Spring and morning rituals

tumblr_mtg41oL7FS1sfzmz7o1_500Down here, in the Southern Hemisphere where I live, Spring has arrived. The sun is rising earlier, and that means every one in my house is waking up earlier – the dog, the kids… I’m still getting up at 6am to meditate and do some yoga but this past week my routine is being disturbed by everyone else’s routines changing to an earlier time slot. So hubby says to me this morning, “I think we’re going to have to get up earlier.” His reason of course, is so we can meditate in silence with just the sound of the birds, no kids or dog needing our attention. Of course I know he’s right, but my instant reaction to him was a very resounding “Uh uh, no way!” But I know I’m fighting a losing battle and that very soon I will be rising with the sun again, just like I did through the winter. It takes a little adjusting, but eventually you get used to it. It’s amazing how beautiful it is when the sun is rising, and because there’s so much time before we all have to leave the house, everyone is ready to go, there’s no shouting or frustration from us with the kids, because as I said, everyone is ready to go on time. So, there’s always more than a few positives to rising early, don’t you just love the silver lining?

love & light xo

Give a frock Friday

2f55a35f343de011022276488c098657I am in love with this picture shot by Mario Testino, mostly because at the moment with all this yoga I am heavily influenced by all things India. And so, the saturation of colour, the mandalas on the silk pants and the huge pom-pom accessory around Daria Werbowy’s neck is all saying Yes! to me. Styled by the very talented Lucinda Chambers for Vogue UK January 2005. Click through the image for more from this editorial entitled “The Road to Marrakech”.

We practiced Shirsasana yesterday at yoga teacher training, better known as headstand pose. It was fun because I’ve been practicing this at home a lot lately, I’ve been enjoying the different perspective that being upside down gives me. It’s not often we get to be upside down as grownups, maybe on a roller coaster or swimming, but when else would we get the chance? It’s an invigorating yet calming pose. As Yogananda said, “be calmly active and actively calm.”

Have a wonderful weekend.

love & light xo


Wish You Were Here

friday inspiration_roomwithaviewYou know when you see a picture of a place and you feel that urge that you wish you were there? Have you ever had that feeling? Well, I’ve had that feeling a lot lately. I haven’t been on a plane for quite some time and I realised recently that my passport expired two years ago and I didn’t even know it. How sad is that? I used to travel much more. Is it having children that stops you from traveling so much? Is it work? Is it the routine of life and all the humdrum of it that keeps you from making plans to get the hell out of town for a couple of weeks? Money, or the lack of it usually plays a part, but I firmly believe that you can make anything happen if you REALLY WANT IT. I know this to be true because I’ve just paid off my yoga teacher training course (one month to go actually) and when I decided to do the course nearly 18 months ago, I had no funds to do it but the Universe replied with always enough money in my account to cover it. Sweet, sweet divine Universe! This year hubby and I have talked about taking the kids to Japan, going to India and booking a few days away for just the two of us to Byron Bay. We also have to plan our Christmas road trip to South Australia. And so, we mostly likely won’t be making our getaway an international one this year, but as we have to drive across 3 states to get to hubby’s family in South Australia, it certainly will be a trip where we make many memories.

Do you have any plans to travel or have you already had an amazing travel experience this year already? Also, I’d love any road trip with kids advice you can give me!

love & light xo


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