Christmas Trimmings

‘Tis nearing the season of merriment and frivolity and as such, today my BFF and I’ve began making pre-Christmas drinks party plans. We decided that our party this year is going to be the beginning of a tradition. Something memorable and so much fun, that in the future I am sure I’ll look forward to it maybe more than the big day itself!  I’ll share more plans with you later, but I will say that the words Bellini, kitsch and the name Nigella were used in our discussion of ideas.

The idea of Christmas drinks parties got me thinking about how nice it is would be to put together a mini bar or drinks table for guests so that they can pour themselves. The whole thing reminds me of Mad Men, they seem to be going to the drinks cart quite a lot through out the show, don’t they?


Do you have any traditions in the lead up to Christmas day?

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