The perfect…

Cargo pant.

The fashion world is all abuzz this week with the announcement that Nicolas Ghesquiere has left Balenciaga – the house he was chief designer of these last fifteen years. Of course I’m a big fan, Cristobal Balenciaga himself was a formidable talent, held in high regard by all couturiers, even Coco Chanel admired his work. And when Ghesquiere took over the reins at just 25, who knew he would achieve such success and acclaim.

Balenciaga retired in 1968 and effectively closed the doors on the design house, decades later the house appointed designers but none of them able to bring the house the success it has known since Ghesquiere took the helm. “He was one of the first to dust off an iconic house and introduce a whole new generation of fans to the brand,” says Gabrielle Hackworthy, fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar.

For all his incredible talent, and for bringing the house of Balenciaga back from the dead, all these things no doubt are to be applauded, lauded, and never forgotten yes, yes it’s true.  But, you know what I always think of when I hear the name Balenciaga? I think of these Nicholas Ghesquiere’s hip slung silk cargo pants from his Pret-a-porter 2002 Spring collection. Heavenly creatures indeed, oh to be the owner of a pair of these, yes please!

Ghesquiere has been quoted as saying: “That’s the thing in fashion, because if you do not move, then you are dead.” Perhaps that’s part of his leaving Balenciaga, it was simply time to move on?

If you would like to ready more about this fascinating designer, you can over at Voguepedia, just click here.

I’m totally enjoying a big glass of wine after a huge day moving house. Back to work tomorrow. xx

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