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Schmidt (Max Greenfield) became my favourite of the boys of New Girl straight away, probably because he makes me laugh the most. He’s such a dork, but so cute at the same time, right? So what if he enjoys lounging in a way-too-short kimono (I once had a housemate who enjoyed this past time, suffice to say he didn’t last long because he refused to wear undies – eww.) Schmidt also is fiercely protective of his expensive hair products and he probably spends too much on his clothes, trinkets, and personalised condoms… again, eww.

But you have to love that he isn’t afraid to be himself, even if that means the result is inevitable – putting money into the Douchebag jar! He knows who he is and takes on any challenge, and sometimes I think this means he takes pride in putting money in the douche bag jar, just to make his point.

Jess’s totally gorgeous BFF, Cece (Hannah Simone), well she resisted it for as long as she could, but in the end, she fell for Schmidt too. Even Jess, in a moment of weakness (and maybe too much alcohol) almost gave into his charms. I do believe there is a little bit of Schmidt in all of us.

If you want to see how much of an impact Schmidt has made on the world of social media, follow @SchmidtThings on Twitter, which features quotes from Schmidt and details on the man about town. Very cool.

Watch Max Greenfield talk about starring as Schmidt in New Girl, on why audiences connected with New Girl, on New Girl’s interpretation of modern relationships, on the ensemble’s strong chemistry and on how Schmidt will evolve.

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Zooey, Winston, Schmidt and Nick get into a groovy kind of chicken dance. I’m sorry, I just love this scene too much.

I hope your week is going well… xx

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