Appealing Things

Disco stairs – what do you think?

Happy Halloween by the way! 😉

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Give a frock Friday

Model turned photographer, fashion blogger and stylist, Hanneli Mustaparta wears Jason Wu Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear, photographed by Jason Nocito. Sunshine yellow, could there be a happier colour?

This shoot was for Tank magazine and here is what Hanneli had to say about the shoot:

“…this story I did for Tank Magazine … Aya Kanai did the styling and I got to choose some of my outfits. This magnificent dress is by Jason Wu and was incredibly fun to shoot. Jason Nocito was a cool photographer to work with, his way of shooting was very energetic and always moving. I was moving so much that day that I had small bruises all over. Totally worth it!”

What do you think? 🙂

Enjoy your weekend. xx

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Appealing Things


A peak into the home of Swedish designer Marie Olsson Nylander. This post began life as a story about a Creative Space because of the home this image came from, but after I started to write, it became more about Appealing Things.

So as you know, I’m easily distracted by sparkly things. But an interesting piece of furniture, something that tells a story like this blue counter can have me completely head over heels in love and I won’t rest until it or something resembling it has found a place in my home. I’m a bit of a bower bird, I like to collect things that I think will enhance my home. It’s important to me that you feel at home and relaxed when you walk in. Problem is that too many things brings clutter and dust and then more housework, something of which I am not a fan. As we are in the process of moving house, it is of course the perfect opportunity to declutter and what I’ve realised is that I have a lot of work to do! Much of our furniture is salvaged or vintage and with time, all furniture begins to look tired. When that happens, the only thing to do is to strip them back and paint in a fresh new colour, or in some cases, to lightly sand and apply a coat of beeswax.

Click here or on the image for the original link.

I really must get back to packing now. xx

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I Heart…

Christy Turlington has always been my favourite of the original Supermodels.

Christy Turlington by Arthur Elgort for Interview magazine, 1987.

In honour of Christy’s fortieth birthday in 2009, W magazine put together a collection of iconic images from her career, some of which I’ve posted here, but you can view the slideshow here.

Christy for Vogue Italia, March 1994 by Steven Meisel.

Those doe eyes, perfect lips and button nose. That look she has when she’s looking right into the camera. No one does it like she can. Her face, which has been the face of many campaigns throughout her career, was once used by the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the face of 120 mannequins!

Christy by Richard Avedon in an ad for Gianni Versace FW 1987.

Christy by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia, 1990.

Christy by Herb Ritts.

Christy always could work a great fringe.

And don’t get me started on her hair! Perfection. She can wear it long, short, curly or straight, fringe or pulled back off her flawless face. She is a chameleon. Yep. I guess by now you can tell she’s been a long-time girl crush of mine.

Christy on the runway for Dolce and Gabbana, 1992.

Christy models Atelier Versace, Fall/Winter 1990/1991.

I love her sophisticated but casual style. Here she is in a simple LBD and sandals with her daughter Grace in 2006.

Model, mother, wife, yogi, women’s health advocate and anti-smoking activist, designer and natural beauty. I guess some women are just born lucky? Sigh…

How’s your week going? xx

P.S. Bonus Christy video from the 90s for you – just a little something for you to look back on, but you know something funny? I watched this and there are guys in the video – I only remember the girls being in it 🙂

Here’s Christy and Naomi, Linda, Tatjana and Cindy in George Michael’s Freedom! 90 video – enjoy!

Give a frock Friday

Leave it to Jean Paul Gaultier to reference popular culture in his haute couture every time. When I came across this image from his haute couture spring summer 2010 collection late one night on tumblr, instantly my thoughts went to Game of Thrones. I can think of nothing else but the fabulous costumes and body armour worn by Cersei, Sansa and Daenerys. How much longer must we wait for season 3? Sigh… much too long.

Have a lovely weekend. xx

You Know His Name


Daniel Craig.

You know him by the entrance he makes in every film, by the signature Aston Martin DB5 which he drives, and by the cut of his bespoke suit, which, by the way, forever sets him apart from any other man in the room. You know him by his British accent and oh yes, by the things he does for queen and country.

Thunderball, 1965.

I grew up watching Bond films, they are as much a part of my life as Disney and Vegemite. But it’s been a while since Quantum of Solace, and even though I love to watch old Bond films, I always look forward to a new one and so I’m pretty excited to see Skyfall when it’s released next month! 

Sean Connery sets the standard in Dr No, 1962.

Do you remember the first Bond movie you watched? The first Bond film I ever saw at the cinema was Octopussy with Roger Moore playing Bond. It was a completely different experience to watching it on TV with all the ads thrown in. Even after my father brought home our first VCR, watching a VHS version just didn’t (and still doesn’t) compare to seeing it on the big screen! The hairs stand up on the back of my neck when those first few bars of Monty Norman’s Bond theme play out of the sound system.

Connery in Goldfinger, 1964.

Die Another Day, 2002

Quantum of Solace, 2008. Craig in Tom Ford and Olga Kurylenko in Prada.

Of course I have favourite scenes, favourite opening titles and songs, favourite baddies and favourite Bond girls. But as for a favourite Bond film? I don’t know. There are those I prefer to watch over others… but to name one as a favourite, it’s just not possible.

For Your Eyes Only, 1981.

Eva Green and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, 2006.

Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder and Sean Connery in Dr No, 1962.

Halle Berry as Jinx and Pierce Brosnan as Bond in Die Another Day, 2002.

But do I have a favourite Bond? Now that question I will put to you – who is your favourite? Can you guess mine?

I get distracted by sparkly things…

I get distracted by sparkly things…

Give a frock Friday

Who’s that girl: Carl Kapp cotton jacquard dress, very, very pretty heels by Christian Louboutin, headpiece (wow by the way!) by Hatmaker modelled here by Jemma Baines by Troyt Coburn for Marie Claire Australia November 2012. Styled by Jana Pokorny.

The photographs in this editorial reminded me a little of Irving Penn‘s work. Beautiful. Well done Marie Claire.

Have a great weekend. xx

Creative Spaces

This Creative Space is by Dina Broadhurst. When I was in high school, I decorated my bedroom walls, all four of them with tear sheets just like this one using my UK and American Elle magazines. It was these magazines that taught me about designers like Azzedine Alaia, photographers such as Gilles Bensimon and models like Rachel Williams, Yasmin le Bon and the original supermodels.

To this day, I continue to find inspiration by always having a few tear sheets on at least one wall in my home. It’s better than any wall paper. I once used recipes from Marie Claire living section to decorate a whole kitchen wall in our flat in Bondi. Very cool and great for when I was stuck for ideas for dinner!

Happy Wednesday! xx

About Schmidt

Schmidt (Max Greenfield) became my favourite of the boys of New Girl straight away, probably because he makes me laugh the most. He’s such a dork, but so cute at the same time, right? So what if he enjoys lounging in a way-too-short kimono (I once had a housemate who enjoyed this past time, suffice to say he didn’t last long because he refused to wear undies – eww.) Schmidt also is fiercely protective of his expensive hair products and he probably spends too much on his clothes, trinkets, and personalised condoms… again, eww.

But you have to love that he isn’t afraid to be himself, even if that means the result is inevitable – putting money into the Douchebag jar! He knows who he is and takes on any challenge, and sometimes I think this means he takes pride in putting money in the douche bag jar, just to make his point.

Jess’s totally gorgeous BFF, Cece (Hannah Simone), well she resisted it for as long as she could, but in the end, she fell for Schmidt too. Even Jess, in a moment of weakness (and maybe too much alcohol) almost gave into his charms. I do believe there is a little bit of Schmidt in all of us.

If you want to see how much of an impact Schmidt has made on the world of social media, follow @SchmidtThings on Twitter, which features quotes from Schmidt and details on the man about town. Very cool.

Watch Max Greenfield talk about starring as Schmidt in New Girl, on why audiences connected with New Girl, on New Girl’s interpretation of modern relationships, on the ensemble’s strong chemistry and on how Schmidt will evolve.

So remember, if you want to relive all the memories, or enjoy the laughs for the first time you can get your copy of New Girl: The First Complete Season DVD here from October 10.

Zooey, Winston, Schmidt and Nick get into a groovy kind of chicken dance. I’m sorry, I just love this scene too much.

I hope your week is going well… xx

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