Dreaming on a Sunday…


Swimming in the ocean at sunset (or sunrise) is bliss…




lazy days…


for when the occasion calls for no sneakers…


for when it does…


just be yourself …


in love with this dreamy bedroom



This last pic of the thunderstorm and lightening is perfect because there’s a storm going on right now – serendipity!

love & light xo

Good Intent

The New Year is a fantastic time for setting an intent to make change or to set goals. True, you could do this at any time of the year, but there is something to be said for the power of a fresh start from January 1st. For the last few years, my husband and I have made a short list of mutual goals, made up simply of things we hope to achieve as a family throughout the year. On top of that we have both set our own personal goal for the year and it turns out they are very similar. Which is kind of nice, because if one of us is struggling, hopefully the other person will pick up on it and be there to offer support. We can learn from each other and offer advice too.
I know what your thinking though. You’re thinking, hmm, these goals sound a lot like “resolutions”, but I believe there is a difference! While a “resolution” may have been made with the best of intentions at the time, they usually end up failing due to the fact that it was probably unrealistic to begin with. Seriously! You know what I’m talk about! Setting an intention for change has a naturally positive connotation. I think the key to success with any change or goal is to be unwavering in your pursuit, to openly talk about your goal, to examine your fear, break it down and push through it and most importantly, to not give up on yourself if you have a set back. Be kind and loving to yourself. Brush yourself off and get back on that horse! You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Wishing you a happy New Year and thank you for stopping by, for reading and for your comments and support over the last year. It’s why I keep doing what I do. May your year be filled with lots of love, joy, abundance, fantastic opportunities, hope, good health and prosperity.

love & light xo


Wish You Were Here

friday inspiration_roomwithaviewYou know when you see a picture of a place and you feel that urge that you wish you were there? Have you ever had that feeling? Well, I’ve had that feeling a lot lately. I haven’t been on a plane for quite some time and I realised recently that my passport expired two years ago and I didn’t even know it. How sad is that? I used to travel much more. Is it having children that stops you from traveling so much? Is it work? Is it the routine of life and all the humdrum of it that keeps you from making plans to get the hell out of town for a couple of weeks? Money, or the lack of it usually plays a part, but I firmly believe that you can make anything happen if you REALLY WANT IT. I know this to be true because I’ve just paid off my yoga teacher training course (one month to go actually) and when I decided to do the course nearly 18 months ago, I had no funds to do it but the Universe replied with always enough money in my account to cover it. Sweet, sweet divine Universe! This year hubby and I have talked about taking the kids to Japan, going to India and booking a few days away for just the two of us to Byron Bay. We also have to plan our Christmas road trip to South Australia. And so, we mostly likely won’t be making our getaway an international one this year, but as we have to drive across 3 states to get to hubby’s family in South Australia, it certainly will be a trip where we make many memories.

Do you have any plans to travel or have you already had an amazing travel experience this year already? Also, I’d love any road trip with kids advice you can give me!

love & light xo


Monday Inspiration

lou doillon

Lou Doillon in her trademark suspenders. Photo by Garance Dore.

As the cooler weather approaches, I am drawn to inspiration from the street style pictures from the recent fashion weeks in the northern hemisphere. One particular style note on my radar was the increase in women wearing suspenders. Suspenders have pretty much always been a wardrobe staple for men. They’ve stood the test of time because well, they hold up their suit pants! These days they are also an accessory, but for us women, rather than being a necessity because we have hips to hold up our pants, suspenders are a fashion accessory or even an affectation. I think I went through a stage of stealing my brother’s suspenders (which he probably stole from our Dad) because I remember wearing them with pants, jeans or shorts for a brief period of time in my teens. I liked them. They were fun to wear.

So my question is this. Suspenders: would you, have you or do you wear them?

Have a great week xo

Random Inspiration

So this week is no different to any other – it’s crazy busy and hot! So darn hot and horribly humid and well, can someone please press the freeze-frame button??


I’d love a day to just do this. Sip tea and read a book.


I love her pants and her loafers. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m seeing loafers in lots of street style pics so I’m guessing I’ll be wearing them this autumn and winter.


I love a beautiful hat and this one is no exception.


Always elegantly stylish Sofia Coppola. Such a fan of her effortless style. Note the loafers. Told ya.


It’s so hot and humid here, it never ends. WIth no rain in sight to cool things off, I’m enjoying images of snow so I can trick my body into imagining how nice it must be to feel a temperature other than 30 degrees celsius!


Mia Wasikowska on the cover of Australian Vogue. How gorgeous is this cover? It’s like a jewel in itself! Photographed by Emma Summerton for the March 2014 issue.


Looking forward to some time on my day off to enjoy coffee with girlfriends and practice my photography.

I’ve finished everything that I need to do – at least for now – so I decided to put together some random inspiration for you and for me too! Hope you’re week is going well and that these images help to keep the momentum going for you.

love & light xo

Monday Inspiration

Morning… Hmm it seems that staying up late to watch the INXS biopic on the Telly last night has left me feeling tired and a bit blah. Isn’t it interesting how going to bed later than my body is used to can reflect on how I feel in the morning? I certainly didn’t feel like jumping out of bed and on to my mat to do Sun Salutations like I have every other morning lately.
So, instead I’m blogging this picture of two of my favourite stylish girls because I need hair help! I’m in between cuts and I don’t know what to do with my mop. Yasmin Sewell’s hair is nothing like mine – except for the length, and so I love the idea of wrapping a colourful scarf around my head!
Do you have any go-to ideas for when your hair is at that in-between stage?

Have a great week!
love & light xo

Weekday Inspiration…


My plan is to do this, as soon as the clouds leave and the sun returns.

I’m on holiday this week – I am taking a well-deserved break from work to rest as much as possible before yoga teacher training begins on Thursday after-which everything steps up a notch. So I decided to post a few pictures with the hope they inspire you to take a mini break too – even if it’s simply while on your lunch break or if from anything else that may be occupying your day and/or your headspace. Enjoy xo


This looks like so much fun!


I love market shopping on the weekend.


I will make time to read an actual magazine this week.


I will take the time to look at the starry night sky.


I will make time to actually stop and drink my latte and soak in the atmosphere instead of grabbing a takeaway and consuming it as I drive to my next destination.


I will continue to practice every day.


I will read more, especially my book for book club because I’ve only read 2 pages and I’ve got at least 1000 pages to go!


I will go to my zen place whenever necessary.


I will do as much of this as possible… sleeping in, lying about, recharging my batteries is essential.

love & light xo


Get Distracted

Today is my day-off and I got to spend it with my youngest Annabel because she has a nasty head cold that won’t go away. While I am doing my best to not come down with it too, I’ve also been trying to do as little as possible today because I really need to take a break. It is not so easy for mothers to take breaks, and even when we do it is not without the guilt that is standard issue. Who knows why we feel guilty, it just comes as part of being a mother. I’m not complaining, I’ve had a lovely day with Annabel and I’ve done the bare minimum of household chores, I’ve written this blog post, finished reading “The Remains of the Day” for Book Club and am about to cook roast chicken for dinner. Not bad for a lazy day 😉

So I’ve put these images together for anyone out there who is having a bad day or has had a bad day. Whether it be because you are sick or because it’s just been a bad day. I hope these cheer you up!


oh yeah!


watching my favourite 90s movies with my girls is the best fun

lace and denim

lovely lace and denim


a delightfully organised workspace

quote_be the best you_feb 21 2011


sunflowers always make me smile


i want that trophy

I saved the best for last – happy hump-day people!

love & light xo

Creative Spaces

You would think that this post is about the chair, wouldn’t you? But no. This is all about the fireplace and the wonderful use of space for storing a collection of magazines! How creative is this? While the chair is quite nice, certainly interesting, it is the creative use of a disused fireplace that has me intrigued.

Hope your week is going well. xx

I Heart…

Christy Turlington has always been my favourite of the original Supermodels.

Christy Turlington by Arthur Elgort for Interview magazine, 1987.

In honour of Christy’s fortieth birthday in 2009, W magazine put together a collection of iconic images from her career, some of which I’ve posted here, but you can view the slideshow here.

Christy for Vogue Italia, March 1994 by Steven Meisel.

Those doe eyes, perfect lips and button nose. That look she has when she’s looking right into the camera. No one does it like she can. Her face, which has been the face of many campaigns throughout her career, was once used by the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the face of 120 mannequins!

Christy by Richard Avedon in an ad for Gianni Versace FW 1987.

Christy by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia, 1990.

Christy by Herb Ritts.

Christy always could work a great fringe.

And don’t get me started on her hair! Perfection. She can wear it long, short, curly or straight, fringe or pulled back off her flawless face. She is a chameleon. Yep. I guess by now you can tell she’s been a long-time girl crush of mine.

Christy on the runway for Dolce and Gabbana, 1992.

Christy models Atelier Versace, Fall/Winter 1990/1991.

I love her sophisticated but casual style. Here she is in a simple LBD and sandals with her daughter Grace in 2006.

Model, mother, wife, yogi, women’s health advocate and anti-smoking activist, designer and natural beauty. I guess some women are just born lucky? Sigh…

How’s your week going? xx

P.S. Bonus Christy video from the 90s for you – just a little something for you to look back on, but you know something funny? I watched this and there are guys in the video – I only remember the girls being in it 🙂

Here’s Christy and Naomi, Linda, Tatjana and Cindy in George Michael’s Freedom! 90 video – enjoy!

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