Give a frock Friday


This beautiful white silk dress from Chloè is exactly what I’ve been dreaming about wearing to my yoga teacher training graduation this Sunday. We have to wear white to the ceremony, and so I had to do something about this as I don’t usually wear white because I feel it doesn’t suit my complexion, but as I am a little more tanned these days from living in the sunshine, it should be ok – I hope! I bought myself a simple white cotton v-neck tee and my beautiful best friend Kirsty found me a fab pair of white linen pants at a market stall. So while I may not be wearing this luxurious number above, I will still feel every bit as glamourous. There’s something about wearing white, don’t you agree? White contains equal balance of all the colours on the spectrum, it’s reflective, embodies growth and creativity, it is the colour of protection, promotes peace, comfort and helps to keep you calm, offering inner cleansing, purifying thoughts, emotions, your spirit and strengthening your entire energy system.

It is amazing to me how quickly this year has passed. I have started writing about my journey because I learned so much I feel it is part of my continuing journey to document the highs and lows and “just plough-through-it” experiences I have lived through over the course of the past twelve months. So far I’ve landed a teaching gig at a local studio and I began last week. It is exciting and beautiful to be able to serve as a yoga teacher finally! It has been an incredible experience, it has changed me forever.

Have a wonderful weekend, the spring weather here has been perfect, sunny days and cool nights and the blood moon the other night was insane!

love & light xo


model: anais pouliot (elite)
photographer: hannah khymych
stylist: vanessa bellugeon
hair: kayla michele (atelier)
Info about the colour white found here.
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