Give a frock Friday


Vogue magazine obviously adores Sienna Miller because this image is from her fifth Vogue cover editorial. The frock is by Marios Schwab and it features lots of pretty Swarovski elements. I love the way it hangs off Sienna, but, what I love more is the birds used in the shoot – which of course is a direct reference to Sienna’s role as Tippi Hedren in The Girl (2012) the HBO film based on the Donald Spoto book Spellbound by Beauty: Alfred Hitchcock and his Leading Ladies. According to the book, “The Girl” was Hitchcock’s nickname for Hedren. I am yet to see this flick, but I hear Sienna was nominated for a Golden Globe for it. Click here for more images from the editorial photographed by Ryan McGinley for Vogue UK April 2012 issue.

Speaking of girls, my beautiful girl Chloe turns 10 tomorrow. It feels like only yesterday I held her in my arms as a newborn. My darling Chloe has grown into the kindest, happiest, most sweet-natured child – I am the proudest Mama in the world!

But first we have to get through today because today is Strawbfest – the biggest day on the school calendar for my children. Annabel & Chloe’s school happens to be in the middle of strawberry fields and every year the school holds its main fundraiser ie. Strawbfest. It is a massive undertaking, so many parents volunteer tirelessly to help keep this wonderful event going each year because it raises a lot of money which goes towards such things as computer equipment and musical instruments for the school. So there we all were this morning, out there picking and packing strawberries – it’s such a gorgeous community event.

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

love & light xo

P.S. Happiest of birthdays for tomorrow also to my oldest and dearest friends Mand & Deb, love you! xo

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