Meditation and Mantra

a819ceb12db31c8fd1b43991aebc83b1When I use a mantra in meditation, I find it helps me to stay focused, especially if my thoughts are really distracting. I noticed the other day that I was rushing my mantra. I think subconsciously I thought that I if repeated the mantra quickly, it would stop my thoughts from taking over. The truth of it was it was actually making my thoughts come faster. There I was sitting on my cushion, all comfortable ready to meditate, yet there was so much noise in my head! So I took some more conscious deep breaths and simply began again, this time repeating my mantra slowly. The difference to my meditation was instantaneous. The thoughts went silent and I went deep. Amazing!

I wonder, what is it about the mind and focus? What is it that causes our mind to kick into high thought rotation the moment we try to find silence?

Did any of you join in the Global Meditation for Peace last Saturday? Meditating with Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein and 100, 000 people from around the world was pretty incredible. Well worth the 2am wake up call my husband and I had to make to join everyone online who was getting their meditation on!

Have a wonderful week!

love & light xo

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