Badda bing badda boom

Where do I begin? Since graduating from yoga teacher training earlier this month, so much has happened!


I’ve been teaching a class at a local studio once a week, which is going great. I started teaching a friend in the park on Friday mornings before work too. It gives me the opportunity to work on my alignment cues and my friend gets a yoga class in that she wouldn’t otherwise have time to go to. We meet at our local park at 6am and an hour later we part and get ready to go to work. This week though hubby and I are off to Byron Bay for a long weekend! It’s been too many years to count between romantic weekends for us, and to say I’m excited is an understatement. We checked the weather this morning and decided it didn’t matter what the weather decided to do – we are on holiday, who cares?!


So other news is I’ve found a fabulous new job and so I finally (FINALLY!) have quit the day job I’ve been slogging my ass off at for the past couple of years and I now get to sit in air conditioned comfort, I get a lunch break (what the ** is a lunch break?) and it’s only ten short minutes from home – woot! The universe works quickly, it all happened so fast, when change happens, it doesn’t mess about. I’ve got six delicious days off until I begin my new day job and until then, I get to hang out on one of the world’s best beaches in Byron Bay, potter about local farmer’s markets in and around the area, sleep-in, go to yoga classes and laze around with my man and all with absolutely no feelings of guilt whatsoever!

In the mean time I’ve been working on a business name and logo for my yoga business, getting registered with Yoga Australia, insured and all the other paper work that goes along with teaching yoga. Phew! Next is a website and who know’s what will happen. It’s a matter of trust. Let go, and see what happens!

love & light xo


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