From the Mat… rules are made to be broken, right?

Lately I’ve been asking myself, am I a bad yogi for not meditating every morning?
Right now life is a little hectic and it is all too easy for my meditation to be forgotten in the morning rush.
I give my night time meditation a lot of dedication, practicing different Pranayama exercises before going deep. It makes for a lovely sleep and pleasant dreams. Much of what I have read about meditation involves a few basic rules, from when and how you should be doing it, to making your own dedicated space for the actual doing. Which all sounds very nice, but there simply isn’t space in my house for that, so each night I grab my cushion, my candle and settle onto a floor rug in a quiet corner of the house.
So my theory is, that if I can’t always make it to my morning meditation, then that’s ok, because I don’t want to end up resenting what I’m doing because I’m not sticking to the “rules”.
I’m curious though, how do you fit meditation into your day?

Image: Gisele Bundchen meditating by her daughter Vivian’s side. I just adore this picture! Image via her Instagram.

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