Heels versus Comfort

Since starting my new day job last week, I’ve quickly had to adjust from years of wearing my beloved Birkenstocks to more business oriented heels. Ok, yes they look good, but my feet were simply not born to wear heels. I have broad feet, a small bunion, which is a hangover from my ballet days, and since all this yoga, I now walk much more grounded, and so my feet have broadened. I do own heels, and they are carefully and lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and stored in the boxes in which they were purchased. Only the chosen few have been worn at all for some time, that is, until last week.  Since then, my feet have, bless them, begun to slowly adjust to the daily torture, and I now no longer need all the bandaids and sticky aids to prevent my feet from rubbing. Only the bunion protector remains, which I feel will stay for some time. Frankly I just don’t care if it looks funny, comfort is key. I do sometimes think of winter when I can wear my boots – way more comfortable! Summer is just beginning here however…


My most favourite heels from my wardrobe. Shocked that they’re seeing the light of day.


What I would like to be wearing to work these days.

Carrie Bradshaw of Sex & the City, my I Ching, she often refers to her love of wearing heels, in fact, she is often seen running down the street in a pair. How does she do it? Is it because she’s petite and her centre of gravity is lower to the ground? And so I put this question to you dear readers because I sincerely want to know, are there women out there that truly find heels comfortable? Because if so, I want to know what you are wearing, what is your go-to comfortable heel? I’ve done some research and it is my theory that I should be buying and wearing anything with a kitten heel because it is my mission is to find a pair of heels that pass for office stylish but have the fit and comfort of either a Birkenstock, sneaker or my slippers. Too hard to achieve? Maybe so, but I will say this, Stella McCartney, bless her, has indeed designed a heel that looks very much like a Birkenstock. Picture for you below.

stella birk

Stella McCartney heels, these look very influence by the Birkenstock, yes?

Even though I live on the coast where dress standards are shall we say, relaxed, I don’t think I would get away with this in my new office. Just saying.

emmanuel kitten

Emmanuelle Alt. I love that she doesn’t give a stuff and wears her stock-standard black kitten heels everywhere. The woman obviously values comfort above all. She certainly can rock a pair of jeans and a blazer though.

So please let me know the answer to my question, please leave a comment and let me know if you feel the same way as I do about heels, or even better, if you have a solution to my problem. Or even simply if you have any advice on what style of shoe I should buy. I await your replies!

love & light xo


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4 thoughts on “Heels versus Comfort

  1. I love a dressy black heel, 3 inch heel, with a gell insert for the ball of my foot. That way I’m comfortable, yet still have a reasonable height on a heel. Good luck! This sounds like a perfect opportunity (or excuse) to go shoe shopping. lol

    • Yes it is a fabulous excuse right? I love that there are all kinds of gel cushions available now to make your shoes more comfortable to wear! As long as I don’t have to stand all day, the transition to heels hasn’t been so bad. My feet seem to be adjusting well 🙂

  2. Your red shoes are so adorable and hip! I always enjoy reading this blog on comfortable shoes. http://www.barkingdogshoes.com/2014/04/6-career-heels-with-arch-support.html

    I just saw the musical Kinky Boots and the idea was the shoes had to be re-designed to hold up a man’s weight. So maybe there are high shoes that are designed to be comfortable as well?

    When I wear heels, they are usually the oxford with a low heel type or mary jane. Now I want some kitten heels, those photos look so awesome! Here are some other pumps designs that look attractive…




    I hope you let us know how you do on this hunt for shoes!!

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