Give a frock Friday

azedine alaia cotton pique sun dress_christy turlington_vogue may 1990_hans feurer

Christy Turlington having fun in this beautiful Azzedine Alaia white cotton pique sun dress shot by Hans Feurer for Vogue, May 1990.

Today will be my last post for a while. After much thought, I’ve decided to take a well-deserved break from the world of blogging. Five solid years of blogging has left me feeling a little starved for something different. This has not been an easy decision. It’s taken me more than a month to accept that this is something I truly need to do. I don’t expect it’s going to be easy for me, that is, to just stop blogging. It won’t be easy for me to stop seeing everything as a potential subject to write about. The hardest part is going to be letting go. I am a little scared that I’ll lose my creative drive. But how will I know, if I don’t give in to my instincts and give it a go?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but that’s the fun part! I may post on my Facebook page from time-to-time, but I won’t be posting here until further notice. My plan is to disconnect and to come back restored and with a fresh approach.

Thank you to those of you who are regular readers of my blog and a very big thank you also to those of you who’ve taken the time to leave comments on posts. I’ll always be grateful.

love & light,

Heidi xx

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13 thoughts on “Give a frock Friday

  1. Dearest Heid

    Your blog has educated and inspired me and it has enabled me to see beauty through your eyes, and what a lovely view that is. I will miss your writing style and the pics that you share. But I know dear friend that the next chapter of your creativity will be a wonderful journey. I can’t wait to see what presents and unfolds in front of you.


    • Dearest Mand, thank you! Thank you for always supporting me and my blog and for your insightful comments. I have been inspired by you embarking on a new career path and I cannot think clearly for myself if my thoughts are always distracted by my blog. This is not a bad thing, but I need to know life away from it for a while. It has been difficult as I feel guilty, can you believe it? But I have a plan, and it is amazing and it will involve the evolution of this blog too. Love you xx

  2. Heidi, it has been so wonderful to follow your blog over the years, and to have your comments and conversation over on Style Maniac as well. Five years is certainly a long time for any endeavor — you should be really proud of the lovely place you created with i like, i wish, i heart. I understand the need for change, it’s one I’ve been pondering myself. Wherever your journey leads I wish you all the best. Please stay in touch and let us all know what you are up to. You will be missed, truly.

    • You’re so kind and sweet Doreen, thank you! I will stay in touch, I’m always going to visit my regular reads of course, but I’m also seeking new ones, going down different avenues. I am so touched by the comments people have left and truthfully it has made it a little more difficult 🙁 however I am grateful for it! I don’t know how long the break will last or what the future brings, but I know that I won’t let all my work go to waste. Take care 😉

  3. Heidi, I wish you the best during your upcoming time of rest and restoration. I only recently discovered your blog. It’s been an inspiration to me. I love the photos you have shared. There is something very nourishing and comforting in your choices. Take care.

    • Hi Karen, thank you! I’m so glad my blog has inspired you, I love to read that! I am already feeling more energised from the break and it’s only been a few days. It’s the decision itself I think that made this so difficult. But I have already been getting ideas for new directions with my blog. Thank you for your support 🙂

  4. Heidi,
    I’ve never left a comment on your blog, but I read it regularly and thoroughly enjoy it. I love your take on fashion and design. I also especially loved your thoughtful post on yoga and I am now converted to oil pulling!!

    Just wanted to say that I am a musician and found myself needing to take a break from it after many years. It also wasn’t an easy decision, and I miss it, but I needed to put my creativity into other things for a change. I will miss your posts but I wish you all the best! I am sure wonderful things are in store for you and I think you are brave for switching things up! I’ll check you out on tumblr!

    All the best,
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    • Thank you Jessi for your heartfelt message! Gosh, these lovely messages of support are just amazing. I’ll keep them with me as I figure out my next step. I hope the oil pulling is going well for you, I’m just about to start aerial yoga classes. Maybe there’s a future post right there? Take care, Heidi xx

  5. Enjoy the break! I’ll miss coming here for inspiration, but understand how taking time off from something can be refreshing.

    • Hi Stephanie, I’m so glad my blog gives you inspiration, that’s my primary goal with it. But I haven’t been feeling it myself lately and why I’m taking a break. I will keep posting to my tumblr blog, so you can always check that out for inspiration! xx

  6. Hey Heidi!

    I can’t say I’m really happy about this news! I mean, I’m happy that you will take a break you feel you need (God knows we all deserve a little rest and that breaks can always change our perspective and refuel us) and that you might start new projects that will be good for you. But I’m also sad that you won’t post anymore!
    I love your blog and the fact that you talk about fashion without being obvious, like other fashion blogs. You talk about style icons and shows us fashion through history, with little peeks into the past as today’s frock. And I think that’s important.
    Anyway. I hope you have a nice time off, that you rest and recolect your ideas and start new projects. But I also (not so secretly lol) hope you come back to the blog eventually 😉
    Take care dear!

    Ps: you’ll keep posting on tumbrl, right?

    • Hi Nathalie,
      Gosh its comments like yours that make this so hard! But thank you for this, because it’s also going to keep me moving towards new goals with my blog. I am definitely going to keep tumbling – that’s way too much fun! 😉

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