Challenge Accepted

meditate for 10 minutes a day

Meditate every day, for just 10 short minutes. Sounds so simple right? To sit yourself down in a quiet place, clear your mind and essentially zone out for just 10 minutes… oh boy how much this little but significant test is bringing me to my knees! Right now the best place I can find to sit quietly undisturbed at home is in my wardrobe!

Meditation is not new to me, but as time is short, especially on days I have to work, I decided that to give myself any chance of success I would begin with a simple 10 minutes a day meditation. I downloaded an App called Headspace. The problem for me is finding 10 uninterrupted minutes when both hubby and I work and we have 2 children, well… if you find yourself avoiding chores, then set yourself a task to meditate every day and watch the chores get done!

I know, I know, if it’s important to me, then I will make the time and that only I can make this happen. I also know that it doesn’t matter how many motivational blogs I read, that it’s purely up to me! This is part of the challenge though, I knew this would be a big test for me, so I am not surprised by my resistance. It’s part of the deal. I have challenged myself to a battle and my will is the defensive and the offensive. Half of me wants to succeed and meditate every day, and half of me wants to stay in bed and press the snooze button again.

So what’s the solution? Well, I think I have one and it’s called “Get yourself a meditation buddy!”

Starting tomorrow, instead of pressing the snooze button, hubby is going to find himself in the lotus position, joining me in a morning meditation! 😉

love & light xx

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New Tricks

girl_dog walking_sep 2009

Hello Everyone!

You may be wondering what I have been doing with myself while on my break from blogging? Well, the plain truth is that most of my time has been spent working (yes I know, sad) but in between endless work, being Mama to my girls, wife to my husband, etc, I’ve also applied and been accepted to Yoga Teacher Training! I’m very excited about this because it’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I began practicing yoga over ten years ago. Finally I think I’m ready!

And so with commitment to teacher training comes the pre-commitment – six months of abstaining from any mind-altering substances (as well as for the duration of the training period of 12 months). That’s 18 months in total. Now, this commitment is the least of my concerns because these days the extent of my mind-altering substances is limited to red wine. So giving up red wine is not all that hard. At least, that’s what I told myself initially.  The hard part is the commitment to a practice of daily mediation and yoga. That is the hard part for me. But more of that in a later post.

Of course you may be wondering – “So why the commitment to yoga teacher training then?” Well, it’s exactly for that reason. It’s because I need the commitment. I have to do it. The rebel side of Heidi is taunting me daily “you have no dedication, no staying power, no idea how hard this is going to be, ha!” Which is exactly why I must do it. What’s that saying by that writer? Oh yeah, “The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it – Steven Pressfield, the War of Art.  Besides, fear and excitement are the same thing, right? Or is it that they just feel the same?

Mercifully, my darling husband has also decided to quit drinking for the duration so it’s not been so difficult. If it’s not in the house, then you’re not tempted right? Actually, I’ve not been tempted at all. And there were times when I would drink red wine a lot, it was my comfort, my numbing device, my self medication for the times when things were too horrible to face or I just wanted relief from the sharpness of life’s problems. After a glass or two of my red medicine, nothing seemed too bad.

kick_back_july 2009

What I’ve noticed from not having anything to numb my bad days with is that I’m much more productive. I have loads more energy and I’m not struggling to help out more with homework, I’m sleeping better and my anxiety is much better. And while the house work is still my last priority, I’m not so annoyed about the tumble-weeds of dog hair that collect in the hallway anymore. 🙂

Another lovely thing that has come out of not drinking is my husband and I now have “tea time” every evening after the children have gone to bed. I make a pot of Chamomile tea and we sip this while nibbling on something I’ve baked like choc-chip cookies or something like that. It’s soothing, comforting and settling. Peaceful.

I’ve also begun a spa night for myself. Something I’ve not done for myself – ever! Scented candles, himalayan bath salts, face mask, a good book and I’m chill-axing in the tub. And if you know me at all, you would know I loath baths, but these days I am loving them!

Who says you can’t change a person?

love & light xo

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