Appealing Things

I love to shower. I can’t get enough of feeling the steaming hot water fall like heavy rain on to my head, my back, my whole body.  When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Chloè, the apartment we lived in in Sydney had no bath, just a teeny, tiny shower. I spent many hours relaxing in my shower, sitting on a fit-ball, letting the jets of water land on my pregnant belly.  I even did this while in labour because it was so therapeutic.

I grew up in a house without a bath. We had only a shower but we did have a fabulous outdoor hot tub!  As an adult, I have found I actually have quite an aversion to sitting in the bathtub. It almost feels like some past life issue overcomes me. Friends have questioned me on this, trying to get to the root of why and my answer is because I don’t feel safe, I dislike the feeling of the ceramic on my derriere and the water goes cold so quickly.

I do however feel differently about a sitting in a hot tub, which I guess is because it is much larger than your average bath, so you can share it more easily with you partner (or others), so there’s safety in numbers, plus the water stays hot.

I have plenty of friends who love to spend hours in their bathtub, their skin soaking up fragrant oils and hiding under the bubble bath.  So what about you? Which do you prefer  – a shower or a bath?


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