Spring and morning rituals

tumblr_mtg41oL7FS1sfzmz7o1_500Down here, in the Southern Hemisphere where I live, Spring has arrived. The sun is rising earlier, and that means every one in my house is waking up earlier – the dog, the kids… I’m still getting up at 6am to meditate and do some yoga but this past week my routine is being disturbed by everyone else’s routines changing to an earlier time slot. So hubby says to me this morning, “I think we’re going to have to get up earlier.” His reason of course, is so we can meditate in silence with just the sound of the birds, no kids or dog needing our attention. Of course I know he’s right, but my instant reaction to him was a very resounding “Uh uh, no way!” But I know I’m fighting a losing battle and that very soon I will be rising with the sun again, just like I did through the winter. It takes a little adjusting, but eventually you get used to it. It’s amazing how beautiful it is when the sun is rising, and because there’s so much time before we all have to leave the house, everyone is ready to go, there’s no shouting or frustration from us with the kids, because as I said, everyone is ready to go on time. So, there’s always more than a few positives to rising early, don’t you just love the silver lining?

love & light xo

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