From the mat… front row or back row?

Last night when I walked into yoga class, I noticed something odd and it’s been bugging me ever since. Almost the entire class were in a single line at the back of the room. Basically they could not be further away from our teacher Adam. What was even more perplexing was that they had the entire room to spread out their mats, but instead they chose to pack themselves in like sardines. I placed my mat up the front next to a couple of brave souls and prepared myself for class. Within in minutes more people arrived just as class was beginning and instead of laying their mats up the front or in the middle somewhere, these latecomers squeezed themselves in amongst the back row! Now I’m not talking about a small room, not even an average room, but a large space and in winter, there is a beautiful log fire in one corner to keep us warm. There is loads of space to practice and yet why did people flock to the back of the class?
I love that there is so much space to spread out and yet I seem to be almost alone in this school of thought. All I could think of though was, what are they afraid of?

I just wanted to share that with you because its been bugging me all day!

love & light xo

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4 thoughts on “From the mat… front row or back row?

  1. People are like this in dance class too…probably the same on buses: those that sit up the back or up the front. Like you I go to the front. I want to see what the teacher does and be corrected. Those at the back tend to be shy, not take criticism well, or are just too cool for school (in the case of back seats in the bus!) All the more room for us Heidi!

  2. Hiya,

    As a new member to a gym, I can totally understand why the back row is packed. If these people are anything like me, or like any “new” person to the gym, you don’t want to be in the front or “lime light” during class. I stick to the back row for several reasons, I’m not confident in the dance moves yet (I attend a hip hop dance/exercise class), so I screw up A LOT, plus I’m not the fittest person in the room and don’t want to feel like I’m being watched or even judged while I’m trying to get fit. I think we all just don’t want to feel dumb, or maybe its just a lack of confidence. However, saying that, most of the people in the front row are so good, they could probably teach the class, so when I can’t see the instructor, I will watch one of the front row folks. So, here’s to you, and the front row, and I hope to join everyone there one day 🙂

    • It’s human nature to not want to stand out if you’re not confident that’s for sure, but the teacher is going to see you no matter where you are in the room! Right? 😉 Here’s to you joining us up in the front row very soon!! xx

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