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Today is my day-off and I got to spend it with my youngest Annabel because she has a nasty head cold that won’t go away. While I am doing my best to not come down with it too, I’ve also been trying to do as little as possible today because I really need to take a break. It is not so easy for mothers to take breaks, and even when we do it is not without the guilt that is standard issue. Who knows why we feel guilty, it just comes as part of being a mother. I’m not complaining, I’ve had a lovely day with Annabel and I’ve done the bare minimum of household chores, I’ve written this blog post, finished reading “The Remains of the Day” for Book Club and am about to cook roast chicken for dinner. Not bad for a lazy day 😉

So I’ve put these images together for anyone out there who is having a bad day or has had a bad day. Whether it be because you are sick or because it’s just been a bad day. I hope these cheer you up!


oh yeah!


watching my favourite 90s movies with my girls is the best fun

lace and denim

lovely lace and denim


a delightfully organised workspace

quote_be the best you_feb 21 2011


sunflowers always make me smile


i want that trophy

I saved the best for last – happy hump-day people!

love & light xo

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2 thoughts on “Get Distracted

  1. Good good good my love!!!!! Glad to hear you chilled today with your wing girl. Here’s to more days like that!!! Love the pics too x

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