Give a frock Friday

dolce and gabbana_elle france

Twirling in a sumptuous gold frock by Dolce & Gabbana by Dutch photographer Jan Welters for Elle France. Love, love this frock and this shot. Click here for a fascinating interview with Jan and his road to self-discovery and freedom on his search for inner peace through yoga.

I have a new teaching assignment for next week (why do I always draw the short straw?) which is to teach the class Viparita Karani and Shavasana. For me, this is definitely the sequence to end all sequences. If I can teach this, I know I can teach anything! I am preparing for it now, planning, writing and visualising. My kids and hubby are going to be so relaxed this week from all the practice they are going to be put through!

Have a wonderful weekend.

love & light xo

Source: Le Yoga Shop Paris Le Journal.

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