Give a frock Friday

lou doillon

One of my favourites, a woman whose style is always very original, Parisienne chanteuse, Lou Doillon. 

This Pretty yellow Giambattista Valli Couture frock stands out in this moody picture, shot by Serge Leblon for Vogue Turkey, Noverber 2013. 

See more of Lou here on The Selby.

Have a wonderful weeken, wherever you are xo

Give a frock Friday

Instead of a posting just one frock, this week I decided to give you multiple frocks! Some of them have been a little inspired by the season, but mostly they’ve been selected because they’re so pretty!  I know it’s winter here but you should never let that stop you from dressing in a frock. Layers, woolly tights and a great pair of boots can keep you nice and warm in a frock when it’s cool out. And don’t forget to top it off with a fabulous scarf!


Speaking of scarves, keep a lookout for my next post on my favourite wardrobe accessory!

Have a wonderful weekend!

love & light xo 

Give a frock Friday

emilia clarke harpers

Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke shot by Norman Jean Roy for Harper’s Bazaar. The frock is by Proenza Schouler. For more images from the shoot click here.

I’ve been neglecting the latest season of GoT, I’ve been too busy watching the final season of Mad Men, and I will miss it, but I’m ready now to give Game of Thrones my full attention!  I will miss Mad Men though. Did I already say that?

Dreaming on a Sunday…


Swimming in the ocean at sunset (or sunrise) is bliss…




lazy days…


for when the occasion calls for no sneakers…


for when it does…


just be yourself …


in love with this dreamy bedroom



This last pic of the thunderstorm and lightening is perfect because there’s a storm going on right now – serendipity!

love & light xo

Give a frock Friday

Anna Cleveland in Elie Saab couture for Madame Figaro March 2015

I haven’t posted a frock for a while, but when I saw this earlier, it’s so beautiful, like Cinderella at the ball.

Tomorrow I am hanging out upside down at a yoga handstand workshop. After the week that’s been, I can’t wait to look at the world from a different perspective! You should try it some time 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

love & light xo

Finding balance, on and off the mat

trust-the-processEverything was going so well – till it wasn’t. I was really beginning to find my groove as a yoga teacher. I was getting regular students to my classes and I was really starting to let my guard down and be myself, which felt rewarding and I was grateful. But in life, as we know, things change without warning and the past two weeks my teaching has been completely off.  I felt like I was back a square one, I felt I had no idea what I was saying and to top it off, a fellow yogi from my teacher training course came along to class and it couldn’t have gone worse (except it always can, believe me). We had a good talk and laugh about it afterwards, she knows all too well how teaching can change from one class to the next, how one moment you’re feeling as if: “Yes! I am a yoga teacher!” and the next minute you’re all, “What the f*#% was that? I am the worst teacher ever!”

For a few days I let my thoughts wallow in self-pity. Which I knew was the worst thing I could do, so I was beating myself up about that too. I just couldn’t help myself. I felt very much like I was drowning in my own negative thoughts and I was beginning to question everything about my life  – (insert verbal dribble here about my life – not going to actually do that because I don’t want to bore you!)

Then the full moon happened, I got sick, and serendipitously I got to spend an hour in deep conversation with a yoga and dance teacher who is also a single mum. Result? Boom! Clarity! Oh I love how the universe works! The answer of course is surrender, in yoga we know it as the fifth niyama – Ishvara Pranidhana. “Surrendering ourselves to something bigger than us – whether we call it God, nature, or the universe – is at the heart of ishvara pranidhana. We spend so much of the day in our own heads, listening to the endless chatter of our thoughts, and flitting from one worry the next. This pattern is so ingrained in us, but it’s almost always in an effort to control our circumstances and gauge how we’re doing. But relinquishing this control (or, as some would say, our false sense of control) to something bigger than ourselves is the goal.” Alice G. Walton, PhD (source).

318be6c1c25cf73faa5d09f930873aedOf course, I knew what I had to do all along – I just refused to see it. How easy it is to allow the drama of life to take control of our thoughts. Let that shit go Heidi! Isn’t that the mantra I’m always banging on about? Why yes it is!! Nothing stays the same forever, life is in a constant state of flux is it not? The key is to notice when we’re holding on too tight, to let go and breathe through it.

love & light xo

(images from Pinterest)

Stop, drop and do nothing!

rainy windowWhen I woke up this morning to the sound of torrential rain, I felt grateful! I used to get annoyed by the rain, especially when it rains for days on end, which it can do here where I live during the wet season. These days, I’m not so bothered by the rain. Since we moved into a house that has water tanks, my attitude has changed and I am now much more grateful for the rain as I am much more aware of how precious water is. This type of weather makes us slow down, in fact, it can even make us stop all together, which is something very rare today. Life is so full (I’m determined to not use the word busy here) that we move from one day to the next, one task to another without giving much notice to, or appreciating each task as it gets ticked off our list. So how do we go about crossing tasks off our lists mindfully? It’s days like today when we are forced to stop that I think, can go a long way to helping us be more mindful about our everyday activities, and as a yogini, it always begins with the breath! Take a deep breath in and long breath out – this simple act brings us directly to the present moment.


When do we ever have one of those days where get to do absolutely nothing? As adults (and especially us mothers), those days are usually reserved only for when we are too sick to get out of bed. However, today is one of those rare days when it is ok to do absolutely nothing! There is a cyclone currently hitting the Capricorn coast off Queensland, and the fallout of torrential rain and lots of it, means that we are all house bound. Even if we wanted to go out, we’ve been advised to stay inside. The road we live along floods, and so we are unable to go anywhere. In fact, it floods on many roads around my little town, I know that my best friend Kirsty is stuck at home because of flooded roads, and my parents are flooded in at their place also. Both of which live at least ten minutes drive in opposite directions from me. To say that it is wet here is an understatement! This type of rain in a humid, tropical environment makes everything in the house damp and mouldy. Paper is swelling with dampness, the wooden floors have a layer of moisture on them and there are little puddles here and there through out the house, the source of which is inexplicable. We have the air conditioners on the dry setting to help remove the humidity from the air and I’ve got my oil burner on so the house smells like lavender and rosemary instead of the damp. Days like these don’t come along too often and so I don’t feel guilty that it took me till 9am to get out of my pjs. I don’t feel guilty that I’ve read a book, played on my iPad, helped Annabel make lip balm and watched a movie with my girls all before lunch and I don’t feel guilty that when I’ve finished writing this blog, I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, a big pile of popcorn and watch another movie because when in the world will I get this chance again? I’ve got the whole rest of the weekend to do housework and whatever else so today is a day of play and I love it! I may even be inspired to do get on my mat later for some yoga! Gratitude helps me to stay mindful and being mindful helps me to be grateful. I love that.

To anyone caught in a storm right now, stay safe and warm and remember, this too shall pass.

love & light,

Heidi xo



Give a frock Friday


Sofia Coppola has long since been a reference of style for me. Her subtle, elegant and effortless ease with how she dresses has always drawn my eye. I’ve been collecting images of her from way back, focusing on her style in one of my first Stylish Girl blogs back in 2009. I have been a fan of hers since her roles in her Dad Francis’s films Peggy Sue Got Married and The Godfather III. When she began to direct her own movies, my favourite being Lost in Translation, I’ve always felt she takes a delicate approach to her direction, which is distinctively Sofia. Some people have a way of allowing their style to infiltrate all that they do and Sofia is one of those people. Everything she turns her hand to is distinctively Sofia. The way she builds a character, to the way the camera pans the scene, to the music choices of the soundtrack, for me, there is always a reflection on her personal style – reflected in the cut of her clothes, the choice of colour or prints she wears, to the leather goods she designs for Louis Vuitton. All Sofia. Don’t you just love her?

So of course, this week’s frock Friday is dedicated to the one and only Sofia Coppola. Enjoy!

love & light,

Heidi xo

Long live Haute Couture!


The spring Haute Couture shows are on in Paris right now. These collections are always something I take an interest in because I’m always in awe of the artistry that goes in to a couture collection. From the minds of great designers, and expertly articulated through the fingertips of the highly skilled artisans who put the finished gown together, so it can be sashayed, ever so beautifully down the runway. In my mind, the Haute Couture collections are the most important shows because they are the yard stick to which everything else in fashion that season is measured. Their influence is far reaching, from the ready-to-wear collections, the high street stores, down to the mass produced chain stores like Target, etc. Trends are constantly changing and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying what’s considered hot and happening every time you walk into a store. It is no longer seasonal, even though it is still defined as such by the designers designated seasonal collections. Trends outlive seasons because they are a constant movement, an ever changing, living and breathing part of what makes up style, the other side of fashion. Thankfully, the influence of the haute couture is not fast moving, but long and slow and if you pay any attention to street style, you will notice the effects of the couture shows, long after the next collection has hit the runway.


Valentino is always one of my favourites and looking at these frocks, how can you not appreciate their beauty? Moving art, wearable art, oh how divine would it be to actually get to wear one of these exquisite gowns? Dream, dream, dream Heidi… I’ve just notice the shoes on the blue gown above, the one which looks like it has a kite on the bodice. I’d like to see more of those shoes, wouldn’t you? Notice how many of the shoes on the audience are sneakers? I just thought it was interesting to point out, gave me a giggle anyway.

Here’s to a wonderful day, or sweet dreams to you – depending on which part of the world you’re reading this.

love & light, Heidi xo


Give a frock Friday


Lily Aldridge in a frock by Gucci, photographed by Derek Kettela for Glamour France, July 2014.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.”… I wonder if Shakespeare would have compared his love to a summer’s day had he ever lived through an Australian summer? No, I’m not going to complain about the weather, but I will say this – dressing for humid temperatures in business attire is giving me loads of opportunity to put my past styling skills to the test. I’m loving spending more time scouring the op-shops (aka thrift shops) for work clothes. It’s been so much fun, I’ve even made a game of it – I use the last 5 minutes of my lunch break to find something for $5 – I call it speed-shopping!  Last weekend I went through every wardrobe in the house and I found a fab Marc Jacobs frock in a garment bag at the back of my wardrobe. As it was pouring rain today, I spent this afternoon watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Annabel and putting new buttons on it, and it’s now ready to go! Don’t you just love making something old look new again?

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!

love & light

Heidi xo


Photo Credits:

Glamour France, July 2014

Photographed by Derek Kettela

Styled by Norah Bordjah

Hair by Andre Gunn

Make-up by Valery Gherman

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