Meditation to Distraction


Back in February I made the decision to dedicate a year and a half of my life to yoga teacher training. Now with just over 6 weeks to go until I begin training I’m feeling very excited and also very trepidatious because my meditation and daily yoga practice is still not up to where I would like it to be. This of course is purely me putting pressure on myself, which of course is not very yogic of me, but there you go.

Lately when I meditate my mind is like a kid in a toy store. Suddenly I’m targeting every single thought that comes to mind, it’s almost impossible to let any thoughts pass me by. I have to pick it up and examine it until I’m so far down the rabbit hole of thought that I’ve forgotten I’m supposed to be meditating! Then there’s the conscious part of my brain – let’s call it the overprotective parent part of my brain which is doing her best to reign in the little kid part of my brain, she’s trying to persuade the ADD part of me to not dwell too much on any one thought for too long, she keeps pulling me back to the meditation. Namaste to that!

And so I remain dedicated to the process because I know in my heart I am better for it every day that I do. I cope better with life, with unexpected drama, with anxiety, focus, pain, memory, perseverance, all these things become easier to handle when I stick with it. I’ve thought about a dedicated meditation space in my house, maybe out on the deck now that the weather is warming up. Apparently this is supposed to help. What do you think?

waking up is really hard

I love this quote from Zooey Deschanel because it is exactly how I feel about mornings. I’m sooooooo tired lately, I can barely focus on anything except going back to sleep until my alarm is screaming “Get up! Get up! Get up!” I found this app that wakes me up with the sound of a gentle gong. It’s pleasant enough, sure. But if I ignore it, eventually the gongs get louder and closer together…

It’s school holidays here and so it’s all play dates and constant eating (the kids – not me), finding things to do that keep us out of the heat of the day but not stuck inside all the time. Late afternoon visits to the beach are where my head is at right now.

love & light xo




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