another and another and before you know it you’ve fallen down the rabbit hold like Alice and well… I can’t help myself 😉

I’m totally into dream bedrooms at the moment and so here are a few of my favourites. I’d love to know what you think?






My favourite bedroom is one that has an amazing view as well as an amazing bed of course! The first image and this last one illustrate those attributes perfectly for me.

Hope your week is going well. It’s been a week of nasty tummy bugs in our house – not much fun nor very pleasant. Trying to sleep it off is not working today because the neighbour’s dog wont stop barking, argh!

Later! xo

Creative Spaces

gold kitchen

I’m in love with this gold kitchen from the Paris apartment belonging to French architect & interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot. Clearly only someone completely in touch with their design aesthetic could live here because on first viewing the palette of grey, silver and gold is unexpected and the pieces and textures seem overly combined and mismatched. However time spent exploring each image conveys the opposite of what I first felt.  But hey, I loved the idea of disco-ball tiles too, so maybe a kitchen with gold cabinetry isn’t too much of a stretch? Click on the image to see more of this incredible apartment – believe me, it’s worth it.

Hope your week is going well.

love & light! xx

Creative Spaces


How clever is my BFF? Well, actually how clever is her hubby because he made this fabulous headboard for their bedroom from salvaged timber on their property. Kirsty lacquered it with a matt finish and it came up looking vintage-y cool. I instantly had to Instagram this of course and then Kirsty told me she has enough timber left over if I want one as well. How can I refuse? I know what my hubby is doing this Sunday!

Hope your week is going well 🙂

love & light xx

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Creative Spaces

This room is simple, cosy, sleep inducing perfection. I’ll be posting more pictures of bedrooms as I’m looking for decorating inspiration for my own. What do you think makes a bedroom?

I finally got some time to see Skyfall today and it was worth the wait! Daniel Craig has certainly cemented himself in Bond history now, and in the words of my BFF, “Man oh man can that guy wear a suit!” The entire cast were fantastic and Sam Mendes did a superb job directing his first Bond film. He played homage to the history of the films, treating them with respect and affection. More please!

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Creative Spaces

You would think that this post is about the chair, wouldn’t you? But no. This is all about the fireplace and the wonderful use of space for storing a collection of magazines! How creative is this? While the chair is quite nice, certainly interesting, it is the creative use of a disused fireplace that has me intrigued.

Hope your week is going well. xx

Appealing Things

Disco stairs – what do you think?

Happy Halloween by the way! 😉

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Appealing Things


A peak into the home of Swedish designer Marie Olsson Nylander. This post began life as a story about a Creative Space because of the home this image came from, but after I started to write, it became more about Appealing Things.

So as you know, I’m easily distracted by sparkly things. But an interesting piece of furniture, something that tells a story like this blue counter can have me completely head over heels in love and I won’t rest until it or something resembling it has found a place in my home. I’m a bit of a bower bird, I like to collect things that I think will enhance my home. It’s important to me that you feel at home and relaxed when you walk in. Problem is that too many things brings clutter and dust and then more housework, something of which I am not a fan. As we are in the process of moving house, it is of course the perfect opportunity to declutter and what I’ve realised is that I have a lot of work to do! Much of our furniture is salvaged or vintage and with time, all furniture begins to look tired. When that happens, the only thing to do is to strip them back and paint in a fresh new colour, or in some cases, to lightly sand and apply a coat of beeswax.

Click here or on the image for the original link.

I really must get back to packing now. xx

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Creative Spaces

I’m taking inspiration from the Tuscan landscape today, and how beautiful is this Umbrian home and its open living space? Minimalism is perfect here. I am completely in love with the way the owners have lovingly restored this 12th century space using modern thinking and contemporary design with their vision in their extensions, furniture, lighting and decorating. For more on this incredible creative space, click here.

Hope your week is going well. xx

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