Appealing Things

Winter layers. Pleated skirt. Leather jacket. Long, finely knit cashmere scarf. Simple chignon in her hair and a pretty pink lip. Nothing else needed.

Give a frock Friday

Today’s Frock Friday was photographed by Mario Testino for American Vogue, December 2006. The gown worn by a lovely Nicole Kidman is to remain nameless I’m sorry to say, because I cannot find an original cited source… and by now you all know how much that thrills me…  No matter, (she says taking a deep breath), I have taken a wild stab in the dark and decided that this gorgeous yellow and gold gown is perhaps, Versace? Last night while I was writing this post, I searched and searched and at one point I even had my own Vogue library strewn all over the living room floor looking for an original source. Alas… as I said, I’m going with Versace. As always, please correct me if I’m wrong! (Picture me, head hung low, looking forlorn…)

If you click on the image, it will take you through to an article all about where the photo shoot took place.

I do though, hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

Appealing Things

I have twenty minutes until my yoga class starts and I am typing this post with wet nails hoping they dry and set in time. I came across this picture just now on Tumblr and I was so inspired by these gorgeous short, squared red nails that I just had to give myself the fastest mini manicure in history!

What about you? Have you ever had to do a manicure in record time before? Or maybe even a pedicure? xx

I like, I wish, I heart turns 4 today!

It’s been four years since I started blogging and wow, how things have changed! I started blogging because I had all this knowledge stored away in my head from years and years of reading fashion, film and interiors magazines and so blogging became a place for me to do something with my obsession. Between you and me, it’s like being creative director and editor in chief of my own little magazine. Heaven!

Over time I have made friends with other bloggers and this has been an unexpected and delightful bonus to my blogging life. As it turns out, I am the only one of my girlfriends who blogs, so making online friends within the cyber world helps to keep pushing me to develop I like I wish I heart. Friends of mine who read my blog but are not bloggers themselves, well their feed back helps me too, but in a different way, their opinions are honest and real and it keeps me grounded and helps in removing the always lingering self-doubt. Reader comments and comments from my friends inspire me to keep going – especially on those days when I don’t think anyone cares what I have to say.

So in celebration of 4 years of hard blogging slog (ha ha!), listed below is some of my most popular blogs. Click on the links and take a step back in time 🙂

Closet Confidential: Yasmin Le Bon

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Inès de la Fressange, my style saviour

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Gone Glamping

Marion Cotillard: Stylish Girl

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Jennifer Connelly: Stylish Girl

Everybody’s doin’ it.

Have I missed any of your favourites? I would love to hear if you have a favourite post from I like I wish I heart over the years. I also love to hear any suggestions you may have too.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your comments and encouragement… here’s to another 4 years! xx

Give a frock Friday

Le Breton, the famous blue and white stripe made famous by Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier‘s inspiration for this haute Spring Summer 2000 haute couture gown.  This image was photographed by Stefano Pandini as part of  Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Pain Couture” installation at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain.  For me, this image evokes a feeling of the haute life in Paris – “but of course I wear my couture when I visit une boulangerie!”

Jean Paul Gaultier himself is hardly ever photographed without his signature le breton, his name and brand are synonymous with the classic blue and white stripe. With his debut installation, “Pain Couture” – Gaultier “aligns his own art with a craft France celebrates daily”.  Cynthia Rose of Crafts magazine adds that “Gaultier cleverly gives weight to his industry’s firm contention that the haute couture is a national need, every bit as vital to French identity as the baguette.”

Enjoy your weekend. xx


Wednesday Tumblr Delight

Le Breton. Always a favourite, you can never have too many!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if bears were not ferocious, if we could cuddle them like this?

It’s strawberry season here. Did you know that strawberries are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside?

I love this whole look, inspired dressing for the summer?

Walls of flowers at Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Haute Couture show.

Fashionable ladies and favourite stylish girls, Taylor Tomasi-Hill and Yasmin Sewell at Sydney Fashion Week earlier this year.

Vintage inspiration from Katharine Hepburn, 1934 photographed by George Hoyningen-Huene.

Hunting down the ultimate blue shirt.

Spending time with my girls.

Taking full advantage of my time off today. Work comes around so quickly, but it’s not so bad… the time spent with my family when I’m home is all the more sweeter these days. Hope your week is going well. xx

Appealing Things

Winter time is a time for wearing tights. Aren’t these lovely? I love to wear different coloured opaque tights in winter to dress up or add a shot of colour to an outfit. I used to have to go all the way into David Jones to find any interesting coloured or patterned tights, but these days most boutiques stock quite a selection.  Much more wearable than those old grey tights we used to wear to school, right? I’m really loving those Prada ones at the top!

Bastille Day Inspiration

Vive la France! xx

Give a frock Friday

In the spirit of Winter, and it being only six weeks until Spring (yay!), this beautiful, black velvet Dolce and Gabbana dress from their Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear 2012 collection is simply perfect for strolling down the promenade while window shopping or on a lunch date. I love that Stefano and Domenico indulge themselves with their always unabashedly lavish runway shows and of course in their designs, especially like the gilded decorations seen here with the designers paying homage to the baroque religious traditions of Domenico’s birthplace, Sicily.

Speaking of Spring, it has been unseasonably humid here the last few days.  It’s been raining all week, but I’ve got my french doors wide open on the veranda, even now after the sun has gone down. Love this weather!

Here’s to a great weekend. xx

Image from

Anne’s Pixie

I’m of the opinion that it shows serious dedication to the craft if you’re willing to cut all your lovely long locks off for a role. Anne’s super short do for her role in Les Miserables made headlines back in April and already Anne’s hair is growing out nicely, but it takes time. A lot of time. I know this because I’ve cut my hair even shorter than Anne’s a few times, and it takes a long, long time to get from buzz cut short to pixie short. Currently my hair is just beyond pixie while I grow it to whatever length I can cope with through winter! I’ve no plan whatsoever, just to grow healthy, thick and colour/dye free hair. I do hope to gain inspiration from Anne as she grows hers out over the next year.

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