Wednesday Tumblr Delight

What a view! My current desktop wallpaper.

Winter style is in vogue right now down here. I'm loving this silhouette.

Winter is almost here, but it's still sunny enough to enjoy an outdoor lunch.

I'm currently writing a post on winter hat style. Stay tuned...

Still in love with the New Girl. Cute, infections humour, can't help but adore Schmidt!

Jessica Stam in Christian Dior Haute Couture at the 2007 Met Ball. I love the back detail, the gown comes with built-in jewellery.

My favourite movie of 2011, Midnight in Paris. Woody Allen's love letter to Paris.

Sundays are for baking cookies with my beautiful girls.

Hope your week is going well, happy Wednesday 🙂

Wednesday Tumblr Delight

A beautiful theme of green for a place to relax outdoors.

Take a road trip with Don Draper, now that would be nice...

Time to go through my wardrobe and pack away my summer clothes and unearth my winter wardrobe...

The pleasure of wearing a simple black dress

I just love tales of true love.

At first glimpse, she looks tough, look again and I see vulnerability in her eyes, her soft touches wearing pearls, pretty heels and her up-do.

Tropical style drinks bar... that's what I'm talkin' about!

Dreaming of the magic that is this pool and its view.

Mother's Day is coming up...

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Cute Accents

As the weather gets cooler here, I’ve been looking for wardrobe inspiration for the colder months.

I love the purple accents, tights worn under jeans that show through the holes. Her striped jumper and her purple gloves in the side pocket of her handbag worn over her shoulder – my favourite way to wear my bag also.

I’m not sure about the shoes, I’m not a big fan of those stacked heels. I wore my brogues yesterday for the first time this season – so glad I bought them last winter, I forgot how much I love them!

Creative Spaces

Isn’t this giant wall decal a great idea? I would love to have a favourite picture of my girls on the wall in our house.  A favourite picture of a pet would also be nice.

I’ve also loved the idea of a forest scene on the wall in my bedroom. I just always felt I would have sweeter dreams surrounded by images of nature.

What image would you like to see blown up and wallpapered onto your bedroom wall?

Images via here and here.

The story so far…

Welcome to the new I like, I wish, I heart!  So this is my first post on my new website and I am a little uncertain how to go about some of the things that I usually do because things … Continue reading

Wednesday Delight

Following on from last week’s post about my weekend Tumblr-ing (is that even a word?), I have put together an eclectic mix of this and that for you. I have decided to call these posts Wednesday Delight in the hope that they delight you, perhaps evoke a memory or inspire an idea, or maybe release any mid-week funk you may be feeling. Anyway, I hope you like them.

Stripes via
Venice via
Marilyn via
Vivienne Westwood via
Red patent heels via
Yoga handstand via
Erdem via
Kate Moss via
Burberry Prorsum via
JCrew via

Hope your week has been going well, happy hump-day everyone!



Source: here

Do you, like to Tumble?

Since last December I have been an avid Tumblr and I’m not afraid to say how much I love it! I know what you’re thinking, how much blogging can one blogger blog? Where does she find the time? It’s true, it can be very addictive and can suck away the time if you let it but it is a great place to find inspiration for my blog, as long as you don’t get sucked into the vortex that is the internet!

My Tumblr blog is called I like, I wish, I heart (naturally) and over the months it has, I believe become this blog’s alter-ego. Images, gifs, links, etc that I post on Tumblr are quite often an amplified version of what I try to convey here on I like, I wish, I heart. Some of which I would love to write about but I find I would be spending 24/7 on my computer if I did. Instead I like to post links and comments on my Facebook page if I really need to share it or later you may find I do get to blogging about it. 

And so dear readers, what better way to impart some inspiration, or to get you out of any mid-week funk, than to share with you what great gems I have uncovered amongst the world of Tumblr in a weekly post?




I hope you enjoy them and I would love to read your thoughts too, so please feel free to leave me a comment here or over on my Facebook page.

Or click here to visit my tumblr.



Rainy Day Inspiration

Remember when I last blogged about how it rains a lot here and that it often seems to never let up?

The east coast of Australia is water-logged at the moment. Some places have experienced more rain in the past week than on record. I think I may need to turn my house into an ark? Today I had to collect my girls early from school as they decided to close due to local flooding and it may not open tomorrow either. As I picked up Chloè from her classroom, I looked out over the valley beyond their school, and what is normally lush Strawberry fields was today an inland sea.
Even the ducks have had enough.
Rubber boots are my shoe du jour lately. Luckily I have very cute ones with horses printed on them and frankly, they are so darn practical why wear anything else in this weather? Gives me an excuse to splash in the mud and puddles.
The ironic thing about monsoon rain is that it is too hot to wear my trench coat. But if it was winter, this is kind of how I would dress, but I’d lose the baubles and the top-knot.
Holly and Fred looks so gorgeous getting rained on in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Love, love this movie.

On a brighter note, I am delighted to tell you that this is my 300th post! And instead of writing about something fabulous I chose to vent my frustration and complain about the weather. Oh well, I may not be able to control the weather, but I sure can complain about it!

Happy 300th post to me!



Ta da! What do you think?

Lovely readers I have today, just now in fact, finally made a decision on my blog header. I am dying to hear your views, comments, response to it – please share with me because this has been so much harder then I thought it would be.  You’ve no idea how picky a girl can be about how she looks… ha!

I value your opinion, but please… be kind!



Photo of Moi by Daniel Lewin.
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