From the mat… practice is as practice does


I often find that when talking about yoga with people who don’t do yoga, they will say things such as – “oh I’m not built for all that pretzel twisting, I can barely touch my toes” or “it’s all too passive for me”. I think that maybe they feel they’re compelled to give me an excuse for being the only person in the world who doesn’t like yoga? Whatever their reason, it did make me think about how there are definitely poses in yoga that have me saying to myself “there is no way that’s happening today, or ever!” But it’s always surprising how quickly strength is built. Certain muscles let me know if they haven’t been used lately, that’s for sure and while one day a certain pose may seem far from my reach, maybe the next day, I’m in the pose as never before. But, I can also tell you that not everyone who practices yoga is flexible nor do you have to be able to bend your body into shapes like a pretzel either! The point I’m trying to make – albeit not very eloquently, is that the more you practice, the more you get out of it. There are poses that I’ve disliked from the first time I tried them, some that have been far too challenging, for various reasons. But, over time, I’ve learned to sit with many of them, no matter how afraid or unsure I’ve felt because I know there’s no point in avoiding it. It’s all in the practice.

By the way, only 1 week till yoga teacher training begins!

love & light xo

Give a frock Friday


I loved Miuccia Prada’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection for all its colour, stripes, and baroque frivolity. This week’s frock is from that collection and the image comes from an editorial for W Magazine featuring Stella Tennant and shot by British photographer Craig McDean. Click through the image for more from that editorial.

To all my friends living in the Blue Mountains, I hope you all get tonnes of rain this weekend so that all those bushfires are extinguished for good! I’ve been thinking of you all week, sending good vibes, hope and love your way!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

love & light xo

Cool People #7

matthew perry and jennifer aniston

Chandler and Rachel aka Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston on the set of Friends. I love watching old 90s episodes, they were so cute back then weren’t they?

Give a frock Friday

thandie newton by ReganCameron for vogueI adore Thandie Newton. She’s not only a very talented actress, so lovely to watch on screen – beautiful, inside and out. I recently watched her on a TED Talks where she spoke about embracing what she called, her “otherness”. She says, “If we can get under that heavy self, light a torch of awareness, and find our essence, our connection to the infinite and every other living thing… we can then appreciate the privilege of life and the marvel at what comes next.” 

This picture of Thandie was shot by Regan Cameron in 2006 for British Vogue the frock is by Versace. If you would like to read more about Thandie, go to her website here.

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are, and most especially please may there be rain and lots of it, very, very soon in those areas affected by the bush fires in New South Wales.

love & light xo

From the mat… do you practice to a playlist?


So all I read about lately is yoga playlists and how you gotta have one. Seriously? When I first started going to yoga the room was always silent, there was no music of any kind playing. We practiced to the sound of our own breath and of course, the teachers voice. Then, over the years music, a certain yogic style of music, a very calming, very Indian-inspired music was what was played at yoga.

I once had a teacher in New Zealand, I will never forget her because she was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and she played very hip music during class – it was definitely not traditional yogic music. I liked it a lot and it helped me get into yoga on those cold mornings in our unheated room. More recently I read about Tara Stiles and how her playlists have completely turned her yoga classes into something out of the ordinary. Sarah Wilson wrote the following on her blog after attending a class with Tara:

“There I was in crow pose to the strains of Red Hot Chilli Pepper. There I was holding Warrior #2 for five minutes to Run DMC. And there was Tara purring her encouragement in her mesmerising lilt, skipping around the class to adjust and touch us on the ankles, chuckling like a little girl. She chuckles the whole time.”

Then last night in the middle of yoga my teacher Adam stopped to comment on the music, his exact words were: “Interesting music. I’m not sure how this made it to the playlist?“.  I was actually really digging the music, it sounded a lot like an instrumental from Sting and even though I had noticed that it was different from the usual music played, it was not distracting in any way. Tara Stiles’ playlists include the likes of Eddie Vedder, Radiohead, The Church, even Willie Nelson. I have to admit I am not sure how this type of vibe would affect my yoga, and by that I mean music with lyrics and a particular beat.


It got me thinking because I never play music when I’m practicing at home because I am usually trying to squeeze in half a dozen asanas in between cooking dinner, doing the laundry and helping my girls with their homework. So music is the last thing on my mind. But as I said, it’s got me thinking and to my mind, the only musician for the job is Sting. I mean the man is a dedicated yogi, a musical genius and his music never fails to bring me joy. So I’ve decided that I am going to put a playlist together for my at-home yoga practice, and the first song of choice is going to be The Secret Marriage from …Nothing like the Sun by Sting. Simple, quiet, perfect. I’ll let you know how it goes.

How do you practice yoga at home? Do you play your own special playlist or do you practice in silence or like me, to the sound of your children playing/squabbling/singing in the background?

love & light xo

Give a frock Friday

Preen_yasmin sewell_Phil Oh_nicholas kirkwood heels_voguedotcomVery stylish girl, Yasmin Sewell is rocking her black frock from British indi label Preen with colour provided by her Nicholas Kirkwood heels. This image was taken during the recent New York Fashion Week by street style photographer and contributor Phil Oh of Street Peeper (gosh, that was a mouthful). I really enjoy Phil’s work, his eye for detail is spot-on for fashion and I guess it helps that he uses a Canon 5D yes?

It’s been a massive week and as the countdown to yoga teacher training speeds up, it’s finally starting to dawn on me that I’m going to have to cut down my time on the internet, social media, tumbling and blogging as I tune in and turn on to study. It’s been a few years since I last took on any study, I am a little worried how my brain is going to react because having kids does sort of turn your brain to mush!

So in the meantime I’m enjoying my beautiful new yoga kit which arrived this week, I do so love green!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!


Give a frock Friday


Today’s stunning Armani Privè embroidered bustier frock is worn by the always fabulous Kate Moss. Photographed by super talented Brit Tim Walker for Vogue US April 2012 in the Coco Chanel suite at The Ritz Hotel Paris and styled by none other than Grace Coddington. For a trip down memory lane, click here to read all about Andre Leon Talley‘s wonderful account of his many fashionable stays at The Ritz – it’s worth the click I promise! 😉

How’s your week been? I don’t know about you but this dark moon Mystic Medusa keeps banging on about has really had me feeling super drained and lacking energy all week. I don’t always understand what Mystic is going on about on her blog, but boy she is accurate when I do!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!

love & light xo

I Wish, from the Paris Spring Summer 2014 runways

It has taken all week to find inspiration in the collections from Paris this fashion week. Yes the designers always excel at sending avant garde designs down the runways but this fashion week, I honestly think many of them were simply trying too hard. Way harsh maybe, but each to their own, right?

I’ll start with my favourite collection which was at Chloe. Khaki, navy, pleats, shorts, prints, simple elegance.

chloe pants all in onoe

Chloe s/s 2014

chloe ss 2014 shorts khaki

Chloe s/s 2014

Valentino was divine as always, there were hints of the 70s, aztec and very boho inspired.

valentino_long black

Alexander McQueen – structured and feminine, and yet not really. I couldn’t decide if I liked this collection because some of the models looked dreadfully unwell, I don’t know if it was the lighting or the makeup. I don’t usually mention things like this but I felt it really detracted from the clothes.


Alexander McQueen s/s 2014

Miu Miu turned out to be my second favourite collection this fashion week. It was warm and quirky, the clothes very wearable and the gorgeous sumptuous colours and the boots and tights, which I always fall for!

miu miu

Miu Miu s/s 2014

miu miu-red coat

Miu Miu s/s 2014

Finally, Hermes which was delovely and I am posting this picture of Cat McNeil because she evokes memories of Grace Kelly in Mogambo.

hermes_cat mcneil

Hermes s/s 2014

The key trend spotted have definitely been shorts, and I love shorts so this is exciting stuff because over the next season we will see more and more in the high street shops. I’ve blogged before about shorts so prepare for more!

love & light xo

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