Happy 2014!

tumblr_mfxhfhooic1rmin3fo1_500new years eve_gifWishing you all a very happy, prosperous and wonderful New Year! I’ve been saving up these gifs all year for this, I hope you like them! If I find any more I’ll post them on my Tumblr. I’m off to a party now, so I must dash! Stay safe out there!

love & light xo

Give a frock Friday


A Christmas bauble in the form of a fabulous frock and headpiece. This is Eliza, she was photographed by Signe Vilstrup for a Vanity Fair editorial. I’m afraid that’s about all I can tell you about the frock, it may be Dior, I think the jacket is Dior? Sometimes it is impossible to find information on the frocks I want to post here on Frock Friday, it’s very frustrating! I can tell you however that Signe Vilstrup is a photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark and she divides her time mostly between Copenhagen, Paris and Milan. Lucky girl. “I have a great passion for beauty and aesthetics, and through photography I have found the ideal way to express my ideas and visions.”

I will most likely be taking a short break from the blog over the Christmas-New Year period. My day job keeps me fairly busy and as does being Mama to my girls and also Yoga teacher training, for which I’ve spent all afternoon working on an assignment.

Merry Christmas to you all, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for continuing to support I like, I wish, I heart. It’s been a quite a challenge this year to maintain the frequency and quality of my posts. I have not been able to post as much as I used to, so thanks for sticking by me! 🙂

love & light

Heidi xo

Cool People #8


De lovely, Diane Keaton. Forever cool.
I finished all of my Christmas shopping today and now they are all wrapped and hidden away for now. I can’t believe how organized I am this year! This may be the last time my girls experience Christmas still believing their present were delivered by Santa. I’m actually kind of sad about that. They’re growing up so fast!

Give a frock Friday

“Couture Clash” Shalom Harlow in Christian Lacroix Spring 1997 Haute Couture for  Vogue US April 1997

 Couture Clash – Shalom Harlow in Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, Spring 1997. Photographed by the fabulous and amazing Peter Lindbergh for American Vogue, April 1997.

Lacroix sweety, Lacroix! Eddie in Absolutely Fabulous is of course a huge fan of Christian Lacroix, as am I. So glad that he’s still designing, it’s just a shame it isn’t for his own label. But there’s nothing shabby about designing a one-off collection for Schiaparelli Couture.

I made a good start on my Christmas shopping today, so I’m very pleased with myself, I even found a secret place to park that was in the shade and close to where I needed to be. Shh! It’s a secret!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!



Give a frock Friday


I’m not good at walking in big dresses, as we know.” – Jennifer Lawrence, everyone’s favourite self-deprecating Hollywood “It Girl” looks stunning in this Prabul Gurung ostrich feather and sequin-embroidered tulle frock. I love the theatricality of this image, it is so beautiful and over the top with all those feathers, don’t you think? The image shot by Tim Walker  (I’m starting to think I may have a thing for Tim’s work), is from a cover shoot for W Magazine from October 2012. To read the full interview with Jennifer in W, which is excellent reading by the way, just click through the image.

The silly season is really starting to kick into high gear now, and I still haven’t made a single Christmas list. I’ve started talking about making a list and the possibility of going shopping next week, but nothing is yet set in stone. I just can’t face the idea of all those crazy shoppers out there. Finding a parking space, dealing with tired sales people and stressed out fellow-bargain-hunters. Not a pleasant thought. My bff Kirsty and I decided today that going early to beat the crowds is now a waste of time because EVERYONE is doing same. So we think that maybe we should go as late as possible and risk the possibility of having nothing left on the shelves to buy, but at least we’ll get a park! I know, I hear you saying “shop online!” But I’m just not happy with buying all gifts online. Some gifts must be sought out in the darkest depths of a department store. 😉

Christmas shopping must take a second place to my yoga teacher training homework and home practice, even though I’ve had to take it easy the past two weeks because I have injured my right arm. Which I think is a result of a combination of work and going too hard with my yoga practice. It is possible that more than doubling my usual practice has shocked my body a little bit… Sometimes I forget that I’m not as young as I used to be too, which is in itself, a bit of a shock when you hurt yourself. On the upside though, I feel so energised and my skin is clear and glowing, I’m sleeping better than I have in a long time and my anxiety and stress levels are definitely way more manageable than they have been in a long time too. Always a plus!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are xo


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