Long live Haute Couture!


The spring Haute Couture shows are on in Paris right now. These collections are always something I take an interest in because I’m always in awe of the artistry that goes in to a couture collection. From the minds of great designers, and expertly articulated through the fingertips of the highly skilled artisans who put the finished gown together, so it can be sashayed, ever so beautifully down the runway. In my mind, the Haute Couture collections are the most important shows because they are the yard stick to which everything else in fashion that season is measured. Their influence is far reaching, from the ready-to-wear collections, the high street stores, down to the mass produced chain stores like Target, etc. Trends are constantly changing and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying what’s considered hot and happening every time you walk into a store. It is no longer seasonal, even though it is still defined as such by the designers designated seasonal collections. Trends outlive seasons because they are a constant movement, an ever changing, living and breathing part of what makes up style, the other side of fashion. Thankfully, the influence of the haute couture is not fast moving, but long and slow and if you pay any attention to street style, you will notice the effects of the couture shows, long after the next collection has hit the runway.


Valentino is always one of my favourites and looking at these frocks, how can you not appreciate their beauty? Moving art, wearable art, oh how divine would it be to actually get to wear one of these exquisite gowns? Dream, dream, dream Heidi… I’ve just notice the shoes on the blue gown above, the one which looks like it has a kite on the bodice. I’d like to see more of those shoes, wouldn’t you? Notice how many of the shoes on the audience are sneakers? I just thought it was interesting to point out, gave me a giggle anyway.

Here’s to a wonderful day, or sweet dreams to you – depending on which part of the world you’re reading this.

love & light, Heidi xo


La Dolce Vita – Dolce & Gabbana Couture by the Sea

The show was on the Italian resort isle of Capri in high summer.  The couture was true Dolce & Gabbana, with hand-painted ball gowns featuring the yellows and blues of the local majolica ceramics, along with luscious citrus fruits, the curved handles of ancient amphorae and juxtaposed with the regatta stripes of the sea. The models wore their hair in typical centre parts and were decorated with jewel encrusted gold crowns, it definitely looks as if their intention was to take you to another time and place.

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Pure extravagance, but isn’t that the very nature of haute couture? I love it!

love & light xo

Give a frock Friday

Leave it to Jean Paul Gaultier to reference popular culture in his haute couture every time. When I came across this image from his haute couture spring summer 2010 collection late one night on tumblr, instantly my thoughts went to Game of Thrones. I can think of nothing else but the fabulous costumes and body armour worn by Cersei, Sansa and Daenerys. How much longer must we wait for season 3? Sigh… much too long.

Have a lovely weekend. xx

Give a frock Friday

From the house of Christian Dior, the Dior ball gown that gives the colours and forms to the Dior VIII Grand Bal watches Haute Couture model No.1. Worn by Frida Gustavsson photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Click on the image to find out more about how this gown and others inspired this Dior watch collection.

How’s your week been? I’ve had a crazy-busy week, and it ain’t over yet as I’m working all weekend, writing blogs when not, all while trying to find a new house to live in – yep, we’re on the move again… such fun!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

Give a frock Friday

Valentino Haute Couture, very boho and very luxe at the same time. This long pleated, silk chiffon gown I first saw on Kate Hudson at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards and she wore it beautifully – it was the perfect choice for her. I love the mixed pattern and the flowing fabric and I’m a huge fan of strapless gowns as well.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to get a chance to visit the beach, but the sun is still not staying up late enough just yet, so I will wait and see.

Hope you have a great one. xx

Leave a comment and let me know!

Give a frock Friday

Aymeline Valade is dramatic in red! Alexander McQueen red no less. Photograph by super talented Mario Sorrenti, styled by Emmanuelle Alt and Marie Chaix for Paris Vogue, August 2012.

I hope you like today’s post because I feel that I’ve been toning it down recently, not intentionally, but perhaps I have been a little subdued with my frock choices. Secretly though I have been researching and scouring the internet for incredible frocks for you so be prepared to be taken away to another time and place over the coming weeks!

Enjoy your weekend. xx

P.S. Our new Eames DSW dining chairs arrived today, check my Instagram for photos, they are so comfy!

Give a frock Friday

Le Breton, the famous blue and white stripe made famous by Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier‘s inspiration for this haute Spring Summer 2000 haute couture gown.  This image was photographed by Stefano Pandini as part of  Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Pain Couture” installation at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain.  For me, this image evokes a feeling of the haute life in Paris – “but of course I wear my couture when I visit une boulangerie!”

Jean Paul Gaultier himself is hardly ever photographed without his signature le breton, his name and brand are synonymous with the classic blue and white stripe. With his debut installation, “Pain Couture” – Gaultier “aligns his own art with a craft France celebrates daily”.  Cynthia Rose of Crafts magazine adds that “Gaultier cleverly gives weight to his industry’s firm contention that the haute couture is a national need, every bit as vital to French identity as the baguette.”

Enjoy your weekend. xx


Favourites from Paris

The Autumn/Winter 2012 Haute Couture collections may have finished showing in Paris, but I have collected a few images of my favourites which I want to share for their beauty, incredible detail and for the art that is Haute Couture.


Raf Simons debuts designing for Christian Dior.

Elie Saab.

Giorgio Armani Privè.

Jean Paul Gaultier.

Zuhair Murad.

I still haven’t decided on a favourite yet, although I am drawn to this Zuhair Murad pretty red, lacy number.

What about you? Which is your favourite? xx

Give a frock Friday


“Paris Match”, American soap actress Amelia Heinle stars in this 1999 InStyle magazine editorial photographed by Matthew Rolston. This Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture chiffon and lace gown is embroidered with multicoloured beads. I remember buying this issue of InStyle because I remember this dress and Amelia’s smile in this particular shot. Such a great shot, especially with the Eiffel Tower behind her.

I also want to share with you that I landed an awesome new job! I started today and I am happy, happy, happy! 🙂

Have a great weekend xx

Give a frock Friday

Kate Moss in Givenchy Haute Couture, photographed by Bruce Weber for “Good Morning Vietnam” editorial in Vogue US June 1996.  This dress actually has an incredibly long train which stretches across a two-page spread in the magazine.

I love going back in time with these images. I know it’s only 1996, but sometimes it feels like it was so long ago with the way fashion changes so rapidly these days. Things seemed so much simpler back then, which is of course because they were!

Have a lovely weekend. x

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