The perils of hunting for lost Christmas decorations…

xmas tree

One week after turning the house, our garage and my parent’s storage container upside down, I finally found our Christmas decorations this afternoon. Oh, and a snake. That’s right, a snake. My father was all, “Oh it’s just a baby!” Now I’m not usually bothered much by snakes, but in a confined space with only one exit, this bothers me and so I of course I gave a girlish yelp and jumped up onto the highest thing I could find and swiftly ejected myself from my parent’s container. My dad was very happy because he said, “Well at least there won’t be any rats with the snake there.” Right, thanks Dad!

Cut to a few hours later and the tree is looking fabulous! Thanks to my darling girls for their help because I’m not really very good at decorating Christmas trees. I think that department stores have given me unrealistic expectations on how a tree is supposed to look, which is why I love to let my girls loose on it, makes decorating it much more enjoyable!

We’ve got twinkly lights everywhere, Bing Crosby on the stereo and Christmas movies at the ready, I just love getting into the spirit of the season!



Give a frock Friday

Tim-Walker-Vogue-December-2013-600x800Kate Moss looking sultry for British Vogue’s December 2013 issue shot by Tim Walker. She is draped in Vivienne Westwood Gold Label chiffon. Don’t you just adore her little feathered friend? I love owls.

Have you ever had the problem of not being able to find your Christmas decorations or maybe even your Christmas tree for that matter? This seems to be an annual problem for our household. Unfortunately, after turning the house and the garage upside down we are still without decorations and lights! The tree is up and the girls have decorated it with only tinsel and one strand of lights that I recently purchased. I can’t find our wreath either. It’s so perplexing because I was sure I had stored them under the stairs which is of course the perfect place for such things, right? I have not yet given up hope in finding them, so I’ve put off buying any new baubles because I know that the minute I do the old ones will magically appear!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in this crazy, busy world!


From the Mat… rules are made to be broken, right?

Lately I’ve been asking myself, am I a bad yogi for not meditating every morning?
Right now life is a little hectic and it is all too easy for my meditation to be forgotten in the morning rush.
I give my night time meditation a lot of dedication, practicing different Pranayama exercises before going deep. It makes for a lovely sleep and pleasant dreams. Much of what I have read about meditation involves a few basic rules, from when and how you should be doing it, to making your own dedicated space for the actual doing. Which all sounds very nice, but there simply isn’t space in my house for that, so each night I grab my cushion, my candle and settle onto a floor rug in a quiet corner of the house.
So my theory is, that if I can’t always make it to my morning meditation, then that’s ok, because I don’t want to end up resenting what I’m doing because I’m not sticking to the “rules”.
I’m curious though, how do you fit meditation into your day?

Image: Gisele Bundchen meditating by her daughter Vivian’s side. I just adore this picture! Image via her Instagram.

Give a frock Friday


Gemma Ward in a shot from 2005 American Vogue editorial, ‘Glamorama’, photographed by Steven Meisel. The frock is gorgeous, but I’ve not been able to source the designer, so if you recognise this frock, please leave me a comment! I’ve always been a fan of Gemma, so I love it when I come across any editorials featuring her that I’ve not seen before. This one is amusing in that it has the models doing their laundry while wearing couture. I’m guessing as it’s wash day, it was all they had left in their closet to wear? 😉

It’s week 3 of yoga teacher training and I have now started to really feel the pressure of time working against me! This month is jam-packed with extra dance attendance for Annabel as she rehearses for her dance school’s end of year concerts, so as well as working, studying, loads of asana, meditation and pranayama practice, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! I know it will all calm down once this new routine settles – and I am lucky because I have a husband who is more than willing to do his share (thanks, hon) so it’s not that I’m doing this all on my own. But it’s more than obvious now that something’s definitley gotta give!

Enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful, lazy weekend if you can! I’ve managed to squeeze in a date night with hubby for tomorrow night, finally going to see Gravity – we’re probably the last people to do so!



Give a frock Friday

orla kiely spring 2013 campaign hannah holman 7In between yoga teacher training homework, meeting up with some girlfriends for coffee and other boring errands, I’m proud to say here is this week’s frock! This pretty frock is by Irish designer Orla Kiely and is from her Spring/Summer 2013 look book.

Last weekend was complete bliss because I was home alone – no children, no hubby, no dog, just me and my uninterrupted peace and quiet. The house stayed clean for days, the washing pile remained small, I watched a movie from start to finish without feeling guilty and I found myself floating about the house pretending I was single, remembering the days when I was just Heidi. Not wife, not Mum. Just me. It was everything I thought it could be and more! I am living on the last remnants of these vibes today. These moments are important, it makes us better, happier, healthier, more present, more aware and more enjoyable to be around!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are xo

From the mat… my first day at yoga teacher training


The day started early, then after arriving at the temple, we were in silence for the most part, there was chanting, meditation and then yoga practice followed by yoga philosophy – all before lunch. I cannot take my mobile phone with me, I leave it in my car in the parking lot. I wear no watch either because I don’t want to know what time it is, I want to let go of time while I am there. And chai, so much chai, so yummy too, and I never thought I’d like it but now I do. I am slightly anxious because the introvert in me is nervous of being in groups of strangers. I enjoy meeting new people, but I am very uncomfortable with having to speak about myself to a group of strangers. When it’s my turn to introduce myself and provide a brief reason as to why I am doing the course – I lose my voice, I start to sweat and I mumble something which, even now, I cannot recall what I said. You might wonder then how am I ever going to teach yoga to a group of people? It’s not the same thing as talking about yourself. The yoga will speak for me. Besides, I will learn how, they will teach me. Obviously.

Later, I am so hungry by lunch that I devour my lentil soup. No I am not a vegetarian, I have given up alcohol but not caffeine or meat. At least, not yet. Who know’s what other changes I’ll go through over the next year, but if I go on the testimonials of the returning students (at least a third of the students have already completed the training the year before and are back for more), then I will be going through some serious life changing experiences and I need to just hold on tight and let go!

I know there will be a few weeks of adjusting to study and practice and fitting it all in with work, my children and husband and life in general. But hopefully with all the extra yoga and meditation, I’ll be doing it all with grace and zen. That’s the plan anyway 😉

Have a great week!

love & light xo


Give a frock Friday


Karolina Kurkova in Adho Mukha Vrkasan, also known as handstand pose for photographer Steven Meisel from a shoot for American Vogue’s September 2004 issue. The frock is by Alexander McQueen and of course you can guess why I chose this particular image for today’s frock can’t you? Because yesterday was my first day of yoga teacher training! It’s not easy to put into words the experience I had yesterday, I keep reminding myself how grateful and lucky I am to be able to experience this journey. I slept so soundly last night, and I feel very chilled and relaxed to day – although that could have something to do with the fact that my hubby and children have gone to visit his parents for the weekend and so I am home alone with the dog for 3 whole days!! No, couldn’t possibly be that? 😉

I have a bunch of homework to do and I miss my little family already.

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are xo


Click through the image for more images from the Vogue shoot. 

Weekday Inspiration…


My plan is to do this, as soon as the clouds leave and the sun returns.

I’m on holiday this week – I am taking a well-deserved break from work to rest as much as possible before yoga teacher training begins on Thursday after-which everything steps up a notch. So I decided to post a few pictures with the hope they inspire you to take a mini break too – even if it’s simply while on your lunch break or if from anything else that may be occupying your day and/or your headspace. Enjoy xo


This looks like so much fun!


I love market shopping on the weekend.


I will make time to read an actual magazine this week.


I will take the time to look at the starry night sky.


I will make time to actually stop and drink my latte and soak in the atmosphere instead of grabbing a takeaway and consuming it as I drive to my next destination.


I will continue to practice every day.


I will read more, especially my book for book club because I’ve only read 2 pages and I’ve got at least 1000 pages to go!


I will go to my zen place whenever necessary.


I will do as much of this as possible… sleeping in, lying about, recharging my batteries is essential.

love & light xo


Give a frock Friday

rachel weisz_craig mcdean_vogue july 2008I thought this picture perfect in light of yesterday being Halloween and all. My girls adore Halloween, they always have and yet it’s hard to understand why because one year we reluctantly took them out trick or treating and it was a disaster because our neighbours were completely unprepared, one even yelled out to us that they had no candy and to not even bother! Halloween is slowly becoming something Aussies are beginning to embrace – although rather begrudgingly, I think it’s mostly because of marketing at supermarkets. Well, that and the fact that kids love any opportunity to play dress up!

At first glance it appears as if Rachel Weisz is wearing a frock, but actually it is a bright red Giles knit sweater and skirt. She was photographed for a trick-or-treat themed Vogue editorial in July 2008 by Craig McDean.

This weekend is going to be busy, but in a wonderful way because we are celebrating my hubby’s birthday (a milestone one) and one of my gorgeous girlfriends is flying up from Sydney to spend the weekend with us  – I’m on a mission to make this birthday memorable, no matter how much he wants to let it slip past unnoticed!

So wherever you are, I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo

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