Rituals: Mornings (and New Year’s Resolutions)

morning walk

How do you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up happy and bounce out of bed ready to start the day? Or do you roll out kicking and screaming, begging for it to be the weekend? Have you resolved to change a habit or routine this year? While I have changed my morning routine in the last few months, I am also going to try, realllly try, to make more time for exercise… I am inherently lazy you see. I need to trick myself into exercising. Disguising it as a simple activity seems to work wonders!

Most mornings I get up, take my beautiful black Labrador, Jet for her morning walk, sometimes I’m accompanied by one or both of my daughters. After which I usually have a shower while my darling husband makes me breakfast. Trust me though, this wasn’t always the case!

I found this article in The Gentlewoman magazine, issue  No. 3 Spring/Summer 2011 about women and their morning rituals and routines, I thought I would share some of them with you as some of them are so good!

0:600am – Robyn (singer, Stockholm) is an early riser. “I like to wake up super-early,” she says. “The feeling of being up before other people or before my email or phone is going crazy gives me great pleasure.”

 06:30am – Julie Verhoeven (a London-based artist) tricks herself in the morning by setting her alarm clock 30 minutes forward. “I call it the Greenwich Mean Time con,” she says. “With it, I gain fake extra morning minutes. It makes you feel spoilt for time, if a tad confused.” She also recommends delaying the first look in the mirror, to allow the face to settle into awake mode. 

06:45am – Sadie Stein (editor, New York) relies on big band recordings to start her morning. “Nothing gets you out of bed like ‘In the Mood’,” she says, referring to the recording by Glenn Miller.

07:30am – Monica Galetti (chef, London) follows an astringent ritual. “I love a piping hot shower followed by a blast of cold water,” she says.

08:00am – Johanna Chemnitz (yoga teacher, Berlin) “takes time before anything else to remember the last fragments of my dreams from the night, and then let my thoughts wander around to just wherever.” To aid this, she has a “cup of rice-milk coffee with freshly ground cardamon in it, along with a piece of fine dark chocolate”.

I love this last ritual of warm milk with cardamon and dark chocolate. I also like to let my thoughts wander around in my head, mixed with last night’s dreams.

What about you? What are your morning rituals?

love & light xx

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2 thoughts on “Rituals: Mornings (and New Year’s Resolutions)

  1. Dear Friend

    My wake up times vary, but my first morning ritual whilst still in bed is always the same. I begin my internal monologue with “I am grateful for today and all that it brings.” I open my eyes and begin my day.


    • Hello lovely A, thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment. I love that you begin your morning in such a beautiful and heartfelt way. xx

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