From the mat… Yoga Rejuvenates

tumblr_narysxhHQ71rz5ibwo1_500If you practice yoga regularly then you will already know the powerful rejuvenating effect yoga has on your body, mind and spirit. Even now I am still astounded by its power. Most of us come home after work feeling physically and mentally drained. We go through the motions of making dinner (or ordering in), crashing on the couch and zoning out to the tv. My day job often leaves me feeling utterly exhausted, after which I get to be Mama to my girls and do what most Mamas do, and if I’m lucky, once a week I get to drive 30 minutes into the sunset to the yoga temple to attend class with my amazing teacher Adam. It is also where I am currently doing my yoga teacher training. You know when you’ve had a huge day, week, whatever and you know you really want to go to yoga but you’re so tired, you just want to curl up on the couch because it will feel so good… I know, I’ve been there. So you tell yourself some lame excuse, let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to talk ourselves out of doing what’s good for us, we are only human after all. But if you can just visualise how amazing you will feel if you actually go to yoga, remember how you feel inside and out during and most especially after class, you will make the effort. Because when you roll up your mat at the end of those 90 minutes, you will feel completely transformed. The effects of the prana radiating through your body is why you make the journey every week. It’s why you roll your mat out at home when you can’t get to the class, it’s why you practice at home when ever you can because it feels so freaking good! One minute you’re so tired you can’t think straight, your muscles and bones are aching and your head is full of thoughts of work and the week that was or is going to be. But, step onto that mat and you know you will be transformed back into your whole self again. You will come away with more energy, your mind will be clearer, you will feel calmer, centred and more present. Total bliss!

b06bd3acab0dc5993fac3a301e85d204So don’t give me that I’m too tired crap because you know if you want to feel good, feel better, feel awake and ready, then step onto the mat and let the healing begin!

Happy hump-day!

love & light xo


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