It’s time…


I’ve just logged onto my blog for the first time in too long. Obviously you know I’ve been focusing on the final weeks of yoga teacher training and it is with excitement (and maybe a little anxiety) that I tell you I have just one week of training to go before graduation! A year has passed and we are now ready to be unleashed to share the joy of yoga with the world. This Sunday I get to teach a class and then on Tuesday night I start a regular teaching gig at a studio close to home. I am so excited! My plan is to simply teach, wherever and whenever I can pick up a class and eventually to start my own classes. I’m keen to teach raw beginners and prenatal to expectant mums. Maybe kids too, we’ll see how it goes. It feels a little strange, that is to say, I am a beginner again, a new teacher ready to make my mark. Basically I just want to help people find yoga and teach it to them. That’s it really, pretty simple.

I promise I will post a Frock Friday blog today too! I can feel the creativity beginning to flow freely again now that my exams are over and with only one student teaching flow left to teach next week at our final class! Woo hoo!

love & light xo

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