Weekday Inspiration…


My plan is to do this, as soon as the clouds leave and the sun returns.

I’m on holiday this week – I am taking a well-deserved break from work to rest as much as possible before yoga teacher training begins on Thursday after-which everything steps up a notch. So I decided to post a few pictures with the hope they inspire you to take a mini break too – even if it’s simply while on your lunch break or if from anything else that may be occupying your day and/or your headspace. Enjoy xo


This looks like so much fun!


I love market shopping on the weekend.


I will make time to read an actual magazine this week.


I will take the time to look at the starry night sky.


I will make time to actually stop and drink my latte and soak in the atmosphere instead of grabbing a takeaway and consuming it as I drive to my next destination.


I will continue to practice every day.


I will read more, especially my book for book club because I’ve only read 2 pages and I’ve got at least 1000 pages to go!


I will go to my zen place whenever necessary.


I will do as much of this as possible… sleeping in, lying about, recharging my batteries is essential.

love & light xo


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