Random Inspiration

So this week is no different to any other – it’s crazy busy and hot! So darn hot and horribly humid and well, can someone please press the freeze-frame button??


I’d love a day to just do this. Sip tea and read a book.


I love her pants and her loafers. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m seeing loafers in lots of street style pics so I’m guessing I’ll be wearing them this autumn and winter.


I love a beautiful hat and this one is no exception.


Always elegantly stylish Sofia Coppola. Such a fan of her effortless style. Note the loafers. Told ya.


It’s so hot and humid here, it never ends. WIth no rain in sight to cool things off, I’m enjoying images of snow so I can trick my body into imagining how nice it must be to feel a temperature other than 30 degrees celsius!


Mia Wasikowska on the cover of Australian Vogue. How gorgeous is this cover? It’s like a jewel in itself! Photographed by Emma Summerton for the March 2014 issue.


Looking forward to some time on my day off to enjoy coffee with girlfriends and practice my photography.

I’ve finished everything that I need to do – at least for now – so I decided to put together some random inspiration for you and for me too! Hope you’re week is going well and that these images help to keep the momentum going for you.

love & light xo

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2 thoughts on “Random Inspiration

  1. I’ve been trying to decide if loafers are an up and coming trend so thanks for including those great photos! I just ordered two pairs of loafers to try out. It seems that if you get the wrong loafer, you get a conservative look, but if the top of the shoe comes up high enough, it becomes so sexy and masculine. Well, its obvious, i’ve been obsessing about it for a while now. I think the perfect one was in Lucky magazine in January by La Canadienne but is a little expensive for me. I truly hope you get a little cooling down. We are getting rain in Seattle and the streets glisten with wetness. Unfortunately, the basement drips with wetness too!

    • Hi! Oh how lovely of you to say so, I’m sure the rain will start eventually – and then it won’t stop until it’s well and truly soaked everything through. Always extremes here in Australia 🙂
      I hope you enjoy your new loafers. I’m definitely on the look out for some too. I think you’re right about the difficulty in finding the right ones. Street style pics always help with that I feel. Thanks for visiting!

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