The perils of hunting for lost Christmas decorations…

xmas tree

One week after turning the house, our garage and my parent’s storage container upside down, I finally found our Christmas decorations this afternoon. Oh, and a snake. That’s right, a snake. My father was all, “Oh it’s just a baby!” Now I’m not usually bothered much by snakes, but in a confined space with only one exit, this bothers me and so I of course I gave a girlish yelp and jumped up onto the highest thing I could find and swiftly ejected myself from my parent’s container. My dad was very happy because he said, “Well at least there won’t be any rats with the snake there.” Right, thanks Dad!

Cut to a few hours later and the tree is looking fabulous! Thanks to my darling girls for their help because I’m not really very good at decorating Christmas trees. I think that department stores have given me unrealistic expectations on how a tree is supposed to look, which is why I love to let my girls loose on it, makes decorating it much more enjoyable!

We’ve got twinkly lights everywhere, Bing Crosby on the stereo and Christmas movies at the ready, I just love getting into the spirit of the season!



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