From the mat… my first day at yoga teacher training


The day started early, then after arriving at the temple, we were in silence for the most part, there was chanting, meditation and then yoga practice followed by yoga philosophy – all before lunch. I cannot take my mobile phone with me, I leave it in my car in the parking lot. I wear no watch either because I don’t want to know what time it is, I want to let go of time while I am there. And chai, so much chai, so yummy too, and I never thought I’d like it but now I do. I am slightly anxious because the introvert in me is nervous of being in groups of strangers. I enjoy meeting new people, but I am very uncomfortable with having to speak about myself to a group of strangers. When it’s my turn to introduce myself and provide a brief reason as to why I am doing the course – I lose my voice, I start to sweat and I mumble something which, even now, I cannot recall what I said. You might wonder then how am I ever going to teach yoga to a group of people? It’s not the same thing as talking about yourself. The yoga will speak for me. Besides, I will learn how, they will teach me. Obviously.

Later, I am so hungry by lunch that I devour my lentil soup. No I am not a vegetarian, I have given up alcohol but not caffeine or meat. At least, not yet. Who know’s what other changes I’ll go through over the next year, but if I go on the testimonials of the returning students (at least a third of the students have already completed the training the year before and are back for more), then I will be going through some serious life changing experiences and I need to just hold on tight and let go!

I know there will be a few weeks of adjusting to study and practice and fitting it all in with work, my children and husband and life in general. But hopefully with all the extra yoga and meditation, I’ll be doing it all with grace and zen. That’s the plan anyway 😉

Have a great week!

love & light xo


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4 thoughts on “From the mat… my first day at yoga teacher training

  1. This all sounds so exciting! Learning new things, having great experiences, and the best part is you’ll be able to share all these things with people who will be taking your class. Enjoy, makes me wish I was doing something so productive!

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