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Where do I begin? Since graduating from yoga teacher training earlier this month, so much has happened!


I’ve been teaching a class at a local studio once a week, which is going great. I started teaching a friend in the park on Friday mornings before work too. It gives me the opportunity to work on my alignment cues and my friend gets a yoga class in that she wouldn’t otherwise have time to go to. We meet at our local park at 6am and an hour later we part and get ready to go to work. This week though hubby and I are off to Byron Bay for a long weekend! It’s been too many years to count between romantic weekends for us, and to say I’m excited is an understatement. We checked the weather this morning and decided it didn’t matter what the weather decided to do – we are on holiday, who cares?!


So other news is I’ve found a fabulous new job and so I finally (FINALLY!) have quit the day job I’ve been slogging my ass off at for the past couple of years and I now get to sit in air conditioned comfort, I get a lunch break (what the ** is a lunch break?) and it’s only ten short minutes from home – woot! The universe works quickly, it all happened so fast, when change happens, it doesn’t mess about. I’ve got six delicious days off until I begin my new day job and until then, I get to hang out on one of the world’s best beaches in Byron Bay, potter about local farmer’s markets in and around the area, sleep-in, go to yoga classes and laze around with my man and all with absolutely no feelings of guilt whatsoever!

In the mean time I’ve been working on a business name and logo for my yoga business, getting registered with Yoga Australia, insured and all the other paper work that goes along with teaching yoga. Phew! Next is a website and who know’s what will happen. It’s a matter of trust. Let go, and see what happens!

love & light xo


Give a frock Friday


I read somewhere that designer Joseph Altuzarra described this (demi-couture) frock as one which “no one will buy” because it was priced at £7000, which is considerably more than your average ready-to-wear frock, yes?  Yet more and more designers are creating demi-couture to distance themselves from the regular high street labels. I had wrestled with posting this image from Flare magazine because the stylist has paired it with a fur coat. I have loved this dress for so long, I adore the gypsy/boho vibe and the coin details, I bet it makes a gorgeous “cha-ching” sound from all the coins when you move around in it. So, in the end I decided that fur is fake. If it were real fur the magazine would have stated it in they buy-line. If it turns out I am wrong, someone will tell me I’m sure!

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

love & light xo


Credits: Shooting Star – Captured by Max Abadian, American beauty Lindsey Wixson for the September issue of Flare . The accompanying shoot showcases other standout autumn looks from the likes of Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Altuzarra styled by fashion editor Elizabeth Cabral. On beauty are makeup artist Hung Vanngo and hair stylist Keith Carpenter with ultra-glam finishing touches. / Manicure by Alicia Torello @ the Wall Group. Click on the image for more.

Interiors: black, white and colour all over

I love the black floors in this house. Shiny and glossy, I bet they would hide a myriad of annoying bits of dust and dirt. Like the black hair that my labrador Jet is constantly shedding in our house! Mercifully we have wooden floors, so it’s easy to keep clean. We had cream carpet in a house we lived in once, what a nightmare! Kids, dogs with black hair and generally clumsy grown-ups in a house with white carpet? Why do landlords think this is a good idea? Crazy people.

My favourite part of this house is the kitchen. The white walls juxtaposed with the black floors and the persian rug! When can I move in?

Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hall Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_hylla Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_koket Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_matplats Hannah Billberg och Don Nayao35051_sovrum

The use of colour against the black and white backdrop is so charming and inspirational. It brightens up each of the rooms and gives life to an otherwise dull monochromatic scheme, don’t you think?

Images via here.

Summer Style: Birkenstocks

Ever since I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks, way back when, I’ve pretty much worn nothing else in the summer time. I mean, why would you? They’re super comfy and practical and let’s face it, they come in so many different styles and designs and colours now, a girl could end up with a wardrobe full of them! Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying how much they are enjoying popularity right now, emerging from the basic khaki and evolving with metallic finish and gladiatorial style. Here are a few of my faves that I’ve spotted while surfing the web. Which ones do you like?


Love these Arizona metallic Birkenstocks available from Free People.


If the Olsen’s are wearing them, then they are definitely on the stylish list.


Birkenstock inspired Edris Bow sandals from Isabel Marant. Yes please!


Gold Birkenstock slides and denim lift this outfit from plain casual to casual chic.


Think you can’t wear white? Think again.


These are on my christmas list.


I love the way these wrap around the big toe.


The gladiator Birkenstock. It was only a matter of time.


Love the distressed leather look of this style.

While Birkenstocks, even with a super shiny finish, are still super casual, but nevertheless, summer calls for relaxed style, does it not?

Happy Wednesday!

love & light xo


Give a frock Friday


This beautiful white silk dress from Chloè is exactly what I’ve been dreaming about wearing to my yoga teacher training graduation this Sunday. We have to wear white to the ceremony, and so I had to do something about this as I don’t usually wear white because I feel it doesn’t suit my complexion, but as I am a little more tanned these days from living in the sunshine, it should be ok – I hope! I bought myself a simple white cotton v-neck tee and my beautiful best friend Kirsty found me a fab pair of white linen pants at a market stall. So while I may not be wearing this luxurious number above, I will still feel every bit as glamourous. There’s something about wearing white, don’t you agree? White contains equal balance of all the colours on the spectrum, it’s reflective, embodies growth and creativity, it is the colour of protection, promotes peace, comfort and helps to keep you calm, offering inner cleansing, purifying thoughts, emotions, your spirit and strengthening your entire energy system.

It is amazing to me how quickly this year has passed. I have started writing about my journey because I learned so much I feel it is part of my continuing journey to document the highs and lows and “just plough-through-it” experiences I have lived through over the course of the past twelve months. So far I’ve landed a teaching gig at a local studio and I began last week. It is exciting and beautiful to be able to serve as a yoga teacher finally! It has been an incredible experience, it has changed me forever.

Have a wonderful weekend, the spring weather here has been perfect, sunny days and cool nights and the blood moon the other night was insane!

love & light xo


model: anais pouliot (elite)
photographer: hannah khymych
stylist: vanessa bellugeon
hair: kayla michele (atelier)
Info about the colour white found here.

Give a frock Friday


I’ve had lots of fun viewing the latest Paris collections streaming through my daily feed. Some of them left me feeling a little disappointed… I won’t name names… Valentino however was a triumph, as it usually is. Creative Directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli created a vision of the Valentino woman and they transcend her with each and every collection they produce. At least, that’s what I think… I also noted that the runways were all about Gladiator sandals – they were everywhere, which I adore because I don’t wear heels very much so I’m all about sandals. Tell me, what are your favourites from the spring summer collections, I’d love to know?

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!

love & light xo

It’s time…


I’ve just logged onto my blog for the first time in too long. Obviously you know I’ve been focusing on the final weeks of yoga teacher training and it is with excitement (and maybe a little anxiety) that I tell you I have just one week of training to go before graduation! A year has passed and we are now ready to be unleashed to share the joy of yoga with the world. This Sunday I get to teach a class and then on Tuesday night I start a regular teaching gig at a studio close to home. I am so excited! My plan is to simply teach, wherever and whenever I can pick up a class and eventually to start my own classes. I’m keen to teach raw beginners and prenatal to expectant mums. Maybe kids too, we’ll see how it goes. It feels a little strange, that is to say, I am a beginner again, a new teacher ready to make my mark. Basically I just want to help people find yoga and teach it to them. That’s it really, pretty simple.

I promise I will post a Frock Friday blog today too! I can feel the creativity beginning to flow freely again now that my exams are over and with only one student teaching flow left to teach next week at our final class! Woo hoo!

love & light xo

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